End your school-related stress NOW by starting your own business

college is too expensive

End your school-related stress NOW by starting your own…

college is too expensive
thank you Mr. Moosh!

Does college stress you out? Are you in school and worried about how to pay for it? Do you torture yourself to get straight As? Do you worry about being able to find a job in your field after you graduate? Are you still deciding whether college is right for you? Have you already graduated and realized that life in the "real world" is bogus as hell?

Life is supposed to be fun. And if your higher education experience is anything less, it's time to reevaluate your options. You can take the traditional route and plod through university, getting into debt and desperately hoping to gain an entry level position remotely related to your field. Or you can start your own business now, stop worrying about your future, and start having fun.

The new paradigm

The Internet gives you access to all the information you would learn in school. And the Internet also lets you start a business with zero overhead costs. No matter where you are in your education, you can start your business now. What is your business, you ask? You.

Your unique life experience is a gold mine, and the foundation of your new business. The things you love thinking, learning, and doing every single day can be translated into information that can help someone else. And if you have the ability to help someone, you can get paid doing it.

All you have to do is share your life experience on a website in a way that helps other people feel good, then give them a way to pay you.

When you introduce the possibility of getting paid for your life experience, leading an interesting life suddenly becomes more appealing. You'll seek out things to learn on your own. You won't need a teacher telling you what to be interested in. You'll curate your own education.

The plan

Here's what to do to start your own business that will be supporting you by graduation:

  • Decide to take control of your life experience.
  • Get a website.
  • Use your website to practice feeling good.
  • Find your focus. Explore what you're passionate about and decide what you want to learn about. Write about it constantly. Make art about it. Organize your thoughts about it. Put it all on your site in a way other people will enjoy reading. This will build your reputation–it's like creating a real-time resume and portfolio.
  • Uplift, inspire and teach people with your posts and articles.
  • Make money while you sleep through advertising, affiliate programs, donations, and information products.

The School of Life Design Forum

You can take this advice and run with it and learn how to do all these steps on your own. If you have enough time and focus, I promise you can do it and it will work. But if you want the best shortcuts, advice, and community to help you get your business profiting, The School of Life Design Forum is the place to be.

The School of Life Design Forum is a private area of jessicamullen.com. You pay a monthly subscription fee of $11 for a username and password that gives you access to the page. This is what it looks like when you log in:
The School of Life Design Forum | jessicamullen.com

Here's how the forum can help you:

  1. Start taking yourself seriously. Get the help you need, a supportive community, and inside info. Start living your dream NOW. Give yourself motivation to start working on your own site. If you're paying for membership to a forum that's going to help you with your site, you'll be more inspired to work on it. Quit putting it off!
  2. Paying for access helps you commit to the belief that your ideas are worth spreading.
  3. You get one-on-one instruction combining web design with positive psychology. Your subscription is like tuition to an elite school teaching the new paradigm in digital self-employment. Ask questions about your specific situation.
  4. Professional website critiques.
  5. Technical help with code and making things work.
  6. Graphic design tips and feedback.
  7. Insider secrets. Find advertising opportunities, contact information, license keys.
  8. Download school supplies. All future worksheets, ebooks and School of Life Design materials will be released at no additional charge to forum subscribers.
  9. Philosophize. Give the voice of your higher self a test drive. Share experiences living the law of attraction.
  10. Community support. Everyone else in the forum is trying to do the same thing you are, so we all have a lot to contribute.
  11. Keep The School of Life Design thriving. Your dollars are what pay to host this site, keeping articles free and abundant. When you support me with your generosity, you are inviting more abundance into your life.
  12. Let go by releasing your problems into the forum. The forum helps you trust that an answer will come.
  13. Download the book Get a Website, Get Happy, Get Paid for free. This book will tell you everything you need to do to get started with your website, and the forum will answer the rest of your questions!

