Everything is perfect & in its place | gathering momentum for March 25, 2011

Everything is perfect & in its place | gathering…

I am so grateful to be home from camping! I am so grateful I didn't drink while camping for the first time! I'm so grateful it was so easy and rewarding to stay sober! I'm so grateful I worked on 2 articles while camping! I'm so grateful Joy came out last night & went swimming with us and brought us batons! I HAD BEEN WANTING A BATON SO BAD!

I'm so grateful for my family. I'm so grateful my brother Michael is home from Afghanistan!! I'm so grateful I did the photo gallery above instead of pasting in every single photo. I'm so grateful we got to go to the country to have dinner with my parents and Joy and Josh and Michael and Taya! I'm so grateful we had circus practice in the back yard after dinner! I'm so grateful I'm perfecting my vegan gravy recipe! I'm so grateful I can improvise in the kitchen! I'm so grateful I know how to cook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so grateful for Facebook. I'm so grateful for reality being so weird. I'm so grateful for the bursting at the seams inbox that I can't wait to dig into tomorrow. I'm so grateful for questions. I'm so grateful for solutions. I'm so grateful Facebook's photo albums are so much better now. I'm so grateful Facebook is such a fun platform. I'm so grateful for platforms. Think about it, where would you be without platforms?

Ha. I'm grateful MY PULLED MUSCLE IS ALL BETTER!!!!!!!!! I'm so grateful I can perceive the direct cause and effect relationship my thoughts have with my physical reality! I'm so grateful for alpha reflections! I'm so grateful I know to focus on what I want! I'm so grateful I am moving up the wave... I'm so grateful I have so many fun experiences, like camping and playing outside at my parents house. I'm so grateful for this beautiful Texas spring weather. Swimming in March! Yeah right!!

I'm so grateful for camping and all it did for my thought patterns. I'm so grateful it chilled me out and helped me remember what was important. I'm so grateful for fresh air and fresh water. I'm so grateful for long car rides in a brand new car. I'm so grateful for bright pink hair and tutus.

I'm so grateful that I am learning to not stress out when I don't answer my emails for THREE WHOLE DAYS. I'm so grateful I have emails to answer! I'm so grateful my email inbox is a straight treasure chest! Everything in there makes me so happy!!

I'm so grateful for my family. I'm so grateful for my mom. I'm so grateful I can email my mom. I'm so grateful she asks me to help her with her computer. I love doing it so much! I'm so grateful I get to spend so much time with my parents as an adult. What a different perspective eh!?

I'm so grateful to feel focus. I'm so grateful I feel like I have my shit together. I'm so grateful for the School of Life Design Forum!! I'm so grateful to be taking breaks from writing this to hop in there too ^_^

I'm so grateful for Linty and Pwny. I'm so grateful for my wonderful wife. I'm so grateful for water and mirrors and toilets and sinks. I'm so grateful for pens and books and paper. I'm so grateful for beaches and sunsets. I'm so grateful for all the animals and plants and bugs n the world. I'm so grateful life is so fucking fascinating once you step away from daily life, if only for an instant! I'm so grateful for my perfections. I'm so grateful to be constantly thinking about life.

I'm so grateful for the revelations I have on a daily basis. I'm so grateful to learn more about my self and whole every day. I'm so grateful to be ready. I'm so grateful I asked the questions. I'm so grateful for this beautiful life. I'm so grateful for this experience. I'm so grateful life makes sense.

I am so grateful to be writing this wonderful post!!! I am so grateful to have my life back! I am so grateful for everything I've learned the past couple weeks! I'm so grateful for all the love and support I find online! I am so grateful for every single beautiful soul who reads this site and co-creates with me! I am so grateful for all the amazing people in the School of Life Design forum! I am so grateful we help each other! I am so grateful for espresso!!!

I am so grateful I was inspired to return emails last night so I didn't have to do it today! I'm so grateful I have time to write this post! I'm so grateful I know how important writing every day is! I'm so grateful for the incredible time affluence in my life! I'm so grateful I feel so good in body today! I'm so grateful I feel so strong and ready to kick ass in class tonight!

I'm so grateful we get to go to HOOPING CLASS TOMORROW!!! I am so excited about hooping! It's my new favorite thing! I can do it now! I'm so grateful for flow arts! THEY ARE SO EXCITING!!!!!

