I choose to feel good | gathering momentum for March 22, 2011

I choose to feel good | gathering momentum for…

I am so grateful I am learning. I am so grateful to be alive. I am so grateful to be an adaptable human being who can handle anything. I'm so grateful for dubstep to order my consciousness. I'm so grateful for focus. I'm so grateful I know what I know.

I know I am vibration. I know I am a result of the thoughts I think. I know that whatever I feel now, it is within my capacity to change it. I know that my thoughts are what create my reality. I know sometimes I feel too powerless to control my thoughts. I know that feeling powerless is just a reaction to a manifestation. Thoughts create, emotions indicate. I know that even right now I have the power to change how I feel from negative to positive. I know that writing is the only way to get over the mountain. I know that I can see how the universe works. I know that I understand how the universe works, to some extent. I know that what I think about I bring about. I know that everything orbits. I know that if I can focus my attention on things that feel good, those good feelings will produce better feeling thoughts. I don't have to think about anything negative in my reality. I don't have to pay attention to the negative. What I focus on expands. What I focus on expands. What I focus on expands. What I focus on expands.

I am so grateful for my dinosaur succulent pet we got from Manda and Dwayne. I am so grateful I get to take him out into the sun. I am so grateful he is such a fun and colorful pet. I love having succulents! It's hard to kill them! I like having that limiting belief!

I am so grateful I have the power to switch my focus onto something else. Focus is source. Focus is energy from the universe. Focus is desire being pulled through us. Focus is where you put your attention. Focus is what creates.

I am so grateful I know what makes me feel good. I am so grateful I can choose to feel good even if my physical reality isn't my exact preference. A good mood is the only path to good things.

I am so grateful to be writing this post at 11:38pm instead of not at all. I am so grateful I know how to work up the emotional scale instantly. I'm so grateful I have a girlfriend who helps me remember what I know. She tells me, "go write your post," and I have to obey her because she's my doctor! She's the oracle in this relationship.

I'm so grateful I'm learning how to function in normal life with this new level of knowing/living I am on. How do you learn to not care about what the people you care about think? I'm grateful for the question. Because now all I have to do is become a vibrational match to the solution. And if I had never experienced this level of contrast, I could never level up in such fun ways.

I'm grateful for the gym. Because I'm learning that feeling really good from working out all the time is not a risk. What happens if you can't work out? Well first of all, it would only be me making that choice. The manifestation of "not being able to work out" is the result of thought patterns like "when I have visitors I might not have enough time to go to the gym."

Thinking that I would have to worry about how to replace the feeling-good from the gym when I'm "not able to work out" is what makes me think working out all the time is a risk anyway. My limiting beliefs about exercise are the only things that give me injuries or undesirable circumstances.

What are my limiting beliefs?
I can't heal my injury instantly.
I have to be constantly working on my site to see monetary return.
I have to go to every BP and KB class or I won't feel as good as I normally do.
Having visitors interrupts my flow of daily life.

Now that I know them, I can change them.
I can heal my injury instantly. It's an emotional journey. It's just a manifestation of past thoughts. I can shift my attention away from it. Nothing prevents me from doing what I want but me.

The amount of money flowing in my life is a result of vibration alone. There is nothing I have to do to make more money.
I go to fitness classes when it feels good and it's the next logical step. I don't need fitness classes to feel good.
Having visitors is a glorious part of my flow of daily life.

I am so grateful I have Kelly. I am so grateful she is there to talk to. I am so grateful we just took a nap together. I am so grateful for our couch. I am so grateful to always be launching new, fresh rockets of desire. I am so grateful Kelly is making salsa. I am so grateful I am a philosopher and I never have to stop thinking. I am so grateful for my wife omg.

I am so grateful to be sitting here with a blowpop in my mouth like a pacifier. I am so grateful to be experiencing things in my reality that I don't want, because it helps me decide to what I DO want. I am so grateful for this physical experience. I am so grateful that change is constant. I am so grateful I just had espresso at 12:55am. I am so grateful I don't compromise my schedule for anyone.

I am so grateful I don't compromise my vision or my desires. I am so grateful to be learning more about the function of writing, exercise, and meditation in my life. I am so grateful to know that those 3 things are so very very very important.



I can't even express my gratitude about getting to see him again! Today was the first time I've seen him in YEARS! I was probably still a first year grad student! OMFG! Being around him feels like we haven't missed a day. I am so grateful for the deep bond siblings have! I am so grateful for my perfect family and my perfect brother and my perfect sisters! I am so grateful we got to have a beautiful dinner together at Kenichi! I am so grateful Joy came! I am so grateful we got to chill by the pool before dinner. I am so grateful we live in Texas, in PARADISE! I am so grateful life is supposed to be fun! I am so grateful that all of the manifestations in my life are beautiful gifts from source! I am so grateful for the perfect way things are unfolding! I am so grateful I know to focus with a post! I am so grateful, so grateful, so grateful!!

I am so grateful for this glorious night! I am so grateful for my brother! I am so grateful we get to celebrate with him!! I am so grateful we get to go camping! I am so grateful to be learning to much about mixing my vibration with other people! I am so grateful I know life is good and I am in complete control of it!

