I am love | gathering momentum for March 4, 2011

I am love | gathering momentum for March 4,…

good morning
I am so grateful for espresso. I am so grateful for the absolutely perfect, singularity day I had yesterday. Here are some of the amazing things that happened:

  • Woke up to donations and subscription payments!
  • Made salad for S & watched some movies!
  • Got to see B & convince her to come to Body Pump!
  • Went to Auditorium Shores & played AJ & poi & met a new friend, Jack! He does fire staff spinning, or whatever you want to call that... He told us about a new weekly event to try out in Austin, CIRCUS!
    auditorium shores
  • Got new subscribers to the forum, WEE!
  • Got Bluehost referrals YES!
  • Played AJ for a couple hours!
    bridge city
  • Talked to L!
  • Had lots of new bril ideas during meditation!
  • Found a new secret parking lot for when we go to Auditorium Shores!
  • Got REALLY awesome FB messages!

I'm so grateful for the beautiful weather in Austin. I'm so grateful for my fascinating, trippy friends. I'm so grateful for all the new ideas I'm looking forward to executing. I'm so grateful for all the projects I have going. I'm so grateful for our podcast. I'm so grateful we do things in the air. I'm so grateful things unfold perfectly when I leave them alone. I'm so grateful for enormous distractions. I'm so grateful I choose to direct my thoughts in the morning. I'm so grateful I write these posts every morning. I'm so grateful life is so weird. I'm so grateful I'm so weird.

I'm so grateful for the concept that "we are terminals to the universe". I'm so grateful for my laptop, it is such a beautiful piece of machinery. I'm so grateful for technology and love. I'm so grateful for the idea that human consciousness is evolving because we're learning to combine spirituality and science. I'm so grateful for Astrojax and flow toys. I'm so grateful my new year's resolutions were "fun, play, toys and games". I'm so grateful that I've been following through with those!

I'm so grateful that every day can be the singularity if I choose it. I'm so grateful my thoughts create. I'm so grateful I have the technology of gratitude to use! I'm so grateful I studied technology in school. I'm so grateful I had wonderful professors. I'm so grateful for new ideas. I'm so grateful they rain down on me like butterfly kisses. I'm so grateful I know how to let go. I'm so grateful we get to go to kickboxing again tonight! I'm so grateful we are flexible in our workouts. I'm so grateful my body is getting stronger every single day.

beautiful light!
I'm so grateful I'm getting so much better at gymnastics every day! I'm so grateful I've learned over time that moving my body is the most exhilarating thing I can do. Exercise isn't a chore when you make it fun! After building up my endurance (mentally and physically) with running the past year, all these fun new physical activities are showing up in my life! I'm so grateful for body pump, kickboxing, zumba, astrojax, gymnastics, poi, dancing and walking! I'm so grateful for my physical body that allows me to do all these things!

Wouldn't it be nice to find the perfect pair of sunglasses with blinders on the side? Wouldn't it be nice to return my emails and hang out in the forum? Wouldn't it be nice to write a new article? Wouldn't it be nice to get some things off my to do list? Wouldn't it be nice to go to kickboxing? Wouldn't it be nice to feel like my endurance has increased? Wouldn't it be nice to be better at kickboxing today? Wouldn't it be nice to have unlimited energy? Wouldn't it be nice to walk outside and play AJ? Wouldn't it be nice to launch some more products? Wouldn't it be nice to relax and let go and allow? Wouldn't it be nice to create the singularity today? Wouldn't it be nice to direct my thoughts towards what I want? Wouldn't it be nice to feel fun and love? Wouldn't it be nice to feel creatively satisfied? Wouldn't it be nice to completely clean our place? Wouldn't it be nice to see Betty and Joy? Wouldn't it be nice to talk to Michael? Wouldn't it be nice listen to my inspiration today? Wouldn't it be nice to have fun in my body today? Wouldn't it be nice to get blogged about in the mainstream news? Wouldn't it be nice to become a vibrational match to more traffic? Wouldn't it be nice to write about the things I really want to write about? Wouldn't it be nice to feel complete order in my consciousness? Wouldn't it be nice to feel clarity and focus today? Wouldn't it be nice to choose to have the best day of my life?

Wouldn't it be nice to make some mock tuna? Wouldn't it be nice to publish our podcast eps? Wouldn't it be nice to publish 2 articles? Wouldn't it be nice to ship that watch and deposit that money?

What I want to feel today

  • Joy.
  • Love.

Today I intend to push my body to the limits. To fall in love over and over. To allow myself to be distracted by love. To focus on what I want. To give as much love as I have to give. TO PROJECT LOVE SO HARD IT COMES HURTLING BACK AT ME LIKE A GIANT OCEAN WAVE.

I love having an all encompassing crush. I love having 4 article ideas. I love listening to inspiring music. I love having the window open. I love moving my body. I love feeling good. I love aligning my energy with these posts. I love all the photos I collect from my days. I love that my lifestream is such a beautiful record for my babies. I love that Kelly and I are going to get a girlfriend to have our children. I love being in an extremely open-minded relationship. I love having the best wife in the world. I love that we are a perfect match. I love my life so much. I love love. Love love love. Everything is love. THIS MOMENT IS LOVE.

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. Kickboxing!
  2. Listening to music that makes me wet.
  3. Not giving a fuck!
  4. Being bold.
  6. Working on 4 articles!
  7. Being distracted by love!
  8. Feeling abundant!
  9. Hanging out in the forum!
  10. Having the most fun as humanly possible.
  11. Completely tripping out on the beauty and mystery and fun of life.

10 things I appreciate about myself

  1. I like to provoke
  2. I have magick girl powers
  3. I smell good
  4. I'm the hottest girl I know.
  5. I can lift some serious weights.
  6. I can cast a spell on you with a single look!
  7. Or smile.
  8. I got the rhythm
  9. I point towards the earth but am not of the earth. I am beyond natural.
  10. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH MYSELF. And it feels really good.

Advice from Clair

Ain't nothing like being in love. Relish it, drag it out, milk it, bask in it, appreciate it, wallow in it, give yourself completely over to the love you want.

Telling my future

Today is like the first day a boy put his arm around me. hehehehehehehehehhehehehhehhehehhe I'm so giddy.

Interview with myself

What's your about page say today?
I am pure love. I am pure love refracted into a physical body that can experience love sensually. I am born from love, live from love, and I will die in love. Love is all I am and all I want to be. Every day I become more and more aligned with the love I am made of. I experience love everywhere I go. I choose love above everything else. I am love and you are love and we are all one love.

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • I am pure love.
  • I give and receive only love. I am a transmitter of the frequency of love. And my dial is stuck there!

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Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Bev

    Your hair looks extra specially great! :)

  • Rouise

    Babies?!? You guys will be the most wonderful mothers.

    How do you get to do so many different forms of exercise?

    I cannnot wait for the new articles. :D

  • jessica mullen

    aww thank you Bev! And Rouise, babies are for the moment an amusing possibility but I wouldn’t say no to this daydream I’ve got cooked up!!!

    How I get so many different forms of exercise is that I joined the Austin YMCA! They offer free group fitness classes with membership so we get to try lots of different things. And we walk or bike for transportation a lot. Fitness is probably the most integral part of keeping myself happy, so I always make sure I have enough time to do everything I want!

    The new articles are a-flowin! Thanks for the comment!

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