Happy birthday Jenny! | gathering momentum for February 21, 2011

Happy birthday Jenny! | gathering momentum for February 21,…

Today is my friend, mentor, and former graphic design professor Jennifer's birthday! Jennifer taught me everything I know about graphic design and was a beacon of light in undergrad. I'm going to focus this post on all the wonderful memories I have with her!

I am so grateful that Jennifer was the reason why I was accepted into the graphic design program. I am so grateful that she saw past my goth kitsch into my potential as a designer. I am so grateful that over the many years I've known her, we've become great friends. I'm so grateful Jennifer taught me how to be a deliberate creator. I'm so grateful she taught me all about Japanese culture and tea ceremony. I'm so grateful she was so kind and understanding towards me when I was going through rough patches in my personal life. I'm so grateful I got to spend so much time living in the same town as her.

I'm so grateful Jennifer invited her students to her home. I'm so grateful she treated us as equals. I'm so grateful she didn't take any BS from her students and inspired us to do our best work. I'm so grateful she taught me how to do my best work. I'm so grateful for all the things she taught me outside of graphic design, like how to interact with administrators. I'm so grateful for all our long talks over beers. I'm so grateful she introduced me to Kelly!!! I'm so grateful she is such a brilliant professor.

I'm so grateful for Jennifer's patience. I'm so grateful for her deep commitment to teaching. She was by far the BEST professor I've ever had!

I'm so grateful I took her visual organization class. I'm so grateful she gave me so many chances to do well in class. I'm so grateful she's so FUN!

I'm so grateful I took typography 2 with Jennifer. In that class we each wrote, designed and printed an entire book. That class completely changed my life! It was a totally transformational semester for me as a designer and as a person. I'm so grateful I was able to process so much psychologically trough graphic design.

I'm so grateful I got to work on the arts and literary project Ninth Letter with Jennifer. I'm so grateful she taught us all so much about publication design. I'm so grateful she gave me responsibility. I'm so grateful she had us go on press checks. I'm so grateful she taught me how to interact with clients! I'm so grateful she taught us how to speak about our work.

I'm so grateful that after graduation, Jennifer invited me to teach web design at UIUC. I'm so grateful for such an amazing opportunity! I'm so grateful she helped me become a teacher myself. I'm so grateful she gave me advice and guidance every step of the way. I'm so grateful she always knew what to do. I'm so grateful I got to return to Champaign for another year!

I'm so grateful Jennifer invited Kelly and me to work on Ninth Letter after graduation. I'm so grateful I worked for Ninth Letter when I was in school. I'm so grateful Jennifer took Kelly and me to this high school in the suburbs to talk about graphic design. I'm so grateful we sung "What's Up" by Four Non Blondes on the way home! It was magical!

I'm so grateful Jennifer taught me how to be responsible and have fun at the same time. I'm so grateful she taught me what good design is. I'm so grateful for her beautiful handwriting and design aesthetic. I'm so grateful I've gotten to know her family so well too.

I'm so grateful Jennifer wrote recommendation letters for me to get into grad school and to apply for jobs. I'm so grateful for the gifts she sends us in the mail! I'm so grateful we are still such good friends even though we live so far apart. I'm so grateful that we get to see her whenever we visit Illinois! I'm so grateful to know such an incredible individual.

I'm so grateful for the time Jennifer, her husband Bob and Nan came to visit Austin!! I'm so grateful we got to have such a fun time with them!

the group at kimber
I could never express how deep my gratitude is for this profoundly talented, generous and thoughtful woman. But I am so grateful for the opportunity to flip through my photo archives and remember the years of fun and challenging experiences we had together. I am so grateful to have been shaped into the designer I am now by Jennifer. It makes my heart ache to recall so many beautiful memories! I am eternally grateful for the time I've been blessed to spend with her. I am so grateful we still keep in touch!

me & jenny

Wouldn't it be nice to see Jenny again soon? Wouldn't it be nice to visit NYC or Japan together? Wouldn't it be nice if I could have even half as much impact as a teacher? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to remember all the good times without missing her too much? Wouldn't it be nice to visit Illinois this spring? Wouldn't it be nice to teleport there?

Wouldn't it be nice to sleep soundly and wake refreshed and healthy? Wouldn't it be nice to get back into our fitness schedule tomorrow? Wouldn't it be nice to get all the cooking done tonight? Wouldn't it be nice to post our 5 backlogged TPP episodes? Wouldn't it be nice to feel creative inspiration all day? Wouldn't it be nice to meditate?

What I want to feel today

  • Relief
  • Abundance

Today I intend to rest and recover. Today I intend to let go. Today I intend to focus on what I want. Today I intend to practice the feelings I desire.

I love writing posts on people's birthdays! I love having the window open and the fan on. I love KELLY! I love abundance! I love that it's FLOWING. I love how many people are doing gathering momentum & self love worksheets! I love feeling like I'm helping. I love catching myself in a negative thought pattern and then thinking "hey, you write about this stuff all day long, don't you think you should take your own advice and change your thoughts?" I love having the power to choose my thoughts. I love being the creator of my reality.

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. I am so proud of us for running yesterday! I'm so excited to see what race we do next!
    kel me
    kel bridgette
  2. Making gathering momentum worksheets into fine art! Originals! Prints! Bound books!
  3. Remembering that even song lyrics are indicators of my vibration. Hearing "welcome to the next level" as I ponder some deep shit :] Any time I want to level up, all I have to do is ask!
  4. Getting to sleep NOW.
  5. Practicing lucid dreaming.
  6. Kerri's ebook is almost ready to go!
  7. Working on my ebook is SO SO SO FUN. It is a masterpiece.
  8. So many people doing worksheets! So many happy people! So much love!
  9. Getting to cook and meditate later today.
  10. Thinking of my mailing list as one of my prized possessions and sources of abundance.
  11. We get to go to Volve next weekend!

10 things I appreciate

About Champaign, Illinois

  1. Even in the winter walking around town is fun.
  2. Everyone knows each other downtown.
  3. There are great bars!
  4. There are beautiful parks and the neighborhoods are so cozy.
  5. Illinois marathon!
  6. I know lots of secret hiding places.
  7. Excellent shops and coffee and community.
  8. Always new faces from the endless supply of college students.
  9. Home of some of my favorite people in the world!
  10. Will always always feel like home.

Advice from Clair

Sometimes you find yourself with negative thoughts about a new subject that you aren't used to dealing with. The advice is still the same: LET GO OF THE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. Let them go. You don't need them. They won't help you.

Telling my future

Today is rejuvenating. Today is warm baths and soup. Today is listening to headphones while walking through snow all bundled up. Today is feeling inspired to do my best work. Today is sparklers and Diggers and karaoke and sushi. Today is cleansing.

Interview with myself

What will your next worksheet be?
The next worksheet is the financial abundance worksheet. It may include sections like "10 examples of abundance in my life today", "5 of my favorite possessions", my favorite thing to spend money on, what I would spend $1000, $10,000 and $100,000 on, one new income stream idea, 2 things I would love to get paid for, 1 successful person who's work I appreciate...

Today's affirmations

  • The more I let go, the more it flows.
  • I am healthy.
  • (In response to negative thoughts) I've let that go.

Links I love

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