Letting go of stale desires and negative thoughts with visualization

letting go

Letting go of stale desires and negative thoughts with…

letting go
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Out of everything I've learned in the past 8 months since discovering the law of attraction and positive psychology, the most important concept I've found is that of letting go. Abraham says that the law of attraction works like this: ask, believe, receive. It sounds simple, but the "believe" step trips a lot of people up on their paths to manifestation.

What they mean by believe is let go. You have a desire and ask for it to be delivered. Then you trust that the universe will bring you what you want. If you trust the universe, you have no reason to think of the old desire anymore, so you stop vibrating a feeling of "lack" about it. When your vibration changes from lack to expectation, the universe will bring your physical manifestation. Believing that the universe will do it's job is letting go of the desire.

If you don't fully trust the universe to take care of you, then you begin having negative thoughts about your desire. "What if it doesn't come? What if I lose everything? What if it doesn't work?" Your negative thoughts are what keep your vibration of lack alive, causing the universe to bring you more feelings of lack.

If you don't know how to just straight trust the universe, you can go in the back door by practicing letting go of your negative thoughts. As soon as a doubt or fear creeps in your mind, you can choose to immediately eradicate it. The more negative thoughts you release, the more trust you place in the universe. As you eliminate your negative thoughts, you remove the obstacles preventing your desire from manifesting.

So how do I let go of my negative thoughts?

The first step is to become aware of your thoughts. If you don't consciously observe your thoughts, how will you know if you want to change them?

Intend to let go. Begin your day acknowledging that you would like to let your negative thoughts go today. Remind yourself of your intention throughout the day. Sometimes remembering to let go is harder than letting go itself.

Visualize. There must be dozens of methods for actively releasing negative thoughts, like writing them down or banishing them verbally. But what has proven to be most effective for me is visualization.

Whenever I have a negative thought, I picture placing it in a bucket with other negative thoughts, all covered in puke and slime and grossness. I visualize myself dumping the bucket of sick thoughts over a bridge into a bottomless lake. When I make the association in my mind that negative thoughts are icky and smell bad, I immediately want to get rid of them. When I dump the bucket, I feel the relief of letting go.

I know when I've really let something go when I feel it in my face. Nearly always, if I'm having a negative thought, I'm frowning and feel tension in my forehead and temples. When I dump that bucket of gross, my face completely relaxes.

The more I practice the visualization, the easier it gets. Eventually I start running the process in the background, picturing an automatic coal mine cart carrying out my negative thoughts before they even reach my conscious mind.

Find something new to think about, stat! Even if your visualization is successful, your negative thoughts might return if they aren't replaced with positive ones. That's why focusing your energy through writing and finding the thoughts you want to think first thing in the morning is so useful; when you need to find something good to think about, you already have an earmarked collection of thoughts to return to.

How do you release your negative thoughts and stale desires? I'd LOVE to hear any processes you can suggest. Letting go is my new favorite hobby ;]

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  • kelly

    the visualization of tossing the stones off the bridge has been helping me a lot the past couple days, thank you!!

  • jessica mullen

    so glad it’s helping! it’s nice to have a bookmarked visual, i think we think in visuals way more than i originally thought.
    think thank thought thoot thot.

  • Lape

    Hi Jessica. I found your post on how to put up a donation button useful. I have a question that will probably sound silly to you but I’ve only been blogging for about two months so a lot of this is new to me. How do I create a space on my blog where people can type in their email addresses to receive notices whenever I update my blog? Could you please put up a post about how to do that? Thanks a lot. :-)

  • jessica mullen

    Hey Lape! The easiest way to do this is to use Feedburner. Set it up to get your RSS feed, then enable email subscriptions. Then they just give you some code to copy and paste in your sidebar! Easy!

  • Lape

    Hi Jessica. Thanks for the tip. I’ll try that.

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