All you have to do is jump | gathering momentum for February 23, 2011

All you have to do is jump | gathering…

I am so grateful to be awake and alive on this beautiful morning at SIX AM! I am so grateful to finally feel rested and well! I am so grateful I haven't checked my email since yesterday around 2pm! I am so grateful we launched the book and forum! WOO WOO!!!! I am so grateful I get to check my email and the forum after I post this! I am so grateful it feels like Christmas morning! I am so grateful my vibration is so high! I am so grateful to be focusing my energy immediately upon waking!

I'm so grateful we watched Love Actually last night! It was my first time! I LOVED IT SO MUCH OMG!!! What a beautiful movie! No violence! Only love! I'm so grateful we went for a 4 mile run yesterday at the Y! I'm so grateful we're in such good shape that we can run 4 miles 2 days after a half marathon! I'm so grateful we're making BAKED GOODS! I'm so grateful I don't feel SICK! I'm so grateful yesterday I decided to change my vibration about abundance and sickness and IT WORKED! THANK YOU CLAIR!!

I'm so grateful I'm in touch with my higher self. I'm so grateful she has a pretty name. I'm so grateful I feel so wonderful this morning! I'm so grateful Kel and I have huge plans for Joystorm coming up! I'm so grateful to be listening to the Claude Vonstroke station on Pandora! I'm so grateful we're starting a DIGITAL PUBLISHING HOUSE! It's the new bubble baybee! I'm so grateful we know HOW to start a digital publishing house!

I'm so grateful that I remembered my dreams last night AND wrote them down/drew them. I'm so grateful for the to-do list letting go method! Post to come! I'm so grateful I feel so healthy this morning! Holy crap it's been weeks! I'm so grateful we got to have CANNED VEGAN CHILI LAST NIGHT! I'm so grateful we got to have VEGAN LICORICE! I'm so grateful we got to have RITZ & PB IN OUR CHILI! I love processed vegan food for dinner when we are too exhausted to cook! I'm so grateful vegan food is so abundant! I'm so grateful we get to cook for our friends today! I'm so grateful we get to make TACOS!

I'm so grateful for Astrojax. I'm so grateful that yesterday I woke up (at midnight) in a bad mood and then consciously chose to change it by focusing my energy with a post. I'm so grateful that it worked! I'm so grateful I took the time to connect with Clair and she explained to me that a vibration of sickness and a vibration of lack are the same exact thing! I'm so grateful that after I wrote my post I felt soooo good! I felt like god! I feel like god! I'm so grateful to be focusing my energy. I'm so grateful I'm learning so much about vibration.

Last night in my dream something freaky happened (like being in a war with my brother) and I was about to check my email and then I was like "no, my vibration is too low, there won't be anything good in there!" and that is SO AWESOME that I know that even in my dream! There is no point to doing ANYTHING when I feel bad! WHAT A REVELATION! I'm so grateful for all the amazing vibrational progress I've been making the past few weeks! The fun of life is catching up with who I have become!

I'm so grateful Kel and I are going to check out email together after lining up our energy with these posts. I'm so grateful for this amazing feeling of xmas morning. I'm so grateful I feel so rested! I'm so grateful we went to bed at 8pm and got up at 5:55am! I'm so grateful it's been so WARM out! I'm so grateful yesterday was the most beautiful day of my life! I'm so grateful we did inspired work from 2am until 2pm! I'm so grateful it felt like time had stopped! I'm so grateful the universe hooked us up!

I'm so grateful that the universe works in such amazing ways. Everything I've ever wanted (web/work wise) was wrapped into a single diamond ring yesterday. Everything I know about the Internet, ecommerce, digital publishing, wordpress, coding, php, css, internet marketing and LOVE all came together in one project! I'm so grateful it was my best work to date! I'm so excited about this freaking forum I can't even explain!!!! It's a miracle!