Sign up for The School of Life Design Forum ($11/month) and download the book Get a Website, Get Happy, Get Paid for free!

If you're wondering why you should trust that I know what I'm talking about, let me explain my own credentials. I have a BFA in graphic design from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, where I learned how to make websites and do good design. Then I worked as a professional web designer in Chicago for a few years, learning how to work with clients and make money. I returned to Champaign to teach web design at University of Illinois. I wanted to make teaching my career, so in 2008 I moved to Austin, Texas to get my MFA in Design, and completed my degree last May. While in graduate school, I studied lifestreaming, privacy, and online business models. I wrote my thesis about why lifestreaming is a life design methodology, which is the foundation of what I'm here telling you about now. (If you're curious, here's my whole design portfolio, and here is my CV.)

I've been making websites for 13 years and studying design for 9. I've been following trends in education, employment and the Internet and know that this is the future of creative work. I went to graduate school to teach what I know about the Internet, and this is how I'm doing it. I'll help you create the life of your dreams through your website and be the best mentor you've ever had! And if our physical paths ever cross, we can go out for drinks :]

Let go and trust that this is for you!

If you're in college, take the pressure off yourself. You can start your business now and know that you won't have to worry about getting a job when you graduate. Then college can be a fun playground where your only object is to learn (and get laid), and you don't have to take it so seriously!

If you're thinking about going to college but aren't sure what you want to study, consider starting your business first. Give yourself a year to explore life on your own terms, distill it into a website, and see what unfolds. Don't know where to start? Find one thing you're interested in and start writing about it. Work on your business a little bit every day and by the end of a year you'll know exactly who you are, where you want to go and who you want to be.

If you've already graduated college and aren't satisfied with where it's gotten you, start your business immediately! It's never too late to start over from scratch and do exactly what you want! Take the plunge and decide your happiness is more important than some company's bottom line. What do you have to lose?

Sign up for The School of Life Design Forum ($11/month) and download the book Get a Website, Get Happy, Get Paid for free!

(Note: click the “Return To jessica mullen design” button on the bottom right after purchasing to access the download link!)

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Monica Crowe

    I love this post. I didn’t finish college, and I wish I would’ve started my business ages ago. When I was in school I didn’t learn a damn thing, and not for lack of trying. Life took me in other amazing directions. In hindsight I can see how simply living and learning about the things that interested me have contributed to my marketable skills.

    So, yeah, this post truly has merit. Anyone who is considering dropping out to start a biz should. You can always go back to school if you find it’s not for you.

    Oh, and Jessica, I might take you up on that drink sometime if you’re still in the Austin area ;) I’m relocating there in a couple months.

  • sara

    i’m really excited! i’m joining the forum as soon as i get paid next wk! i almost can’t wait! i have a website and am almost ready to launch it (i’m just finishing some design and working on all the abt page/ first posts kinda stuff right now) so i think this will really be supersuper helpful!

  • Sharon

    But how can you exactly start making a biz of your website if you don’t know what you’re passionate ABOUT?

  • jessica mullen

    Hi Monica! So nice to meet you! Thanks for sharing your schoolin’ story, it’s great to see the success stories! And you’re moving to Austin?! Hit me up when you get here! We can work out! ;D

    Sara, woot! Can’t wait for you to join the party!

    Sharon, GREAT QUESTION. And the answer is this: that is your job in life – to figure out what makes you feel good! I like to think of my main passion in life to be having fun. Once I started taking note of the things that I enjoyed (like literally making lists), my passions started becoming more clear. I love working on my website, learning about spirituality, and teaching. The way that a website gets you started on finding your passions is that you can just start talking about what you like in your life TODAY. Talk about what you’re grateful for, what you’re excited about, what makes you smile. The more you focus on what you like in your life, the more you’ll discover your preferences.

    Even if you don’t figure out the focus for your site for a whole year, at least you’re working towards it! It took me forever to come up with “lifestreaming, life design, and love”, but when I found it, I knew it was right.

