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we are here to help us all level up…

me n mommy
I am so grateful for this gorgeous day! I am so grateful I got to have lunch with my mom yesterday! We had such wonderful conversation! I'm so grateful I found out my great grandpa was in the circus! I'm so grateful I have such a wonderful, interesting family!

central market foods
I'm so grateful there is so much vegan food in Austin! I'm so grateful I can go to a restaurant with a carnivore and we both get to eat what we want!

I'm so grateful for new toys and art supplies! I'm so grateful we get to walk to Auditorium Shores to play Astrojax today! I'm so grateful Kelly is making us a spinach smoothie! I'm so grateful for all the new forum members and donations and beautiful comments! I'm so grateful my life is unfolding so perfectly!

Wouldn't it be nice to go have those dranks tonight? Wouldn't it be nice to write an article about sex? Wouldn't it be nice to release my puritan limiting beliefs? Wouldn't it be nice to return my emails and comments? Wouldn't it be nice to get way better at AJ tonight? Wouldn't it be nice to write all these articles I'm thinking about? Wouldn't it be nice to hang out in the forum tonight? Wouldn't it be nice to practice gymnastics at the park? (I'm getting so much better at my front walkover!) Wouldn't it be nice to get new workout shorts? Wouldn't it be nice to meditate at the park? Wouldn't it be nice to have salad for dinner? Wouldn't it be nice to be at BIL? Wouldn't it be nice to get paid to do some international travel? Like to Amsterdam? Wouldn't it be nice to have the best day of my life!?

What I want to feel today

  • Love. SEXY love!
  • Creative inspiration and execution! Doing the best work of my life!

Today I intend to let go. Today I intend to practice what I know. Today I intend to rewrite my "About" page. Today I intend to think about what I want. Today I intend to cast spells. Today I intend to get what I want.

I love that whenever I get really into writing one of these posts, I see my trippy little white lines. I love playing games. I love unlocking people like puzzles. I love that the universe gives me everything I want. I love the build up to getting what I want.

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. Walking to Auditorium Shores!
  2. Listening to our nasty youtube playlist, entitled "sexy". There ain't nothin wrong with a little bump n grind
  3. Being ballsy
  4. Having butterflies in my stomach
  5. Getting emails from lots of awesome people!
  6. NEW SUBSCRIBERS TO THE FORUM! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! We are having so much fun in there! There is so much PHILOSOPHY going down!
  7. Todd's Activity Streams party on the 13th! We get to host!
  8. SXSW is coming up! WOOO! That means visitors and pawties and SO MUCH FUN!
  9. Listening to R. Kelly!
  10. Playing with poi!
  11. Feeling fit and strong and lean!

10 things I appreciate about myself

  1. I always get what I want
  2. I'm nasty
  3. I'm a philosopher
  4. I'm a really good designer!
  5. I'm really into fractals
  6. I have so many incredible projects going!
  8. Having fun is my first priority
  9. I am so prettttty
  10. I am a scientist!

Advice from Clair

When you're in the vortex, feel free to be as specific in your desires and you can. Anything you vibrate about in the vortex has no choice but to come. For example, if you normally have a vibration of lack in regards to money, don't try to be specific in your thoughts about what you want with money because you're still vibrating lack and your specificity isn't going to help. But if you start feeling really good about money, and you're vibrating abundance, then starting thinking about specifics like how much you want or how you want it to come. Then it's fun, and you vibrate good feelings about money, attracting more into your life.

Telling my future

Today is the freakin weekend baby I'm about to have me some fun.

Interview with myself

What does your new about page say?
I am a thought leader for generation Y. I practice life design on jessicamullen.com and teach lifestreaming and positive psychology through The School of Life Design Forum. My purpose in life is to pursue joy and pass the meme.

I run a lifestream monetization company and information product publishing house called Joystorm with my partner Kelly. We specialize in making your life your living. Joystorm encompasses many projects including third party ebook publishing, fetish video production, The Popular Podcast, and Magickfood.com.

By spreading love with jessicamullen.com and Joystorm, Kelly and I are evolving human consciousness to achieve world peace and new enlightenment in life experience.

We're here to help us all level up.

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • I am a thought leader for generation Y.
  • I always get what I want.

Links I love

  • New tshirts in the Joystorm store made by the beautiful Kelly Cree!
  • I just re-found this old article on female potheads from Marie Claire, it's a beaut.
  • I love that I can see images pinned from my site on Pinterest!
  • Lifestreamer Rhina writes about reaching her breaking point, so inspiring!:

    My life is better than conforming into rigid stifling corporate expectations of uniformity. My life is better than conforming into confining cultural bullshit. I deserve better. I am worthy of my dreams damn it. I start today creating my ideal environment one step at a time, allowing and trusting the universe to unfold the future we conspired together to create. Meanwhile, I can work on my thoughts and immediate physical surroundings. I will not tolerate any negativity from others. I see potential in everyone. As long as I know my heart and mind is in the right place, I will not let anyone second guess myself for his or her fear and insecurity.

  • Another lifestreamer, Alana, has some beautiful articles up about what I know (so far) about life design and Food, moods and feeling the love.
  • The BIL conference got an article in the Wall Street Journal! Kel and I spoke at BIL in 2009, it was so fun!
  • Stare at boobs for longer life!

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Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Todd

    Re item #7 of “things I’m excited about today”

    It is not that you “get” to host, it is that you and Kelly have graciously agreed to help me.

    So, you and Kelly *are* hosts, and I don’t have the vocabulary to properly described how thankful I am for that.

    BTW, my friend Clark has rented out Lustre Pearl and 98 Bar too, so we are basically taking over all of Rainey Street that night.

    Block party!


  • jessica mullen

    Todd it’s going to be so so so so so fun!!!!! I can’t wait!

  • Alana

    Jessica! I’m so grateful for you linking me!!
    Today is a freaking good day!

  • Rhina

    Wow, I feel so honored. Life is goood! Thank you ^^

    Go life design!! Yay.

  • jessica mullen

    Anytime ladies! Y’all are beautiful inspirations!

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