my body is a magick exoskeleton | gathering momentum for March 1, 2011

my body is a magick exoskeleton | gathering momentum…

I am so grateful for creative inspiration! I am so grateful that when I let go, it really comes! For real, no joke! I'm so grateful for my beautiful life! I'm so grateful for my beautiful girlfriend doing the laundry! I'm so grateful to be listening to FM! I'm so grateful we have a new girlfriend! I'm so grateful I'm in a relationship where we get to have a girlfriend! Ha! I'm so grateful we got to hang out with S last night! I'm so grateful we got to meet C! I'm so grateful we got to talk and laugh! I'm so grateful for my hilarious life! I'm so grateful for Astrojax! I'm so grateful our science experiment is almost done! I'm so grateful I got up this morning and went outside and played Astrojax in the courtyard!

playing aj!
I'm so grateful I know how to make animated gifs. I'm so grateful Kelly just walked by and said "the laundry's almost done!" I'm so grateful for FM because all the songs are written about our girlfriend! I'm so grateful I can say "our girlfriend"!

I'm so grateful nothing really matters and life is all about having fun. I'm so grateful I'm getting better and better at letting go every single day! I'm so grateful for my amazing kitties who keep me so cheerful! I'm so grateful for the beautiful Texas weather! I'm so grateful I get to play in the forum today!

Wouldn't it be nice to get this post written that I'm so excited about? Wouldn't it be nice to find more advertising opportunities to post in the forum? Wouldn't it be nice to unleash a flow of awesome ideas today? Wouldn't it be nice to have a great time in ZUMBA today?! Wouldn't it be nice to have plenty of energy to run 4 after? Wouldn't it be nice to make muffs and salsa and extra special brownies? Wouldn't it be nice to fix all my broken AJs? Wouldn't it be nice to get some more replacement ballz? Wouldn't it be nice to burn Avatar and Love Actually? Wouldn't it be nice to talk to Michael about his tattoo? Wouldn't it be nice to SEE Michael? Wouldn't it be nice to have the most fun day ever?

What I want to feel today

  • Endless creative inspiration. A new level in thinking. I know that every single time I've asked to level up, it's come. Today is no different!
  • Hardcore, effortless, delicious, physical strength. The ability to move my body how I want, when I want, where I want.
  • Abundance! The knowing that I am taken care of no matter what!

Today I intend to follow my inspiration wherever it leads me.

I love Astrojax. I love sexy dreams. I love new opportunities. I love Fleetwood Mac. I love Mac the Ripper. I love my delicious mind. I love being a physical human. OMFG I love the DMT documentary we are in the middle of watching! I think I love it so much I might have to write a full review of it! I LOVE THAT PARADIGMS ARE SHIFTING AND EVERYTHING IS CHANGING AND THE NEW REALITY IS HERE AND NOW! I LOVE BEING ALIVE AND USHERING IN A NEW LEVEL IN HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS!

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. Writing this article about education! And the forum of course :D
  2. Trying ZUMBA for the first time!
  3. Running 4! I love running.
  4. The house is cleaning itself! I have the most wonderful wife in the world!
  5. Hustlin, making that money!
  6. This weather is orgasmic!
  7. Feeling like I'm in high school with this crazy crush.
  9. Playing AJ!
  10. Chillin in the forum! Finding new opportunities to share!
  11. Today is so many awesome people's birthdays! <3 Happy birthday loves!

10 things I appreciate about myself

  1. I'm learning to let go! I'm doing it! It's like learning gymnastics! I just have to trust I can do it!
  2. My pigtails are so cute.
  3. My body is looking more muscular every day, I looooove working out.
  4. I'm master of execution!
  5. I'M NOT SICK!
  6. I looove playing. (Who doesn't?)
  7. More working out = more sex
  8. I have big plans for every aspect of my life and they are so hot
  9. I'm inspired! I'm inspired! I'm inspired! It came!
  10. I'm really good at asking questions.

Advice from Clair

Remember this every time in the future you go through this same exact experience - you want creative inspiration, you don't feel it, so you have to let go and allow it to come. Distract yourself. This time you did everything perfectly, and the inspiration was flowing within a day. You never have to feel stress ever again. You can just allow it all to flow. It's already all there. Everything is there, you just have to put it into place. Or let it fall into place.

(Things I did to let go: sex, Astrojax, making food, cleaning, working out, massively crushing out on someone, hanging out with friends, watching that DMT documentary, sleeping, dreaming hot dreams...)

Telling my future

Today is the singularity again. Enjoy.

Interview with myself

What are three things you want by the end of March?

  • To be debt free
  • To have hos in every area code
  • An entirely new understanding of the meaning of life

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • My body is a magick exoskeleton that can do anything I want.
  • I am a brilliant creative genius.
  • I radiate abundance and love.

Links I love

  • When you need a placeholder image for your design, just use PLACEKITTEN!
  • The Dame posted about the Art of Just today and it really hit home... it's the exact same thing I've been working on today too!
  • I love Mr Moosh's tumblr!

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