    My advice is to get your site and start writing what you’re grateful for, and writing about all the good things in your life. What’s the most exciting idea in your head right now? Write an article about it. What’s so cool about focusing on feeling good is that all the things you want will come naturally from it. So if you REALLY want to figure out what your site is about and how to make a business from it, just START a site now and focus on feeling good. Don’t worry about finding a specific passion today – you can trust it will come. If you want it badly, and you’re able to focus on feeling good, the universe has no choice to bring you what you want. Because feeling good attracts more good experiences into your life.

    Just start today and trust the rest will unfold. You don’t need to plan anything ahead of time. It will come!

  • alana

    Jess, LOVE this article, and the rest of them! ;) Youve summed up starting so well. I have recently deleted my old website and started afresh. I also have trouble focusing on just one passion, like Sharon, so it makes sense to me to just start and see what features the most. Thanks :)

  • Annie

    This really interests me. I’ve started my own website, as I’m going to work my way through the all the lessons. Without going into massive details I had a huge breakdown last year. I’ve literally left everything behind to move to a different city. Quite simply I needed to start afresh, even be me afresh if that makes sense.

    So this way of doing things, lifestreaming, manfesting, whatever people want to call it is perfect for me. It allows me to establish what I want and who I want to be. I’m not thinking about making money from this at the moment. I’m more interested in sorting myself out and the site is helping. Just little things that I’ve written down are happening and that’s a good start, right? Even if it’s only little things such as reading a poem that really resonates with me, or buying a magazine because there’s a useful article inside.

    Maybe eventually I’d like to use my site to make a living. It seems a great way of doing things and you’re certainly thriving. For me right now that’s not important, but I still find myself interested. Was it a gradual realisation that you could make a living doing this? Or did it just seem to unfold? There are plenty things I can do and I’m passionate about.- I teach literacy and numeracy. I’ve also taught things such as confidence building, time management and people skills. I’ve line management experience, I write. And I have a warped sense of humour and pretty damn good communication skills too. People are my business now I think about it.

    I’m actually giving serious thought to joining the forum, just to see what it’s about. If nothing else it would be nice to talk to like minded people.

    Either way thanks for taking all of this and putting it in practical working steps and plain basic English. Some books do tend to be a little bit too esoteric..

  • jessica mullen

    Alana, so glad it resonated with you!

    Annie, I’m SO HAPPY to hear from you! You are taking such a great approach – helping yourself with your site first. Because you can’t help anyone else until you help yourself.

    I always knew the WAYS to make money online – like subscription models are really great, I’ve always known about advertising & affiliates, etc, but it took me a long time to find the ways that worked perfectly for me. Lots of trial and error – but really what it was about was releasing resistance. The more I had fun with my site and the less I stressed about it, the more money flowed. The more I trusted my inspiration, the better ideas I had, and the more money I made from them. That’s all there really is to it – trusting that your ideas are good and acting on the ones that feel the most fun.

    We’d love to have you in the forum! It’s been really fun philosophizing and talking with people who are focused on the same endeavor. Highly recommend ;]

    Thanks for the delightful comment! <3

  • jessica mullen

    Annie, I forgot to answer this one – “Just little things that I’ve written down are happening and that’s a good start, right?”

    An emphatic YES! Any single thing you do to feel good, whether it’s by writing your desires on your website or talking about what you’re grateful for, it all is adding up to a cumulative good effect on your thoughts and your life.

    Lifestreaming is just a way to focus your energy on what you want, so you feel good, so what you want can manifest.

  • jessica mullen

    Oh and one last thing! The reason I focus so much on using lifestreaming to start your own business (in addition to using it as a personal development tool) is because if you don’t work on your site with the intention of monetizing it, it’s not going to start making money on it’s own. The strong desire has to be there in the first place for the universe to help out with the rest. You have to buy the lottery ticket to win the lotto :]

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