Wouldn't it be nice to release any vibration of annoyance, overwhelment, or lack of freedom? Wouldn't it be nice to have no fucking thorn in my side? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to be happy without external circumstances? Wouldn't it be nice to be practiced enough at directing my thoughts that I don't have to rely on crutches of writing, meditation and exercise? Not that I don't want to do those things, but wouldn't it be nice to be beyond them? Wouldn't it be nice to not need anything? Wouldn't it be nice to get better at letting go?

Wouldn't it be nice to bewitch via the Internet? Wouldn't it be nice to use my power? Wouldn't it be nice to let go?

What I want to feel today

  • Creative inspiration
  • Flow
  • Love
  • Power

Today I intend to listen to Clair. Today I intend to remember that everyone wants to be loved, just like me. Today I intend to enjoy my life. Today I intend to bask in the twists and turns of physical reality. Today I intend to feel good. Today I intend to laugh and smile and remember that a good mood is the only path to good things!

I love choosing to focus! I love knowing what I know! I love knowing what I want! I love that Kelly is making salsa! I love that she likes Astrojax as much as I do! I love Pwny and Linty! I love MICHAEL! I Love that he is here! I love his beautiful attitude! I love his energy! I love being around him! I love that we can communicate in the air!

I love being up in the middle of the night. I love choosing to create. I love directing my thoughts. I love taking things lightly. I love being light.

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. A lifeguard at the Y showed us where we can plugin our phones to play music by the pool outside! HEAVEN!
    poi kel
  2. I am suddenly super fascinated by choreography!
  3. Today I remembered one of my passions: NAMING THINGS. My pet dinosaur succulent is now named Pepper, or Pep pep for short.
  4. We get to go CAMPING!
  5. We get to meet T!
  6. We get to sleep innnn.
  7. Body Pump & Kickboxing tomorrow, pleeease?!
  8. Seeing Julie at Kenichi earlier!
  9. Seeing my parents this week!
  10. Choosing the direction my life is taking
  11. Astrojax by the pool!

10 things I appreciate about myself

  1. I know to take things lightly
  2. I know life is supposed to be fun
  3. I know that everyone wants to be loved, just like me
  4. I have the pretties pink hair
  5. I am really good at accessing creative inspiration
  6. I take risks!
  7. I have a Clair
  8. I love to be rubbbbbed
  9. I love to smile
  10. I have beautiful eyes!

Advice from Clair

Choose the path of least resistance. Choose to let go. Choose to release negative thoughts. Choose to continue on your journey. Choose to love. Choose to smile. Choose to appreciate. Choose to bask. Choose to empower. Choose to feel good! It's easy once you make the choice, and it gets easier every time!

Telling my future

Today I am a muse and a darling. I am happy and healthy. I am knowing and loving. I am a powerful creator. I am fearless.

What does your about page say today?

I remind you of what you already know. You do the same for me.

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • I created this. I am responsible for all of this. I am all of this. And it is all good, and beautiful, and perfect, and fun.
  • I am fearless, powerful, and loving. I know.

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  • mouse

    I’m very glad that your brother is home from “over there” (most of my hubby’s friends are military & half of them can’t even tell you where they are or were stationed, so its just become my term for the entire middle east) and that he’s all in one piece.

    I’m glad that you aren’t bothered by that website in the links- I didn’t think the post was so bad (since they didn’t really bother reading your blog) but the comments were horrible. I’m sad that a website like that exists – tearing people down like that is a miserable way to live.

  • alana

    You sound so super happy today! It really comes through and you’ve lifted my happy meter 150%! YAY

    I agree with mouse – that website is living in negative town. Love your comments in reply though!

  • katjanikula

    i’m so psyched about you getting to see your brother too! must be such a relief!

    also, that website with the weird comments? i just, wow. it’s almost fascinating, haha! basically what they’re saying is: if you love unconditionally, you’re a dick; but if you hate everyone and go around bitching, you’re supercool. it’s so third grade! (though here i am putting them down, but really…)

    lots of hugs!

  • Adrienne

    Lol, that site can not be serious. It’d be one thing if they had a legitimate beef with you, but instead they’re basically saying “we’re too lazy to read her blog soooo we’re just going to tell her to GTFO the internet for the sake of it I guess”. Also – hello! They’re pimping your site and basically giving you free advertising.

    Rolling my eyes and laughing forever

  • demurebateleur

    I just wanted to say CONGRATS for having haters! That means you’ve officially “made it” :)

  • jessica mullen

    Haha I officially made it, that’s right demurebateleur!!!!!!!!!

    Thank y’all SO SO SO MUCH for your sweet words about that silly site, it’s no big deal, it’s all just fun!

    And I AM SO RELIEVED MY BROTHER IS HOME! Spending time with him the past few days has been heavenly. It feels so natural and right and happy and exciting! Camping with my bro is one of my greatest pleasures in life, I’m so happy I had some time to step away from digital life for a minute :]

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