Self-love bootcamp: re-write your About page every day

my little reality models

Self-love bootcamp: re-write your About page every day

my little reality models
In Life Design Lesson 1, the activity is to write the "About page of your dreams" to publish on your website. Picture yourself in a week, a month, or a year, where do you want to be? Then write your About page from the perspective of already being there.

The exercise brings you closer to what you want because it's a way to practice the vibration of already having it. You become a vibrational match to the solution, allowing the desire to manifest in your life experience.

One reason why lifestreamers have such cool lives is because they continuously reinvent themselves to more closely match their higher selves, or their furthest most expanded selves. Gala Darling says, "I have been writing 'about me' pages for the web for 13 years!" Constantly rewriting your bio is a way to get closer and closer to who you know you really are.

I've had the same about page for at least a month now. I started feeling like my life was slowing down, and I realized it's because I've become what I've written! I need fresh desires to catch up to, so I've started asking myself what my About page says every day.

This is what I said a month ago:

I am a lifestreamer, designer and philosopher. My purpose is to pursue joy and pass the meme.

This is what I said two days ago:

I am a thought leader for generation Y. I practice life design on and teach lifestreaming and positive psychology through The School of Life Design Forum. My purpose in life is to pursue joy and pass the meme.

I run a lifestream monetization company and information product publishing house called Joystorm with my partner Kelly. We specialize in making your life your living. Joystorm encompasses many projects including third party ebook publishing, fetish video production, The Popular Podcast, and

By spreading love with and Joystorm, Kelly and I are evolving human consciousness to achieve world peace and new enlightenment in life experience.

We're here to help us all level up.

This is what I said yesterday:

I am pure love. I am pure love refracted into a physical body that can experience love sensually. I am born from love, live from love, and I will die in love. Love is all I am and all I want to be. Every day I become more and more aligned with the love I am made of. I experience love everywhere I go. I choose love above everything else. I am love and you are love and we are all one love.

And this is what I say now:

I love myself and inspire others to do the same.

I can't wait to see what I'm about tomorrow. The exercise isn't necessarily to write an ALL ENCOMPASSING bio every morning, but to think of one new line that I want to describe myself. A description of my essence. A new way to love myself more.

Stay in constant connection with your source and never let your desires get stale. A static About page is a static life. Think about who you want to become every day and that's who you'll be.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • mouse

    wow.. I *love* this idea! I notice that when things/vibrations/consciousness changes I find myself changing the header on my blog, the background image on my social networking pages (I like them to remain cohesive), &the photo on my about page – I will definitely consider changing my whole about page too!

  • destinycyan

    ha, if only i could count the many times i used change the “about me” on old websites/change my facebook/myspace info! and i thought there was something wrong with me…guess i was just on the cutting edge this whole time with self-evolution ;)

    i like the idea of “description of my essence” a lot. it would be a fun activity to write a “sentence of my essence” for every day & keep a log…sort of like those “sentence a day” journals, but more focused.

  • Sharon Borgstrom

    This about sums it up: “A static About page is a static life.”

  • alana

    Love that you put this into words! For some reason, I thought my constant need to change my about pages was because I was too flaky to decide on something!!

  • Annie

    This is an incredibly simple idea, but it’s also very powerful. Now I’m gonna ask what might be a bit of a doofus question. I get the mechanics of how it works, but although I’m a quite a lateral thinker, I’m also quite literal too. I really need to change the about pages on my website, badly, as I just dashed something off quickly. And it won’t serve me well. Now obviously I’m not going to write a new bio everyday. And it’s going to be trial and error – for example what might work for you isn’t necessarily going to work for me and vice versa. Which is cool, because we’re all different. But for someone who hasn’t actually tried writing theirs yet (e.g. me) would you update when you feel the urge and things are getting a little stale, or quite literally add something to it every day? I’ve noticed that you’re changing your quite a bit. Heh. Told you it was a doofus question!

  • jessica mullen

    So glad you ladies are feelin the idea! I definitely started feeling more sane when I realized I WANT to always want new things and describe myself in new ways.

    Annie, my method is to ask myself the question “What does your About page say today?” in my morning “gathering momentum” post. Then I collect several days worth of answers and compare them to whatever is currently on my real About page(s)… Some days I’ll feel like rewriting the real About page and some days not. I think the value in the exercise is to just ASK yourself the question and think about the answer.

    If you get to updating your site less frequently than you want, that’s ok – as long as you’re still asking yourself the question every day. It’s just a way to stay focused on what you want. It doesn’t matter if everyone else online can see that RIGHT AWAY, but it really does feel good (to me) to keep my site as current as possible. It keeps me motivated and engaged in the creation process. And it reminds me that this is a professional/business endeavor and I want to keep my reputation as accurately matched to my higher self as possible.

    Thanks for that awesome question!

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