Wouldn't it be nice to make time to write this post every single day again? Wouldn't it be nice to never compromise my time again? Wouldn't it be nice to exercise, meditate, and write every single day for the rest of my life? Wouldn't it be nice to get super good at hooping? Wouldn't it be nice to get better at Astrojax? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to AJ AND hoop at the same time?! (I tried yesterday, it was NOT happening!) Wouldn't it be nice to perform in a circus? Wouldn't it be nice to GO to the circus club thing this weekend? OMG there are so many circus-y groups and people in Austin! It's like this whole subculture I had no awareness of before and it is just BLOSSOMING in front of my eyes! I am so into living here! I am so excited about meeting other people into FLOWWWW!

Wouldn't it be nice to time travel with Astrojax and hooping? Wouldn't it be nice to practice hooping AND AJ every day? Wouldn't it be nice to get 100 new forum members this week? Wouldn't it be nice to set a timer for writing this post every day? Wouldn't it be nice to go on a date with our gf? Wouldn't it be nice to get inspired to write an INCREDIBLE article? Wouldn't it be nice to have the most fun I've ever had in my life today?!

What I want to feel today

  • Creative inspiration!!
  • Ecstasy.
  • Abundance!

Today I intend to choose to feel good, no matter what. Today I intend to remember what I know. I created all of this. I asked for all of this. I LOVE all of this. I am making this up as I go along. I am a leader. I am the leader. I have always been, and always will be. I am the leader of my life, and everything in it. Isn't that just incredible??

I love writing this post so so so much! I love that I have been so busy the past couple weeks with visitors that I didn't make time to post every day, and now I see more than EVER how important this exercise is! I love crying! I love thinking about crying! I love contemplating new ideas! I love creating new ideas! I love focusing! I love not drinking! I love knowing that I have all the tools I need to be blissfully, ecstatically happy right NOW, right HERE. I love that life is fun! I love that I can choose to feel good! I love that I can choose to feel love! I love that I can choose to feel abundance!

I love that I am a powerful creator, and that I live in REAL TIME ALMOST ALL THE TIME. I love that I am a magician and that I can manifest anything I want! I love that the time in between thinking about what I want and getting it is getting SHORTER AND SHORTER!

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. FIRE! Hooping? Poi?? BRING IT!
  2. Our podcast is like NASA before they got to the moon! Kludged, brilliant, whole new frontiers!
  3. Hooping class tomorrow! YES YES YES YES YES!
  8. And we get to go out downtown tonight!
  9. And I love my website!
  11. And I feel so good todayyyyyy!!

Things I appreciate about myself

When I think about myself with love, this is what I see: I am a beautiful, joyful soul who loves taking risks. I have a great big smile that invites anyone in to bask in the glory of life. I've traveled to the edges of reality (and the universe) and I've witnessed my thoughts creating what happens next. I have shattered paradigms that have trapped me for years, and all because I chose to. I have been so very very low that I can now reach unfathomable highs. I am familiar with the feeling of ecstasy and now how to reproduce it.

I am in love with myself and my physical body. My body is so strong and every single day I learn how to perceive myself in better light. I constantly impress myself with the physical feats I am able to accomplish. My childhood dreams of being a gymnast and performer come closer to being realized every single day as I take up flow arts and push my strength and agility to the limit.

I create myself with each new thought and my thoughts of myself are kind, gentle, and appreciative. I am able to look at all of creation with a maternal love and smile, knowing that I made everything I see and I get to play with it all right now.

I have decided to embrace life and enjoy each moment, and it gets easier to do so every single day. I am so driven to create new ideas and these new ideas create new realities for me to explore.

I have seen beyond the barriers of socialized life and while I love the comfort and conveniences of society, I am able to go off on my own to invent entirely new ways to experience the world. I am a brilliant genius creator, and the part I love so so much is that I can now see that EVERYONE is a brilliant genius creator.

I am different, unique, and constantly creating. I have childlike enthusiasm and can convince anyone to play with me. I absolutely adore my life and all that I get to experience every day and I am so excited that I get to KEEP CREATING! I am so grateful that I am so young and still have forever to explore forever.

I am so grateful for the infinity I have seen and the reflection of it in my eyes. I am so grateful I can see the secrets of the universe in my life. I am so grateful to feel ready for the next step, and to be consciously choosing it. I am ready to fully embrace my power, and it isn't scary or intimidating. It only feels like love, and I know my heart is big enough to hold all the love in the world.

