Proving Flow Arts Are Psychokinetic


Proving Flow Arts Are Psychokinetic

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I write articles to install new beliefs. I start with a concept I am certain of, then find thoughts that act as bridges to a concept I want to be certain of. It's a way to prove to myself that the new concept is believable, and thus true.

The concepts I want to believe come to me intuitively through life experience, but to put them into practice I have to convince my logical self. Today I am introducing a new type of article on this site: the proof! The proof consists of a problem, given facts, and a list of statements and reasons they are true. It's a concise way to explain my ideas and should help you make the same connections I did to get from there to here.

Today's proof is inspired by what I learned Saturday at Fluid Hoop Groove class with master hula hoopers Ciara Blossom and Caterina Suttin!

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Flow (as defined by the Flow Temple): the state of optimal experience that occurs when your body, mind, and spirit are in dynamic balance. It's what's happening when the Now is so compelling that everything else fades away. Ego and fear dissolve in the perfect moment, time slows down, and whatever you’re doing becomes a meditation.

Flow arts (as defined by the Flow Temple): the practice of learning to move in harmony with an inanimate object so that it becomes an animated extension of your body, then flow with it in ways that look and feel totally awesome. With enough practice, you can learn to flow with almost anything. Staffs, hoops, batons and even spheres all make wonderful dance partners and teachers once you've grasped each tool's unique dynamics. The basic techniques are easy to pick up, but the adaptations are infinite, allowing for wide variation in personal style and expression.

Psychokinesis: the ability to influence physical reality with thoughts in real time.

Resistance: negative thoughts.

Your vibration: the average of all the thoughts you think.

The Problem

Given that everything is vibration (wave-particle duality), and given that like attracts like (the Law of Attraction), prove that flow arts are psychokinetic.

Statements Reasons
1. Everything is vibration. Given.
2. You interpret and emit vibration. You were born with senses to interpret and thoughts to emit.
3. Like attracts like. Given.
4. Your physical reality is a reflection of the vibration you emit. Your vibration attracts similar vibrations, which you interpret as physical experiences.
5. Flow is the optimal vibration to emit. In the flow state, your vibration is resistance-free and you are free to be you.
6. Without resistance in your vibration, you have no limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are only resistant thoughts that you think a lot.
7. Flow arts are psychokinetic. Without limiting beliefs telling you what you can't do, your thoughts can influence reality in real time.

Why is this proof important?

Your entire perceived reality is a direct result of your thoughts. When you practice flow arts, you witness that relationship in real time. As you develop your skill in the flow arts, you begin living more of your life in real time. Eventually your entire life becomes a "flow art" and reality becomes more like a lucid dream: think about what you want and it manifests immediately–a pretty sweet reason to start flowing more!

Start flowing now!

Astrojax was my gateway drug to the flow arts. Astrojax, or attached juggling (AJ), is three balls on a string that you really have to play with yourself to "get", although you can learn a great deal from watching other people play. Compared to other flow arts like poi and hooping, AJ might be the easiest to start, because you can play in small spaces and with minimal physical effort. AJ also has a great learning curve, meaning the difficulty increases at the same rate as your skill. As soon as you pick up AJ you'll be able to do the most basic trick (the vertical orbit) within seconds. From there, it's up to you to create the next move.

Astrojax are my favorite flow toy so far. I guarantee they will put you into flow immediately! If you want to purchase some for yourself, start with the Pluses, which are lightweight and made out of rubbery material that doesn't hurt when you hit yourself in the face. You might want to pick up a set of Aquas (which are heavier and water filled) too–they move a little slower and are a very satisfying weight. The Saturns and Blue Diamonds are light-up LED Astrojax that are PERFECT for nighttime performance, raves and spiritual adventures.

My first hooping class Saturday with Ciara and Caterina of SpunShine gave me a complete consciousness upgrade. Hooping requires more space and strength than Astrojax, but the full body workout is extremely invigorating. Hooping almost feels like being Astrojax–my body is the string and hoops are the balls!

To get started with hooping, you can purchase an inexpensive hoop from a toy store. If your new hoop is weighted with water (which helps give you momentum when spinning around your waist), Caterina recommends pulling apart the hoop and emptying out the water to make advanced movements much easier. You can also buy beautiful hoops of all kinds from SpunShine if you decide to take up the art.

thank you Mimibug Photography!!

Flow arts pro tip!

The most important thing to remember about flow arts is that you are only as good as your mood. Approach your practice with an open mind, positive thoughts and playfulness. Once you get a taste of flow, an entire universe of possibility will burst into your reality. Think about what you want to gain from your practice and in no time it will be yours.

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Jessica Mullen
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    okay, i am now determined to master hooping. i can make it stay up, i can, i can! (but how?? haha)

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  • jessica mullen

    Katja, maybe try a weighted hoop with water in it (or a really large, heavy hoop). Those are easiest to start with. The bigger and heavier, the easier to keep going.

    Justin, YAY thanks for sharing your link!

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