What is a concept?


What is a concept?

thank you rosepetal236
Life design is about making up what life is as we go. There is nothing predetermined. There is not some mysterious heaven that we are going to see when we die. This is heaven. This is it. There is only now.

Life design is deciding how you want reality to be and then realizing it is already that way. Life design is realizing that everyone before us was just taking a chance at figuring out what life is. Now we're the ones taking the chance. Remember Christopher Columbus? He explored physical territory. Now we're exploring nonphysical, and there are no maps. It's like swimming in an endless, bottomless ocean at night, and then ducking under the water and finding daylight and dry land. Whatever you want to find is already yours.

How it is now

  • There is no such thing as age. Age is only a limiting belief.
  • There is no such thing as a calendar. A calendar is only a concept to order our consciousness.
  • There is no "fuck". A word cannot hurt you or break your mind.
  • There is no "drug". The concept of a drug is only a toy for your mind.
  • There is no wrong. There is only yes.
  • There is no gender. There is no sexual orientation. Those are boring, played out concepts. Who cares? Level up.
  • There is no time. There is no beginning and no end. If everything is infinite, there was no big bang. The beginning is now. There is only now.

You come to this site to learn about the nature of reality. And I will tell you how it is. But it is only my version. We are all creating what reality is, right now, with our minds. What is your reality?

The concept that you can "make your life your living" is the next tech bubble. All you have to do is emphasize the best parts of yourself on the Internet and they will multiply and grow in a beautiful fractal. Whatever you love in your reality make it KNOWN! Whatever you focus your attention on expands. Make the things you love grow and bloom like gorgeous plants around us! YOU are a beautiful blossom that can do anything you want! DO IT! What are you waiting for???

Think about the idea of getting pregnant from a video of a smile. Is that possible? It is in my reality.

Everything around you is a ripe field of possibility, waiting to be inseminated with your ideas. Whenever you see something you love in your life, say YES, MORE OF THAT PLEASE!!! Life is all about choosing what beautiful things we want to experience. You don't go to the buffet and pick out all the foods you hate!

The Tun calendar

Tun tun tun tun! The Tun calendar is a really fun concept.

"The devine Tun Calendar was one of the 17 calendars used by the Mayans. It does not track the movement of objects in space. It does track the development of conciousness since the dawn of our known galaxy, some 16.4 billion years ago."

Some people think that this calendar indicates we are upgrading our consciousness into the highest level it can achieve and that it will reach the pinnacle on October 28, 2011. Spoooooooky!

The Tun calendar is a really fun idea, but remember it's just a concept. We can thank everyone who gave us every idea and possibility leading up to this all powerful now but now it's our turn to create concepts. We can do better than the Tun calendar. What would be even more fun than achieving universal consciousness by October 27th? Who knows! We don't have to decide now, we just have to have fun in this moment and watch the magick unfold!

Congratulations on making it this far. Just being alive is the most beautiful, powerful thing you could ever do. You are on the leading edge, taking chances no one before you has ever taken. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your limitless power.

We're in an idea race, and it lasts forever. Keep up, team!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • alana

    Amazing Jess. My mind is racing with all these ideas. It’s so freeing. The last couple of days I just keep thinking, they need to teach this stuff in school! It’s so important! So many of the hang-ups and issues I’ve dealt with for years are practically solved with these concepts of life design. Why are we always told what we can and can’t do, that we need to choose one career, that we are gay or straight, that we’re fat or thin, everything is black and white and if you don’t fall into one of those categories you’d better hurry up and make some ‘mature decisions’.

    Life is limitless, and beautiful and expansive. We can be everything we want to be and actually be ourselves! I know that is exactly what you say every day but it’s still amazing to me! AMAZING!!

    Big smiles :D

  • Ariane

    I love the ‘just being alive is the most beautiful, powerful thing you can do’. It’s true.
    Watchmen – Alan Moore’s most successful graphic novel – was turned into a movie in 2009 I believe. I’d never heard of it before but went & saw it. The film itself was good enough, but there was one scene that’s always stuck by me that completely, in my opinion, epitomises that. I bought the graphic novel soon after & the scene went further into detail, & made an even deeper impression on me.

    I’m not sure if you’re familiar with it, but one of the characters is an immortal, time, space & physics free man named ‘Dr Manhattan’, who after being begged to save earth from impending nuclear holocaust declines on the basis that ‘humans are not special.’ He says, our molecular make-up does not change after death, we focus on insignificant things, our existence in comparison to the universe is less than a speck, is a ‘non-event’. Why should he lift a finger to save us? But then, the character remembers CHANCE. The completely improbable, technically impossible chance that not only does the universe EXIST, but the earth was created, and through trillions of chances of your great-great-great-great-infinitely great grandparents meeting & then siring children, & so on & so on, & even then the scientific chances of timing & between millions of sperm – after thousands & thousands of years, that out of all that chaos comes you. Just, simply, you. Breathing, seeing, existing.
    By being alive, you’ve, chance-wise, won the lottery a million times over a million times already.

    He summarises it as ‘thermodynamic miracles’, or, ‘like turning air to gold’. And that since we live with it every single day, and we’re a centimetre away from the miracle, we can’t step back and have our breath taken away.

    ‘Come.. dry your eyes, for you are life, rarer than a quark and unpredictable beyond the dreams of Heisenberg; the clay in which the forces that shape all things leave their fingerprints most clearly. Dry your eyes.. and let’s go home.’

    I’m saying this because it centralises on that so basic point, & the thing so many people overlook. Why worry about death? You’re been blessed beyond chances you could ever conceptualise by just BEING in the first place.
    Everything else, beyond this point, is the easy stuff. The hard bit’s taken care of already.
    Every time I write about this I get a lump in my throat, just ’cause you remember, again. ‘Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.’

  • jessica mullen

    Oh Ariane, thank you for that part about Watchmen. I saw it when it came out but that part didn’t stick with me (could have been the 2 pitchers of Stella).

    But yes, I know you know exactly what I mean – Your words of “Every time I write about this I get a lump in my throat, just ’cause you remember, again. ‘Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.’” are pretty much the exact feeling I was trying to hang onto with this article… I am just so, so, so grateful to be here.

    Alana, they sure do need to teach this stuff in school! But it won’t be long before it is! It’s all amazing to me too, what a crazy brilliant wonderful opportunity, just to be ALIVE!

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