Get things done by taking them off your to-do list

my to do lists

Get things done by taking them off your to-do…

my to do lists
If you're an obsessive to-do list maker like I am, I have a RAD tip to share with you! Whenever I take something I haven't done yet off my to-do list, I often end up completing the task the very next day! Here's why it happens.

You build up desire

Keeping a to-do list of items you really want to accomplish reminds you of your desire and keeps it burning. The universe won't bring you many things you feel wishy-washy about. Items that get transferred to a fresh list each day (i.e., the things you never seem to get around to) really add to the fire!

Then you let go!

When you're able to forget about something you had a strong desire for, the universe serves it up immediately. This is because you are no longer vibrating a feeling of "undone-ness". When you look at your to-do list and think about all the things you have to do, the universe keeps feeding you the same feeling. But when an item is removed, you can forget about it, stop vibrating "that task isn't done" and the universe complies by arranging the circumstances you need to do it!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • David Botevyle

    I often wish I had the right approach to to do list and planning list. I think that one of the issues that I would have is being overwhelmed by what might need to be done in my various walks in life. It almost seems better to take the day as it comes.

    I know that if I were to generate a daily list certain items would carry over from this time last year long before new stuff could be added. So I seem to allow them to slip your mind conveniently and only address the daily new items appear to fill agenda for that day. It would probably explain why some people feel at times that I have a muddled approach to certain matters.

    That said, I still feel that I achieve a fair amount during each day.

    Is preparing a to-do list an outward expression of an organised mind or a display of contemplation and procrastination? (Putting cross lines through items can be quite satisfying) Maybe the Nike philosophy of “just do it” can be more the more appropriate solution.

  • Nadia

    Not relevant, but Jessica, Ms. Mullen, I love you deeply and irrevocably! You have single-handedly brought back my joy and willpower to start designing my own life! Three weeks after my unused domain finally expired, I can see where I went wrong and how to begin again and it’s thanks to you.
    Do you know about the Tapping World Summit going on right meow?

  • Risu


    i think to-do lists can be beneficial to help point you in the right direction. most of us take tasks as they come day-to-day, but these tasks may have nothing to do with our goals. a little focus :)

  • jessica mullen

    David, I agree with Risu, a to do list helps one focus on what he wants. I think a big part of useful list making is ensuring each item is something you actually want to do. I like to ask the question, “am I having fun?” If not, it’s time to change something, because life is supposed to be fun!

    Nadia! Thank you for pointing out the Tapping World Summit! How fun! I am so happy to see you excited about your life design endeavors, I’m excited to follow along!

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