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bus stop
Good MORNING! I am so grateful that we had such an incredible SXSW! I am so grateful we got to spend so much time with our friends from Wisconsin, Manda and Dwayne. They are such incredible people! I miss them already!

manda & dwayne
I'm so grateful for all the treasures they brought us, like this succulent in a dinosaur! EXQUISITE! I'm so grateful we got to hang out so many times and do such a variety of things, like play bingo, have a sleepover, go to body pump (!) and hit 6th street. I'm so grateful they were so fun to talk to and be around. I'm so grateful for deepening friendships!

I'm so grateful for Austin's bus system. I'm so grateful there's a bus stop right outside our apartment. I'm so grateful we know our city well. I'm so grateful we got to experience 6th street during SXSW on a Thursday night. I'm so grateful we got to see Jacqueline and our server from Kerbey when we were at Casino El Camino. I'm so grateful Casino is the spot! I'm so grateful for all the fun I've had the past week! What a vacation!

ellen & sean
I'm so grateful we got to see Ellen and Sean on Thursday! I'm so grateful we have so many friends we met through Dawn and Drew!

I am SO GRATEFUL I finally made time to redye my hair last night! This time I went 11 WEEKS in between dyes. Legit.

finished hair!
I am so grateful my hair is magenta again. I am so grateful hair dying is super easy for me now! I'm so grateful I know the exact process:

  1. Pre-bleach: vaseline hairline that isn't going to be bleached (my shaved patch). Put conditioner on all pink hair. This protects the already dyed hair from getting damaged from fresh bleach.
  2. Put on gloves, mix up bleach. I use Loreal Super Bleach Blonde and then I put it in this Roots Only bottle.
  3. Apply bleach starting from back of head, let sit for 45-55 minutes.
  4. Rinse bleach, shampoo with special bleachy shampoo, dry hair on Cold Shot setting, chill.
  5. After chilling is complete, vaseline entire hairline, including ears and most of the neck and forehead! Cover up your counter so you don't spill dye all over it... AND WEAR GLOVES.
  6. Apply Special Effects Atomic Pink, let sit for 1-2 hours, then rinse (wearing gloves!) til water runs (almost!) clear. RELIEF.

I'm so grateful to have time to myself now! I'm so grateful to be writing this post! I'm so grateful I had a couple days where I didn't post because it, as always, showed me how important posting is! I'm so grateful for contrast! I'm so grateful to be getting the order back to my consciousness! I'm so grateful we're taking the weekend off from working out to heal! I'm so grateful my body is a beautiful vessel! I'm so grateful I know how to direct my thoughts!

I'm so grateful it's spring and the weather is beautiful. I'm so grateful I don't have to wait in drunken lines for shows. I'm so grateful I got my fill of SXSW without getting a badge or wristband.

I'm so grateful I've given out so many sets of Astrojax this week! I'm down to just a few sets of my own now! Also I did my first AJ repair job! I'm so grateful there is a place to get replacement parts. I'm so grateful to be spreading the AJ word to so many people!

Wouldn't it be nice to return my emails and finish Kerri's ebook project and get VPS hosting? Wouldn't it be nice if those things did themselves? Wouldn't it be nice to trust the universe today? Wouldn't it be nice to go for a long walk? Wouldn't it be nice to play AJ in the park? Wouldn't it be nice to take all the things off my to do list I don't want to do? Wouldn't it be nice if all those things did themselves? Wouldn't it be nice to find fresh inspiration? Wouldn't it be nice to start leveling up again... Wouldn't it be nice to make camping reservations?

Wouldn't it be nice to get some box fans in here? Wouldn't it be nice to go on a clothes shopping spree? Wouldn't it be nice to eat salad and spinach smoothies? Wouldn't it be nice to eat all raw for a while? Wouldn't it be nice if all my soreness and muscle pain was gone? Wouldn't it be nice to play outside? Wouldn't it be nice to go swimming? Wouldn't it be nice to let myself relax more? Wouldn't it be nice to find balance? Wouldn't it be nice to meditate today? Wouldn't it be nice to get in a rhythm? Wouldn't it be nice to only do what I want for the rest of my life? Wouldn't it be nice to revisit my goals? Yay just did!

What I want to feel today

  • Order. Things in their place. Knowing. Trust in the universe.
  • Release. Relief. Letting go.

Today I intend to let go. Today I intend to trust the universe. Today I intend to trust the universe. Today I intend to trust the universe. Today I trust the universe. Today I let go. Today I intend to let it unfold. Today I trust the universe.

I love writing these posts! One day off is such a huge difference! It's like I was completely disconnected from myself! Without something to focus my thoughts, my thoughts are like loose ends all over the place!

I love Astrojax so hard. So so so hard. I love restful weekends. I love relaxing. I love remembering I don't have to do anything I don't want to do. I love our apartment. I love working on my goals. I love our neighbor's windchimes. I love when the kitties are in the towel. I love that I don't have to explain every single reference in this post. I love that I write these posts for me. I love that so many people are in the forum! I love that SXSW is almost over! I love my sketchbook! I love that I get to make thank you cards today! I love that we started working on the podcast again! I love that we get to REST today! I love that we went grocery shopping last night! I love that I constantly have new monetization ideas! I love that I'm making a store! I love thinking about new ebooks to read! I love pondering ways to make money online! I love talking to Kelly about it! I love learning as I go! I love throwing my knapsack over the fence!

