Introducing the FUNFILE Thought Planner!

Introducing the FUNFILE Thought Planner!

The way you think is your operating system. You can use your default system that was installed by society, or you can choose a positive thinking operating system.

Fiddling with your thinking operating system (OS) is a lot like learning to run a Linux server where you type all your commands instead of using a mouse and graphics. You "talk" to your system verbally. When you start trying to change your thinking OS from negative or default over to positive, it can be hard to know how to start. "Do I just say things in my head to change my thoughts?" Yes–that is a big part of it. But since we are such visual people and there's nothing to look at, it's easy to get distracted from directing our thoughts with words by the more obtrusive visual and physical reality going on around us.

The cool thing about operating systems is that you don't have to talk to the system in code with your keyboard alone. There are Graphical User Interface (GUI) operating systems that represent files and actions with graphics on a monitor. Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX are GUI operating systems. When you have something to look at to help you know what you're doing, computing gets easier.

A GUI helps you know what your options are by presenting them visually, whereas a command line interface doesn't give you any options–just a blank space to fill in as you wish. In life design, many of us aim to operate our consciousness with command line because it's direct, limitless and instant. But while we're learning to operate our consciousness, a graphical system to show us our options and teach us the language can really help.

FUNFILE Thought Planner: a Graphical Interface to your Thinking Operating System

Welcome to my latest project, the FUNFILE! The FUNFILE is a Filofax-esque thought planner. Designed to remind you that your life is just an average of the thoughts you think, the FUNFILE helps you direct your thoughts to create the life you want.

Inspired by Gala Darling's Filofax love affair, super-adorable Lisa Frank stationery and uplifting Hay House products, I made a FUNFILE prototype to keep my favorite positive thinking tools organized, accessible, and too cute to put down! Now that I've made it, I want to have the book with me at all times–it's magick!

first page

What's inside

The FUNFILE is a modular system of templates and worksheets in a cute little half-size binder.

  1. Worksheets! The main reason I made the FUNFILE was to keep all my worksheets neat, tidy and in one place so I can work on them anywhere I go. 20 sheets each of The Gathering Momentum, Daily Self Love, Financial Abundance, What's Your Solution? and Dream Journal worksheets all have their very own sections that you can refill as needed!
  2. Stickers! I LOVE STICKERS and have been dying to make some of my own! The stickers included in the FUNFILE are uplifting, colorful and SO CUTE! They're guaranteed to brighten any flat surface in your immediate vicinity!
  3. Calendar! Although I don't do much in the way of "scheduling" my days, I love keeping a calendar of fun possibilities. I pencil in events like "beach!" or "road trip!" and more often than not those plans materialize effortlessly.
  4. Blank pages! The back of each worksheet page is blank to provide area to draw, doodle, and mind map. There's nothing like a blank page to get you in the artistic groove!
  5. More grids, lists, worksheets and templates are in the works to keep your thoughts happy and your creativity flowing. Think of future FUNFILE sections as upgrades to your thinking operating system!

How it works

A positive operating system is all you need to live the life you want. What you think about, you bring about. When you consciously choose good-feeling thoughts, you bring about good-feeling experiences. When you think about what you want, instead of what you don't want, what you want has no choice but to come.

Your positive thinking muscles are just like your physical muscles–they get bigger with use. The FUNFILE is a tool to help you practice choosing good-feeling thoughts all day, every day. With a little time and focus, your conscious thought patterns will produce amazing results.

The FUNFILE is a Graphical User Interface to your mind. The FUNFILE prompts you to think positive thoughts, and then allows you to see your thoughts on paper. Instead of keeping track of everything in your head with self-talk (the command line connection), writing your thoughts helps you focus and be very deliberate in your thought processes.

How do I get one?!

I made the FUNFILE so I could use it. A fresh interface to my thoughts is exactly what I need to take my conscious creation to the next level. If you're a consciousness power user, this tool is for you!!

Here's how to get a FUNFILE for yourself.

Purchase FUNFILE PDF templates and print your own FUNFILE


$5 PDF - download a PDF of each module included in the FUNFILE and print, cut and bind your own thought planner. Instructions included! (Attention forum members! Download your FUNFILE PDF here for free!)

**Don't forget to click "Return to jessica mullen design" after paying to start the file download!**

The FUNFILE thought planner is a continually evolving graphical thinking interface. The binder format allows for easy upgrades when new worksheets and templates are released, so this interface will continue to serve you for a long time to come. New digital download modules are coming soon!


Create your own thought planner!

I made the FUNFILE with my preferences in mind. Would you design your own thought planner differently? Feel free to use my worksheets or other resources on this site to make your own unique solution. I'd love to see what you come up with!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Alana

    I super love love this!! Can’t wait to get stuck in! Yay for being a forum member :)

  • jessica mullen

    Thanks Alana! I’ve been filling out pages all day and it is soooo fun! I love that it’s private, haha it’s a lot different than writing public posts ^_^

  • Lauren Lionheart

    What a beautiful new OS! I resonate with your computer related metaphors, especially this one. FULLY upgrading to a new mentality is my #1 goal and I’m always looking to streamline the process. The FUNFILE feels like an excellent way to do that!

    My daily mentality-upgrading process looks very similar. But OMG it lacks stickers! Well, it needs MORE because I I’m a huge Lisa Frank fan and I totally feel uplifted looking at sweet stickers. And ya know, there aren’t a ton of options for uplifting and/or Sacred G stickers available. I really feel what a niche-filler that is. Have plans to create and offer any more? :)

    Congrats on discovering the system that works for you, and sharing it with your tribe. You are endlessly awesome, Jessica.


    Lauren Lionheart

  • jessica mullen

    Hi Lauren! SO HAPPY the computer metaphors resonate with you! And YES about the stickers – that is such a good point about it being a niche that needs to be filled! I will definitely be making more! I love working with the sacred geometry patterns, it is so fascinating and meditative.

    Thank you for writing, it is soooooo cool that you get what I’m talking about!!! Such a “confirmation from source” :D

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