Lifestreamer love #1: 10 leading edge life designers


Lifestreamer love #1: 10 leading edge life designers

thanks lolula!

About three weeks ago I opened the School of Life Design Forum, a place for lifestreamers and life designers to come together to share about web design, positive psychology, and the meaning of life. Many beautiful creators have joined up and we've been having rad conversations about WordPress, subjective reality, manifestations and lots of other topics!

This article is the first in a series showcasing lifestreamers from the forum. These people are on the leading edge of life design, making the Internet a more magickal place every single day. Check out their sites and if you like what you see, grab those RSS feeds and be Twitter friends!

#1 Sarah Marie Gilbert

Saltwater Acorns is the delicious website of Sarah Marie Gilbert.

This is a blog about my adventures in art school, geek conventions, working with animals, dealing with procrastination, and more!

Sarah is currently doing The Imagination Experiment:


I can't wait to hear about the experiment results! Subscribe to the Saltwater Acorns RSS feed or follow Sarah on Twitter!

#2 Adrienne Orpheus

adrienne orpheus dot com — living the cute life
Adrienne Orpheus lifestreams at

I’m the fierce, vegan, high fashion, superstar of tomorrow. I'm on a mission to inspire the world with my music, fashion, and lifestyle... And that includes you.

Adrienne posts rad articles about fashion (she makes REALLY COOL clothing and jewelry) and is an incredible musician. Subscribe to her RSS feed or follow her on Twitter!

#3 Margo Jakobi

.......~1 RAW GIRL~ Hello Wonderland Lifestreaming.....
Margo Jakobi runs 1rawgirl, a lifestream focusing on raw, living and vegan food, lifestyle ideas, and creative tools for thinking and feeling.

I am devoted to the practice of appreciation. This means finding ways all throughout my day to focus on reaching for thoughts that feel good to me. I am joining others who are doing it too and future posts and podcasts will be revealing more about this new energy that will be pumping life into this blog and it is my desire into your hearts and minds if you are so inclined to allow it in!

Margo is a bright soul and friend of Abraham too! Her posts are uplifting and inspiring, so get your RSS fix here and follow Margo on Twitter!

#4 Jessica Schiszler

Jessica Schiszler lifestreams at Schiszler Scribbles.

I have a unique purpose that is all my own in the entire Universe. I am an incredible, intelligent, beautiful cosmic vibrational and physical being. I have the power to build, design, and manifest my own remarkable reality. I am a lifestreamer. I am a highly successful, abundant and fabulous woman, and I know what I am here to do. I am here to dance. I am here to sing. I am here to create and uplift. I am here to have fun and resonate joy and bliss from every cell. I am alive to write. I am here to take pictures. I am alive to share stories, express, and communicate. Above all, I was made, and choose, to love.

Jessica is a brilliant, daring woman who shares the same birthday as me! I absolutely adore her! Subscribe to her RSS feed or follow her on Twitter!

#5 Destiny Cyan -
Destiny Cyan is all about nourishment for body, mind, and soul.

destiny cyan is magical, intuitive, and witty. she has an insatiable wanderlust & curiousity. won over by sushi dinners & those who “don’t sweat the small stuff.” destiny cyan may not always know where she’s going, but she cherishes the journey. she lives with her incredible husband (really!) and their two obnoxiously adorable kitties in the midwest. the kitchen is her favorite place to create. keeps her nails long & sharp; she’s been called a bad ass more than a few times in her life. fortunate to have been born on the leo/virgo cusp. takes advantage of her bookstore discount whenever she can. she is the kind of person who will bring you a pineapple draped in mardi gras beads as a hostess present.

DC has been writing some great articles on feeling good and she also has a Tumblr! Subscribe to the RSS feed here.

#6 Rhiiannon Dwyer

Rhiiannon Dwyer
Rhiiannon Dwyer is a lifestreamer practicing the attitude of gratitude and sharing great ideas on self improvement and self awareness. Subscribe to her RSS feed and follow her on Twitter!

#7 Rhina Ju

gilt clover
Rhina Ju lifestreams at Gilt Clover

This blog is a statement of self-love. It is about trusting my intuition and syncing with the flow of the universe. It is a record of my evolving creative process, shedding, baring naked to reveal something illogical and magical as I learn this new language rather connect with my native voice. It is an experiment in life design. At the end of the 365 days, the metamorphosis is complete. I am an accomplished entrepreneur, independently wealthy, a permanent traveler, exhibiting artist/designer/stylist, voraciously learning, creating and inspiring others to do the same.

Rhina is driven, intelligent and making her dreams come true. Subscribe to her RSS and follow her on Twitter!

#8 Emma Kavanagh

Lightning in a Jar
Emma Kavanagh runs Lightning in a Jar, a lifestream full of appreciation. I've known Emma for months now and she is such a sweetheart!

My name is Emma and I’m a graphic designer, having just finished my course. This blog is to document anything that I feel worth documenting. Some of my interests are graphic design, fashion, style and self improvement. This blog was just set up to document these things for me. And it saves space on my computer!

Another friend of Abraham, Emma shines bright in the lifestreaming world! Subscribe to her RSS and follow her pretty face on Twitter!

#9 Bridie Wade

Lifestream | A Treasure in the Shape of a Girl
Bridie Wade is a treasure of a lifestreamer!

As a part-time student of commerce (and a full-time student of life) Bridie has come to the conclusion that revenue and wealth are proportionate to the value a person’s product or service brings to the world. Fortunately for her, as an aspiring business woman and conscious creator, she knows her capacity to add value and joy to the lives of others is infinite. Just how she intends to do so, however, is a little less certain.

On this blog Bridie intends to chart her quest to pinpoint her most powerful contribution to the world, to find her niche in the market, if you will, and to track her success.

It's been so fun getting to know Bridie and her world, I think you will love her too! Subscribe to her RSS feed and follow her on Twitter!

#10 Katja Nikula

dream reality.
Katja Nikula runs Salient, one of my favorite lifestreams of all time!

Katja was born in 1986, in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. She is currently a student at Helsinki University, majoring in english philology and minoring in religion studies. Katja is a bit of a lone wolf, both by choice and by circumstance, and considers leaving her apartment once a day a great feat. Katja enjoys reading (newly acquired love), internetting, taking walks, taking pictures and drawing among other things.

Katja is a lovely source of good feelings and intriguing ideas. I love reading her Soul Care posts because they always boost my mood. Subscribe to Katja's RSS feed and follow her on Twitter!

If you'd like to join in on the lifestreaming fun, you can read all about the forum here (and scroll down a bit to sign up!). This extraordinary community of life designers is uplifting the world with love and growing by the minute! We'd love to have you in the forum and I'd love to showcase your lifestream in the next lifestream love article! We're all looking forward to the universe bringing us together at exactly the right time.

P.S. If you're not a forum member but have a lifestream link to share, please leave it in the comments! Wouldn't it be nice to have a directory of uplifting lifestreams??

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
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