I love organizing my thoughts. I love having freshly dyed hair. I love choosing to focus. I love energizing myself by writing. I love finding rhythm. I love thinking about my goals. I love that my goals are so simple and nonphysical. I love all the deep conversations I got to have during SXSW. I love how hard I leveled up! I love that I documented my revelations in articles. I love that I can always read my own writing when I forget what the eff is going on. I love that nothing matters! I love that writing these posts helps me remember that! I love that writing these posts helps me remember that there is no reason to worry about anything physical! (or nonphysical!) I love feeling refreshed and relaxed from writing. I love that I know writing helps me feel better every time. I love that writing, exercise and meditation work EVERY SINGLE TIME. I love that Astrojax is a combination of meditation and exercise. And it's creative, it's like all three in one! Duh, it's three balls on a string. The most basic elements of the universe.

I love that if I let my mind wander about Astrojax I start thinking crazy cool shit. I love that I didn't play yesterday and now today I want to play so bad I can feel the balls in my hands. I love that I like to think about life. I love that you like to think about life. I love that we are evolving. I love that there are an infinite number of revelations coming my way. I love that I don't have to DO anything to change my reality. I only have to choose new thoughts.

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. ORDERING MY MESSY CONSCIOUSNESS. Like cleaning my room. Neat!
  2. New goals! So simple! So fun! Lucid dreaming, Astrojax, and the forum, that's the life!
  3. Resting my aching body.
  4. Making thank you cards! Playing in photoshop!
  5. Playing AJ after taking a break for a day, it will be so delicious!
  6. Getting SUPER excited to go to Volve tomorrow!! (Aw I just checked and it isn't going on because of SXSW, next week will be the shit then!)
  7. New income stream ideas!
  8. Meditating. Yes please. Please. Please. So. Thirsty.
  9. Time to myself to do WHATEVER I WANT!!!!!!!!
  10. My hair looks SO GOOD
  11. I've been keeping up with my lucid dream journal! It's working! About ready to move onto Day 3!
  12. One more: listening to the Ke$ha Pandora station and hearing all the technology references in songs to ipods, texting, etc. So cute!

10 things I appreciate about myself

  1. Fresh pink hair!!!!!!
  2. I listen! And like it!
  3. I'm a good writer!
  4. I'm an uplifter!
  5. I focus on what I want.
  6. I'm a healer.
  7. I'm an artist.
  8. I'm a visionary.
  9. I'm multidimensional.
  10. I am LIGHT!

Advice from Clair

Just relax and allow, relax and allow. Go with the flow. There is no rush. Even though you may feel "unordered" or below the emotional level you want to be, just remember this is the fun part - catching up with your expanded self. You expanded, and now it is time to catch up. You expanded so very far the past week! You saw things no one has ever seen before. You created new thoughts, ideas, and realities that will live forever and await your arrival. You are breaking down your limiting beliefs more and more every single day.

Relax and allow, relax and allow. Allow the unfolding of the universe to take place. Allow it without interference. Allow it without resistance. Relax and allow. Relax and allow. Everything is already perfect and in its place. You wouldn't know what you want if you didn't experience contrast and desire. Just let go and trust the universe to do it for you. The inspiration will come. The time will come. The universe will take care of you, always and forever. There is nothing to fear, nothing to worry about, nothing to stress over. Nothing matters. Nothing is real. There is only love and it is growing exponentially, unfolding magickally and beautifully all around you. Focus on that love and you will see it materialize all around you. Just focus on love.

Telling my future

Today is floating down a river in a toob, basking in the hot sun and cool water. Today is one long Sunday afternoon. Today is porch beers and friends. Today is enjoying life while the universe works for me in the background.

What does your about page say today?

I am a loving guide that looks upon myself and the world with calmness, understanding, and knowing. I am made of the ocean and sunrise, the moon and the sunset. I am a fractal of you and I grow exponentially every single day. I trust the universe to unfold my reality perfectly and love my life with ferocity.

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • I trust the universe.

Links I love

  • Baby monkey on a pig
  • Knottymouse does a tutu kit!
  • We watched most of Ponyo last night, it is so charming and adorable and beautiful!
  • What would a legal pack of marijuana cigarettes look like?
  • The Dame posted about the home fitness movement. HOT!
  • This film looks great! Happythankyoumoreplease.
  • Louise Hay posted about the book The Biology of Belief, which was written by a stem cell biologist and declares the power of positive thinking over our bodies.
  • I had no idea Charlie Sheen was so cool! THAT MAN IS THE SHIT! He knows what's up! Also, here is a dubstep remix of the interview via The Dame!
  • We have a new podcast up about the Austin YMCA!!! They have a donation campaign going on right now to raise money for their community programs so we made this video to help spread the word. Please give if you can, the YMCA is our second home and we love the organization dearly!

    You know what keeps us going back to the Y. It's the unicorns community. If you're balla and want to support The Popular Podcast, consider a generous donation to the Southwest Family Branch Austin YMCA. Select Magen, Iva or Brandon as your campaigner and they will keep impregnating the universe with their smiles.

  • I LOVE STEPHANIE FROM LAZYTOWN (thanks to Allison for the reminder!) And if you love her too, here is a sexy treat lol!
  • kitty vacuum

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  • mouse

    I missed your posts!! I looove the kittens riding the Roomba vac around the kitchen– its soo cute! There is a YouTube video of a full sized cat that rides around on a Roomba through the whole house- its absolutely hysterical because he totally acts like its sole purpose is to get him from room to room in style!!

    When my son was younger he LOVED Lazytown & had a huge crush on the pink haired girl!! I get that “cooking by the book” song stuck in my head now and then from watching the show so much!!

  • jessica mullen

    Kitties on Roombas are out of control! I almost died of the cute! I’ll have to look up the big boi kitty.

    Haha I love the cooking by the book song so much, but I love the remix even better!!

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