I'm so grateful for my beautiful abundant life! I'm so grateful that nothing matters. I'm so grateful I'm so excited about my future. I'm so grateful I'm so excited about life. I'm so grateful I'm so excited about my site! I'm so grateful I'm so excited about EVERYTHING! I LOVE MY LIFE!

Wouldn't it be nice to log into my email and have 100s of new forum members to hang out with? Wouldn't it be nice to HELP so many people get their own money making websites?? Wouldn't it be nice to help lifestreamers get set up? Wouldn't it be nice to start the positivity/lifestreaming REVOLUTION? Wouldn't it be nice if no one had to get a day job any more if they didn't want to? Wouldn't it be nice if it was easy and accessible to start a monetizable lifestream site? Wouldn't it be nice to write more books? Wouldn't it be nice to get Joystorm Publishing rolling? Wouldn't it be nice to cook all our food and drop it off before Pump today? Wouldn't it be nice to be awake and refreshed all day? Wouldn't it be nice to go to that Play Immersion thing? Wouldn't it be nice to go to that Volve event on Sunday? Wouldn't it be nice to teach people AJ and they teach me acroyoga? Wouldn't it be nice to get involved in the circus arts community? Wouldn't it be nice TO JOIN THE CIRCUS?! HELL YEAH!

What I want to feel today


Today I intend to focus on feeling good. Today I intend to make feeling good my #1 priority. Today I intend to bask in my vibrational progress. Today I intend to love where I am! Today I intend to think only positive thoughts. Today I intend to consciously create! Today I intend to cook and go to Pump and meditate and love and have FUN! Today I intend to feel excitement and abundance! Today I intend to have lots of fun with Kelly! Today I intend to feel sexy and lovable! Today I intend to love myself more than ever! Today I intend to lead by my example! Today I intend to HAVE THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!

I love focusing first thing. I love that I have seriously made SO MUCH vibrational progress the past couple weeks. Like more than EVER! I am so grateful that the better it gets the better it gets. I love that I feel so INCREDIBLE this morning! I love feeling abundant! I love feeling excited! I love feeling so hyphy I could explode! I love feeling like I did on Christmas morning as a kid! I love bouncing around in my chair too excited to sit still! I love being vegan! I love taking care of my body! I love running! I love lifting weights! I love that Kelly shared her spinach smoothie leftovers with me! I love that I have a forum now! I love that it's the most fun place on the Internet! I love that it's only going to get bigger! I love that it's way more fun to hang out there than on Facebook! I love being a thought leader! I love when music is a synchronous indicator of my vibration! I love getting up at a synchronous time like 5:55! I love that time has absolutely no meaning to me anymore! I love that my vibration is so so so so high! I love that I have Kelly! I love that we are a perfect vibrational match! I love our business together! I love Joystorm! I love that it's taking off! I LOVE LIVING THIS BEAUTIFUL LIFE! I LOVE GETTING IT! I LOVE KNOWING WHAT I KNOW!

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. Using hankies instead of kleenex!
  2. Kelly is a puppeteer!
  3. Eating caffeinated Cliff Shot Bloks for breakfast!
  4. Aw yeah, new book precedent, 3.5 pages! That shit is on fire!
  6. Ramps. Everything is a ramp. Think about it.
  8. Major batch of magick food coming up today!
  9. I wrote down/drew my dream from last night! It's on!
  10. Joystorm Publishing! Next project!
  11. 5 TPP episodes to publish!

10 things I appreciate

About the forum

  1. I made it the full width of my site! This is such a big deal to me.
  2. It integrated SEAMLESSLY with memberwing!!
  3. Simple Press is SO BUTTERY SMOOTH!
  4. It was so easy to install!
  5. It works SO WELL!
  6. It has a great support community and wiki!
  7. It's a fun place for Kelly and me to hang out online that's not facebook!
  8. It's going to HELP PEOPLE so much!
  9. It's only going to grow from here!
  10. I can't WAIT to give it more features and add more topics/groups etc!!