Last night I looked at my dad who was cutting a turkey for thanksgiving dinner (thanksgiving that Michael is home!). I realized that all he wanted in the world was to create a delicious meal for everyone to enjoy, and that any crabbiness or frustration he ever has is only because he is so full of love that he wants everyone to feel it. Sometimes that love has trouble finding a way out. It just made me feel so relieved, yet WISE to be able to see through negative thoughts and emotions to the pure love creating my father. It made me so happy to see through the illusion. It made me so happy to witness such love. It made me so happy to be surrounded by people I love. It made me so happy to be able to appreciate. I thought "aw, he just wants everyone to enjoy dinner! He just loves us so much!" And with that thought I was more connected to him than I had ever been in my life. Thank you dad for this beautiful life and your beautiful love!!

Advice from Clair

When you ask, it is given. Now that you are ready, the things you want are unleashed. The gears of the universe are coming together to create the biggest party of your life–YOUR LIFE.

Telling my future

Today I focus and get more of it. Today I am clever, creative and ecstatic. Today I am only love. Today I feel such love for myself that I grow more beautiful before my eyes. Today I am so grateful for life. Today I bask in every single moment. Today I learn how to hang onto this feeling for a little longer.

What does your about page say today?

I am a philosopher and life designer. I think about the true nature of reality and then that's how it is. I teach other people how to think about life using the Internet. I remind people what they already know.

My message is simple: collect the best parts of your life and put them online. Your focus produces more to love while inspiring other people to look for love in their own lives.

Interview with myself

Where do you see yourself in one week - April 1?
I am in the mainstream media. I have upgraded my website hosting easily and painlessly. My to do list is empty. I have further perfected the way I speak about my work. I tell Oprah what's up. The forum is exploding with new members. I am excited, ecstatic, and focused like never before.

I am watching love ripple through my universe like a cosmic rainbow of particles of flowing connection, I've seen it before and I am seeing it again with my physical eyes! I am fearless, and so madly in love with life.

Also, Kelly and I have taken some super hot photos and they are all viral on Tumblr ;D

Some goodies from the Daily Self Love Worksheet!

(I am so thirsty for focus, this post is helping so much!)
3 new things I'd like to try:
Playing with fire! Tightrope! Stilting!

2 favors to do for myself today:
I'm going to look at myself with love and SMILE at myself in the mirror!
I am going to move my body in the FLOW!

2 new things I learned recently:
How to hoop!!!!!!!!!
How to dream about a topic intentionally!!!!!!

A compliment to myself:

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • I want it. I'm ready.

Links I love

  • I had no idea who Martha Graham was but now I do! (She was a famous choreographer responsible for modern dance!) I wanted to get into choreography, "ask and it is given!" Here is a beautiful quote by Martha!
  • More tantra in my life please!
  • Come to hoop class with us!
  • If you struggle at times with positivity, check out Alli's post Confessions of a Negative Nancy. No matter where you are in your ability to direct your thoughts towards the positive, all that matters is that you are aware of your thoughts. The struggle you feel at the beginning of trying to direct your thoughts only makes getting better that much more delicious. Just know you can get better! It will happen for you, I promise!! Just don't stress about it, it's all coming!

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Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Jessica Schiszler

    That is my absolute favorite quote from Martha Graham; I have it copied down, and it never ceases to make me feel better. :) Awesome, awesome post! <3

  • jessica mullen

    Thanks Jessica!!!! <3

  • Bridie

    That is such a beautiful realisation to have about your Dad. You expressed your relief at seeing through to his true intentions so well.

    I think one of the biggest factors in growing up and having a good relationship with your parents is letting go of the need for them to be these perfect, stoic figures that hold up the sky for you. In realising that they too are just deeply flawed individuals trying to do the best with what they have. It saddens me somewhat that some people never come to this realisation though, and instead live in a permanently angsty teen kind of dynamic, where their parents never live up to their expectations.

    There is a Louise L Hay affirmation which I always come back to, that goes something like ‘I think of my parents as tiny children in need of love’. Now that I think about it, it probably wouldn’t hurt to have this approach to every adult I interact with :)

  • jessica mullen

    Bridie, thank you so much for writing! It makes me so happy that you understand! AND GUESS WHAT, I have that Louise Hay affirmation card on our vision board!!!!! You’re right, we should apply it to all adults!! :]

  • kimberly

    I’m excited you got batons! I was a twirler in high school so reading about your attraction to flow art has brought back some fond memories!

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