my new job is court jester | a lullaby for March 5, 2011

my new job is court jester | a lullaby…

I am so grateful for kickboxing, having the time affluence to work out all the time, and walks with new friends.

I am so grateful for bread and salsa and avocados. I am so grateful for inspiration to write in the middle of the night. I'm so grateful life is SO TRIPPY. I'm so grateful for the conversations Kelly and I have.

Our physical existence is a trip that our group consciousness is on.


10 things I loved about today

  • KB
  • Walking around the track with J & S
  • Playing AJ for like 2 solid hours!
  • Learning how to better PERFORM AJ!!!!!!!
  • Adopting the habit of using WAY MORE EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • fixing FOUR SETS OF LED AJS by replacing batteries or ballz.
  • Kelly deciding to call Astrojax her "idea generating machine" from now on when asked about it. I'm sooo down.
  • My AJs are my pets. Also I'm a court jester.
  • I've been having mad epiphanies allllllllll the live long day
  • My life is just plain sexy.


Message from Clair

Take your inspiration and milk it til the last drop, who needs sleep when there's fun to be had?

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.