love = flow | gathering momentum for March 8, 2011

love = flow | gathering momentum for March 8,…

I am so grateful for Facebook humor and my new ARTICLE! I am so grateful Kelly made me a spinach smoothie! I am so grateful I made my best AJ video yet yesterday! I'm so grateful we get to go to the Y soon!

Wouldn't it be nice to have MULTIPLE singularity moments today? Wouldn't it be nice to play AJ and pwn Zumba and our 4 mile run? Wouldn't it be nice to start that new website project?!?!?!?!

What I want to feel today

  • Love.
  • "But of course"

Today I intend to let things unfold. This is the best ride of my life.

I love this feeling of knowing I have. I love expanding and catching up. I love advanced life design. I love that I am creating what advanced life design is. I love life. I love being alive. I love evolving my consciousness. I love you. I love me. I love. I am only love.

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. Zumba!
  2. Playing AJ
  3. Watching the first day of the 9th level on the Tun calendar unfold!
  4. Reading more of The Return of the Perennial Philosophy
  5. Synchronicity everywhere
  6. Seeing angels
  7. Working on Kerri's site, getting her ebook ready for launch!
  8. Meditating!!!!!!!!
  10. Spending more money on my business because it means I'M MAKING MORE MONEY!
  11. Return emails and comments and playing in the forum!

10 things I appreciate about myself

  1. My writing
  2. My imagemaking
  3. My jewelry making
  4. My drawing
  5. My thinking
  6. My website
  7. My attitude
  8. My intelligence
  9. My view of the big picture
  10. Getting it.

Advice from Clair

You have nothing to fear. Everything is love, no matter how fast it goes.

Telling my future

Today is only the beginning, the blossom on a tree, the evidence of a bud, the becoming, the introduction, the initiation!

What does your about page say today?

I like to look at what I do as helping you trip without taking drugs. All it takes is a single idea to get you started asking the questions. This site is the mindfuck part of a hallucinogen. It's the part that makes you question your sanity altogether. Once you lose your fear, mindfucking becomes a source of deep pleasure. Imagine playing mental chess with someone, unveiling new levels of reality for those around you. New moves. New ways to play the game. New ideas.

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • I love and I flow. I am love and I am flow. Love = Flow.

Links I love

  • I think I'm going with for VPS hosting! Let the games begin. I've always wanted to learn Linux, what a fun new puzzle!
  • Emma is BACK!
  • Here's something to get you more excited about the Tun calendar!

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Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • kimberly

    hey jessica!

    thanks for the post and the school of life design hyping back up :) what are your thoughts on the tun calendar and 10-28-11??

  • Emma

    Hey! Love your post but what’s a Zumba?

    Where do you subscribe to this forum? I think there was a post about it but I can’t find it!

  • Emma

    Hey I completely missed that link! That’s ME! Lol.

  • jessica mullen

    Kimberly, I just posted a new article on the home page about it!

    Emma, here are two posts about the forum:

    You can sign up at the bottom of the posts, just have to scroll down some! <3 <3 <3

  • jessica mullen

    Oh and zumba is like a salsa/latin/hip hop dance fitness class. it’s super sexy!

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