what is so good about this moment? | gathering momentum for right now!

what is so good about this moment? | gathering…

I am so grateful for the tutu kit I won from Miss Tess Aquarium!!! I now know how to make my own tutu and it is SO THRILLING!!! :D So simple!

I am so grateful for paint pens and graph paper and for coloring in bed with Kelly! I am so grateful for my artistic inclinations! I am so grateful that the lyrics to the song I'm listening to are "welcome to the next level!" I love that lyrics are always an awesome indicator of vibration!

I'm SO grateful it's nice enough to hoop outside in the sun, get a tan and then go swimming! And all in my apartment complex! I LOVE WHERE I LIVE!!!!

I am SOOOO grateful I remembered my dreams from last night! They are getting so much easier to remember, AND I in my dream I asked my dad "are we dreaming??" and although I didn't realize I was, I am so excited that I'm ASKING!!!

funfilin some more
OMG I am SO GRATEFUL for my FUNFILE!!!! It has been totally working out for me! Whenever I don't have anything better to do, or I need something to occupy my hands, I flip to a page in the FUNFILE and start programming my thoughts! It is SO COOL. I've filled a bunch of pages, and I love having my dream journal in the same book as everything else. I think I really need to add a section of sketchbook paper, or maybe a to-do list section... that seems to be the only thing missing so far!

Wouldn't it be nice to kick ass in pump and RPM today? Wouldn't it be nice to have more coffee? Wouldn't it be nice to dream while awake? Wouldn't it be nice to have complete control over my waking reality like a lucid dream? Wouldn't it be nice to go swimming at the springs? Wouldn't it be nice to live in the moment alllllll day long? Wouldn't it be nice to be creatively inspired???? Wouldn't it be nice to keep evolving the FUNFILE? Wouldn't it be nice to play AJ and hoop today? Wouldn't it be nice to go to Circus and Volve tomorrow? Wouldn't it be nice to dry that kale? Wouldn't it be nice to eat more salads? Wouldn't it be nice to have the most fun day ever? Wouldn't it be nice to stay on diurnal for a while? Wouldn't it be nice to get a tan? Wouldn't it be nice to get a BICYCLE?! Wouldn't it be nice to manifest $1000 today? Wouldn't it be nice to learn a magick trick? Wouldn't it be nice to have my mind blown?

What do I want?
I want to have fun. I want to feel loved. I want to feel energetic and free. I want to feel happy and healthy. I want to share my love with all people and animals (and plants too I guess, and everything, ALL CONSCIOUSNESS). I want to deepen my understanding of consciousness. I want to be excited to be alive. I want a new project. I want more traffic. I want to be on Oprah. I want to perform in front of thousands of people. I want to master flow arts. I want to teleport into heaven. I want to be HERE NOW. I want to always love my life. I want to always remember what I know!


What I want to feel today

  • Creative inspiration!!!
  • Abundance!
  • Fun and silliness!
  • Unconditional love!

Today I intend to remember that I created all of this. All of my reality is a reflection of my vibration. Today I intend to make the reflection more beautiful, intriguing, and fun than ever before.

I love focusing! I love having time to write before going to the Y! I love that we get to work out this morning! I love that we're on diurnal! I love that I will be outside when the sun is up! I love feeling clean and smelling good! I love focusing on CLARITY! I love having fun everywhere I go! I love having so many things to do! I love that life is fun! I love that the UNIVERSE IS PLAYFUL! I LOVE THAT NOTHING MATTERS! I LOVE THAT I DON'T HAVE TO TAKE ANYTHING SERIOUSLY!!!!!!

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. New Pump!
  2. New RPM!
  3. Receiving creative inspiration!
  6. Swimming!?!!
  7. Getting more into Alan Watts
  9. Being the FUN girl
  10. Laughing, being silly, listening to the jams!
  11. Practicing unconditional love!


10 things I appreciate about myself

  1. My beautiful pink blacklight-glowing hair!
  2. My eyes! They talk!
  3. My curiosity!
  4. My DREAMS
  5. My intrinsic motivation
  6. I'M FUN
  8. I can blow your/my mind!
  9. I am becoming more and more and more present

Advice from Clair

Let go. Stop thinking any thought that feels bad. Let it all go. Unclench. Unravel. Untie the knots. Let go. Release. Let go. Let go. Let go. Let go. Have fun. Have fun. Have fun. Let go. Let go. Let go. Nothing matters. Take nothing seriously. Think about what you want. Let go. Let go. Let go. Let go.

Telling my future


What does your about page say today?

I am peace. I am love. I am removed from the chaos.

Interview with myself

How do you remove yourself from the chaos?
Meditate. Stop thinking.

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • I feel so good I'm in the flow.
  • Stop thinking. Stop thinking. Stop thinking. Stop thinking.
  • Be. Here. Now. What is so good about this moment?????????????

Links I love

  • Ayanna posted some SUPER inspiring hoop & yoga vids, see below!

  • OMG Kesha's video for Blow is SO INCREDIBLE!! (click the text link for higher quality vid)
  • Have y'all ever seen a FLOW WAND?? Next flow toy in my life, coming up!
  • Flowtoys.com!
  • Alan Watts! I just discovered him last night from here and I'm so happy to have a new philosopher to get into!!
  • Tibetan monks are blessing Barton Springs at 1pm today!
  • Here's a little something to get your day started off right...

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Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Ayanna Kafi

    You must try dancing with the flow wand! It’s amazingly simple so there are so many possibilities for creation.

  • jessica mullen

    Ok done & done!!!

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