About publishing yesterday's article

  1. It was the perfect amalgamation of everything on the Internet that I've ever made
  2. I launched my first book, WHAT!
  3. I got to use images I made in the past that were such perfect fits!
  4. Kelly helped every step of the way! She is truly the puppeteer behind the scenes!
  5. I learned SO MUCH about ecommerce and fulfillment!
  6. Paypal is so easy!
  7. Subscription model!!!
  9. It's TEACHING! And I AM A TEACHER! Yes, I have my masters for that specific purpose!
  10. It's only the beginning!

Advice from Clair

Your vibration is now permanently altered. The changes you have been working to make have stuck. Your dominant proclivity is positivity and nothing but success will flow from that. Life really is this simple and easy. You are mastering new levels each and every moment. Remember the things you have learned:

  • Never do ANYTHING when your vibration is low
  • Physical symptoms such as sickness are indicators of a vibration of lack
  • Remembering what you know is the fastest way to improve your mood. It's a quantuum leap.
  • The better it gets, the better it gets.

Telling my future

Today is the first day of my new life. In my new life I am abundant, healthy and doing exactly what I want to be doing each and every moment. My vibration is always my first priority. I do things only if they make me feel good. I do not care what anyone else thinks about my thoughts or actions. I am a teacher and guide and I have explored uncharted territory. I have jumped in the stream of well being full force and lived to tell about it! It is beautiful! It is abundant! It is like a waterslide into a lake rich with fish! It is like living in Avatar! The stream of well being IS REAL! IT IS REAL!

Interview with myself

How has so much changed in day?
All it takes to totally change your life around is a single thought. And that single life changing thought comes from source. Yesterday I took the time to connect with my higher self before beginning my day and it completely changed my entire life. It healed me. Cured me. Made me well. Made me abundant. Made me see that I already was healthy and abundant. I truly was. It was there all along. It was only my thoughts holding me back. Taking the time to focus and talk to Clair for 15 minutes was all I needed to change my outlook on life 100%. If you ever need guidance, take as much time as it takes to connect to your higher self. Visualize it. Then ask for advice. You'll receive the guidance you need, I PROMISE.

Today's affirmations

  • I live in the flow of well being.

Links I love

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Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Allison Koberstein

    67 members already?! At $11/month each (well, minus you and Kelly)! So excited for you! Congratulations!! Keeping my eye on this for now.

  • jessica mullen

    Hey Allison! Ha thanks for pointing that out, there aren’t actually THAT many members yet, that total is all members registered on my site as users. Hehe but it won’t be long! ;D

  • Annie

    Bloody hell. You can feel the energy leap out of the screen! Go you! I’ve got me a basic website. I had planned to start the School of Life Design last fall, but there was so much going on in my life that it didn’t feel right. I’m still dealing with stuff now, but I think that the time is probably right for me. I’m not worried about SEO’s or anything like that. It’s more so that I’ve got my own little nook of the World Wide Web so that I can start attracting what I want.

    And here’s a question. I’ve been working on contacting my higher self. I seem to be getting there and it feels real and genuine. But what is bamboozling me is that said higher self seems to be male?! Now I’m very obviously a woman and whilst it matters to me not one jot if my higher self is a male, it has got me kinda confused…

  • jessica mullen

    Hi Annie!
    I’m so glad the time is right! Isn’t it wonderful when you can feel that and know it to be true?

    As for your higher self – here’s what Kel & I think: your higher self is really just a concept, not a person. It could be interpreted as a group of entities or just an energy source or a specific person or animal, whatever. Your higher self will present itself to you in the way that you’re most comfortable, or in the way that will best serve you. So maybe you have some more masculine energy that is guiding you, or maybe you just feel comfortable listening to a masculine voice. All people have feminine and masculine energies, and it’s all very fluid.

    Just keep exploring and you’ll become more sure of your connection over time – and how you perceive the energy will probably change over time too.

    For example, “Abraham” (who Esther Hicks channels) is a traditionally male name but it represents a group of entities, not a single man.

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