happy birthday Michael! | gathering momentum for March 13 & 14, 2011

happy birthday Michael! | gathering momentum for March 13…

happy birthday michael!!
Yesterday was my brother Michael's birthday. I didn't do a gathering momentum yesterday because time is increasingly weird in my reality, but today's post is all about my bro! I am so grateful for my brother Michael. I am so grateful he served in the army for our country. I am so grateful he returned home safe from Afghanistan. I am so grateful he has a girlfriend now that he's home. I'm so grateful he is so happy and healthy. I am so grateful we got to stay connected while he was in Afghanistan. I am so grateful he had such an expansive experience while there!

sisters & michael
I am so grateful Michael is coming to visit next week! I am so grateful I get to see him soon! I am so grateful he wants me to help him set up his website! I am so grateful I'll get to SEE HIM in PERSON. I am so grateful he is taking the time to come to Texas while he's on leave!

sub seeks
I am so grateful for all the conversations Michael and I have had. I am so grateful we're always on the same level. I'm so grateful for the time we had living in the same town (Champaign, IL) for a summer. I am so grateful he is adventurous and wants to have fun and doesn't let anyone tell him what to do. I am so grateful Michael shows me how to be physically fearless. I am so grateful for the millions of memories I have of us growing up. I am so grateful he's moving to San Antonio in the fall to go back to school!!!!

I am so grateful Michael and I would go to Home Depot together in the pickup truck and buy sandbags. I'm so grateful for the "back front" story. I'm so grateful Michael came to protect us the first night we lived in Texas because we were scared to be in a new place. I'm so grateful Michael barfed on his tractor Christmas present when he was 4 or 5 because it reminds me of what complete overwhelming excitement feels like. I'm so grateful for this kind and gentle boy who was born the day after me 4 years later!

I'm so grateful Michael thinks about life. I can't wait to see him.

I'm so grateful my birthday was SO FUN!!!!! I'm so grateful we went to Body Pump, went grocery shopping, then went to my parents' house where they cooked us a chili and garlic bread feast! I'm so grateful my mom made this cute cake!!

mom hula
I'm so grateful I got to go birthday shopping and get hula hoops! My mom is so good at hooping! We had so much fun!

kel hoop
I'm so grateful we got to play outside while in Burnet!

I'm so grateful that after my parents' house, and after going to my sister Joy's apartment to see Joy, Josh and Betty, we had Sheima and Manda and Dwayne over for an adult sleepover and it was SO SO SO SO SO FUN! Manda and Dwayne brought me such beautiful presents like these bells! Then we played Astrojax all night! I love my friends so much!

kel clive
I'm so grateful we got to roll out of bed and go straight to a SXSW party at Clive for ACTIVITY STREAMS! Activity Streams is a protocol for quantifying human behavior and it's going to be big, baby!

kel hipster church
I'm so grateful the atmosphere at Clive was so romantic. I'm so grateful I got to perform Astrojax for a stranger! I'm so grateful I talked to so many people about LIFE!

me n krynsky
I'm so grateful I finally got to meet Mark Krynsky of Lifestream Blog!! Mark and I have been in touch for years but yesterday was the first time we met in person! It was so fun talking to him! I love my life!

Wouldn't it be nice to fly? Wouldn't it be nice to live in the flow of love constantly? Wouldn't it be nice to get better at communicating what I think about life? Wouldn't it be nice to make further progress in my lucid dreaming practice? Wouldn't it be nice to have a magickally unfolding day? Wouldn't it be nice to let go of the oars and go with the flow? Wouldn't it be nice to operate with confidence, kindness and love?


What I want to feel today

  • Confidence. I made you, I love you, you are my creation.
  • Love. Love is our connection to the flow of source energy/LIFE.
  • Abundance! All of life is abundant! Look around you! It's all there for YOU!

Today I intend to remember that I am a powerful creator who has won the ultimate lottery - getting to be a physical human being during a time of such beautiful evolution. Today I intend to hypnotize people with my Astrojax and feel like I'm dreaming. Today I intend to think about life and encourage others to do the same. Today I intend to go with the flow. Today I intend to welcome more people into the trip. Today I intend to project only love. Today I intend to have a beautiful day!

keep smiling!
I love my life. I love Pwny and Linty. I love thinking about life. I love learning about life. I love deciding what life is. I love having my story straight when people ask me what I do. I love that I decided to work only for myself and that it was the best decision I ever made. I love my ideas. I love expanding my mind. I love my friends. I love that everything always works out perfectly. I love that Kel and I helped out some people last night with some Vmaxes and a goody bag. I love that my life is SO FREAKIN TRIPPY. I love that the journey to this point has been so fun, and so worth it. I love that I got to talk to my grandparents on my birthday! I love that I got so many kind facebook messages from people saying happy birthday. I love that I don't have to worry about my birthday ever again because I'm timeless!!

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. eye gazing parties
  2. perfectly applied eyeliner
  3. performing astrojax at a bar for a stranger!!!
  4. chillin with manda and dwayne!!!
  5. chillin with sheima!!!
  6. hula hoops!
  7. living in real time. like all the time.
  8. highly edited pandora stations. The Ke$ha station!!
  9. meeting people at the activity streams party
  10. 7 pages of moleskined revelations to shape into beautiful articles!
  11. Giving away Astrojax at the bar!
  12. More! I can see music now... Now is a good time to be a vibrational match to pop music.

10 things I appreciate about myself

  1. I can hypnotize people!
  2. I can communicate my thoughts with Astrojax
  3. I am on the leading edge of universal expansion
  4. I am so luck to have the physical body!!
  5. I am a weight lifter!
  6. I am abundant!
  7. I allow
  8. I am improving at lucid dreaming
  9. I think about life. All the time.
  10. My ideas make me so happy!

Advice from Clair

When you feel rushed, remember that everything unfolds perfectly and there is always enough time for everything. Everything happens at the exact right time and place.

Telling my future

Today I am a carnival and magick show. Today I am an enigmatic gift for you to unwrap. Today I solve puzzles and make new ones. Today things move a little faster than yesterday. Today is magickal like never before.

What does your about page say today?

I am a bridge between physical reality and the next dimension. I am a guide to the flow of life. I am a signpost, a leader, and a hypnotist. I venture to the edge of reality and bring back more ways to love and create. I am a thinker, and my thoughts about life create my life.

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • I created this.
  • I am one with the magickal unfolding of life.

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Jessica Mullen
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  • Sharon Borgstrom

    Happy belated birthday, you beautiful, wonderful, inspiring person!!!!!!!!!!

  • emmakavanagh

    It’s true! Better than LolCats. And LolCats are awesome so it’s not exactly an easy feat!

    I am so happy that you get to see your brother! And I’m SO grateful you had a wonderful birthday!

    Thanks for sharing cute baby pictures!

  • jessica mullen

    You are such a delight Emma! Thanks for the comment! :D

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