Get What’s Already Yours with the Financial Abundance Worksheet!

Get What’s Already Yours with the Financial Abundance Worksheet!

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No one needs money to be happy, but it sure is fun to spend it! If you feel like you could use a little more abundance in your life, I've got a special treat for you: the brand new Financial Abundance Worksheet!

To attract more abundance, you must emit a vibration of abundance. All that means is your thoughts should be about the already-existing abundance in your life, not lack of it. When you think about lack, all the universe can bring you is more lack. But if most of your thoughts are about the incredible abundance you already have, the universe will match you up with so much more!

It's easy to logically comprehend the idea that to get abundance you have to feel it, but how do you practice that in your daily life? Enter the Financial Abundance Worksheet!

financial abundance worksheet

How it works

In the book Money, and the Law of Attraction, Abraham tells us that all we have to do to attract more abundance is tell a new story about money. It's a way to change our thought patterns from negative thoughts about money to positive ones. When we establish positive thought patterns about money, they turn into beliefs, which turn into manifested reality.

The worksheet has several sections to help you establish new thought patterns. To begin, draw a picture of what your dream lifestyle looks like. With all the money and time in the world, what would you be doing? This exercise gets you focused on what you want, instead of what you don't want.

Next, list 10 examples of abundance that already exist in your life. When you think about it, all of our lives are pretty freaking abundant already! We have incredible modern conveniences, food available everywhere we look, billions of objects to buy, and super cool things already in our possession (iPhones! computers! coffee makers!). And then there is nature! Look at what Earth gives us every day - air to breathe, water to drink, beauty to enjoy, mysteries to unravel.

Move on to listing two things you'd love to get paid to do. This part helps your mind start making connections about how you might actually get paid to do those things in the future.

Then think about three entities you'd like to share your abundance with. When you give what you want to receive, you practice the vibration of abundance, attracting more of it into your life. Giving time, money, or love feels so good because when you help someone else, you are helping yourself. Simply pondering who you'd like to help increases your feelings of abundance because once you think about it, the universe creates it. Now you just have to become a vibrational match to your creation.

Here comes a fun part: write how you would spend $100, $1000, $10,000 and $100,000. Some of us don't ever think about what we would do with large sums of money - and that's precisely why we don't have it to spend! The first time you do this worksheet, you can fill out the basics like rent and food and bills, but then when you do one tomorrow consider those things paid–now what do you want?

In the next section, fill in a person whose success you appreciate. When you appreciate the success of another you have no room for negative feelings like jealousy or unfairness. All humans are connected. When one person is successful, it benefits all of us. Successful people help us know what we want, give us fresh ideas, and inspire us to work towards our own success.

Finally, write your new story of financial abundance. Looking for all the positive aspects that already exist in your own financial situation will attract more of them. Telling a new, positive story about money creates the new thought patterns you need to emit the vibration of abundance. In Money and the Law of Attraction, there is an excellent example of a "new" story about money on page 94. Here is the story I am telling today:

I know that when I direct my attention towards the abundance already existing in my life, I get more of it. I know that doing the Financial Abundance worksheet brings me relief. I know that to attract abundance, I have to feel abundant. Every day, I am finding more and more evidence that the universe is conspiring to support and fulfill my every desire. I know I have plenty of money for the things I need right NOW, and I only exist NOW. I know that I will always be taken care of. It has always been easy for me to attract the money I need. Life is too fun and beautiful to focus on lack! I give what I want to receive. My vibration about money is rising every minute, and I trust the universe to take care of the rest!

Download the Financial Abundance Worksheet here!

I was going to charge for this worksheet, but it seems silly to make you pay if you need more money! So how about this: if this worksheet helps you feel more abundant, consider a donation to keep thriving! Thank you my beautiful friends :D

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Bridie

    Thank you so much Jessica. I am so excited to fill out my worksheet!

    “Every day, I am finding more and more evidence that the universe is conspiring to support and fulfil my every desire”–> I printed this out and stuck it in my wallet. Officially pledging to read this beautiful sentence every single time I open it.

  • katjanikula

    i filled this out today and it felt SO GOOD! it’s simple things basically, but you just manage to draw attention to the right things and it gets you so psyched! thanks so much for this wonderful creation! MWAH.

  • Eirini

    you are a genius,jessica,really.Those worksheets are amazing tools!keep up the good work,keep inspiring us!

  • jessica mullen

    So glad y’all are enjoying it!! I’ve been using it too and I love it! ABUNDANCE IS ALL THERE IS!

  • Erica Lee

    I’ve always been sort of reluctant to fill out any worksheets about money (bad feelings around it I guess!), but I finally did this one and OMG – it was awesome. It ignited my imagination and freed up a lot of space to dream “as if.” LOVE!

    Oh, and totally buying a funfile. Brilliant :)xo

  • jessica mullen

    Thank you Erica!! I’m so glad the worksheet was useful! I had similar feelings about making the thing at first, but it’s all just for fun – it’s a game to see if it works! It has DEFINITELY helped me too :]

    And yay for the FUNFILE!!! THANK YOU!

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