jungle jims & pixie stix, swing sets & grass whistles | gathering momentum for February 18, 2011

jungle jims & pixie stix, swing sets & grass…

I am so grateful for this brand new, beautiful day ahead of me. I am so grateful Gala linked to me again! She is such a sweetheart! I am so grateful it is warm out. I am so grateful I have so many new ideas. I am so grateful I get to eat breakfast soon. I am so grateful it feels like spring in high school! I am so grateful for this day. I am so grateful we can walk outside if we want to.

I'm so grateful for my vision. I'm so grateful for the new perspective I gained last night from working on my homework. I started feeling like Lisa Frank, and all I could focus on was REALLY GOOD THINGS. Often when I post or do a worksheet I find myself feeling grateful for... boring things. That's not exactly what I mean, but how I felt last night was this: I could choose to relish every moment of filling out the worksheet and make it a work of art. I could feel grateful for REALLY AWESOME THINGS instead of things that didn't make me as excited. Things like SUNSHINE and COLOR and SPARKLES and UNICORNS and KITTIES etc. It just felt like I was feeling gratitude on a new level... When I think about the SUPER AWESOME CUTE BEAUTIFUL COLORFUL things in life, I feel better than when I'm feeling grateful for... Sudafed or something. Even though Sudafed is great and everything, but who wants to see I LOVE SUDAFED! on a sticker?! And that's what my real revelation was... I want everything I think about/look at/focus on to be sticker-worthy! Because I want to be a sticker designer now!

Moving on... ;] I am so grateful the window is open! (that could be a sticker, right?) I am so grateful for a fully stocked fridge! I am so grateful for Astrojax! I am so grateful for dog parks and dogs!

I am SO GRATEFUL we got to play blackjack last night with friends! It was SO FUN! I love my friends and I love playing blackjack for breakfast. I am so grateful to have such fun people in my life. I am so grateful for the love that we can share with each other.

I am so grateful for Pwny! I am so grateful for Kelly and her beautiful mane! (that would make a great sticker!) I am so grateful for piles of good books to read, even if it takes me months to read them! I am so grateful for sketchbooks and worksheets and websites and new ways to order my consciousness! How can I make a sticker that illustrates "ordering my consciousness"? Hmm...

Wouldn't it be nice to go to Burning Man? Seriously. That would be really nice. Wouldn't it be nice to have a way to make fuzzy and reflective stickers on my printer? Wouldn't it be nice to finish this new worksheet and article? Wouldn't it be nice to go to that rave tonight? Wouldn't it be nice to do an AJ fetish photoshoot tonight? Wouldn't it be nice to walk to Auditorium Shores? Wouldn't it be nice to teleport? Wouldn't it be nice to find the perfect vibration about my body? Wouldn't it be nice to make lots of worksheets so I always have something to do at night? Wouldn't it be nice to have the best day ever?!

What I want to feel today

  • Excitement!
  • Love for myself!

Today I intend to love myself and practice feelings of excitement! Today I intend to bask in the beautiful weather! Today I intend to focus on feeling good all day! Today I intend to create things that make me feel awesome! Today I intend to feel like a Lisa Frank stationery set! Today I intend to focus on all my positive aspects! Today I intend to HAVE FUN!

I love taking rest days before running the half marathon on Sunday! I love that the weather is so beautiful! I love designing worksheets! I love thinking about sticker collections! I love finding other people's sticker collections online! I love coloring and focusing on feeling good before bed! I love listening to the Abe meditation CD as we fall asleep every night! I love that it gets trippier and trippier every time I hear it! I love that I feel like I'm programming my mind! I love being a terminal to the universe! I love my body! I love my expansion! I love that nothing matters! I love feeling joy! I love CATCHING UP WITH MY EXPANDED SELF!

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. I sat full lotus for 10 out of the 15 minutes of our meditation yesterday!
  2. I learned blackjack last night!
  4. My throat didn't at all hurt when I woke up today! HOORAY!!
  5. My tweet rules: "anxiety is just excitement plus negative thoughts. get rid of the negative thoughts, get rid of the anxiety & have fun!"
  6. I'm almost done with another worksheet that I made because I'M ADDICTED TO WORKSHEETS!
  7. I get to make a bunch of raw foodz today!
  8. New food order! Time to go to Whole Foods! Maybe we can walk to Auditorium Shores and THEN Whole Foods! Doesn't that sound blissful?!
  9. Even if I don't ever get to go to Burning Man, I LOVE the culture and appreciate the existence of such a joyous occasion in my reality!
  10. Seriously, I'm really excited to be "thinking in stickers".
  11. We have reached a whole new level of vegan deliciousness: CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER BROWNIE MILKSHAKE.

10 things I appreciate

About Burning Man!

  1. It's in the desert! I love the desert.
  2. It's full of colorful things!
  3. It's full of creative people!
  4. Everyone practices LOVE!
  5. People do things like spin poi and hoop and AJ!
  6. There are art cars!
  7. You can do whatever you want!
  8. You can be naked!
  9. Consciousness expanding entheogens!

About Kelly:

  1. She has a beautiful mane!
  2. She plays Godzilla with Pwny
  3. She makes beautiful art!
  4. She teaches me how to relax
  5. She teaches me how to interact with people
  6. She has no fear!
  7. She has a sexy pussay!
  8. She loves to have fun!
  9. She is my sandy beach and sun!
  10. She does lots of the chores for us!

Advice from Clair

Creative inspiration, passion and action are the driving forces behind your joy. Always find new, better, more exciting things to create and you will be perpetually in the vortex! The opposite is true too: be perpetually in the vortex and always find more to create!

Telling my future

Today is jungle gyms and pixie stix! Today is rolling down hills and making grass whistles! Today is swing sets after dinner and homework you love doing! Today is reorganizing your bedroom and buying new posters! Today is the day your magick wand grants all your wishes!

Interview with myself

How do you access creativity?
1. Focus your energy. Get in alignment. Feel good.
2. Decide what you want to make.
3. Trust the universe to give you inspired action.
4. Enjoy the making as much as humanly possible.
5. Immediately move onto the next when you finish!

Today's affirmations

  • I love myself so much!
  • I am so cool!

Links I love

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Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • mouse

    Congrats on being mentioned on Gala’s site!! I have an idea for a blog post for you- I know you’re completely obsessed with your iPhone (rightfully so.. they’re awesome) and I wondered if you would consider doing a post about apps & tips/tricks you’ve found for using your phone as a tool for blogging/lifestreaming?? I am the *proud* new owner of an iPhone 3Gs and I’m trying to learn how to use it for blogging my daily life thanks to your inspiration!! (also, thanks to positive thought & sending out the idea that I wanted the Universe to bring me an iPhone I could afford!! Hooray!!)

  • emily

    LOL…that sex-name chart! i am definitely an exception to that rule! also: i have wanted to go to burning man for about, oh, six years now. some day! if you get to go, take LOTS of pictures!!! also I WANT TO BUY A BOOK OF YOUR WORKSHEETS!!! i think you mentioned the idea in another post…you should put a couple of pages of your handmade stickers in the back of it (to use in the workbook or independently)….how cool would that be!? ; )

  • jessica mullen

    mouse, THANK YOU for that article idea!!! i love it! congratulations on your new phone, i’m sure it’s already been life-changing! ;]

    emily, i promise to take pix at BM! and you do the same if you get there before me! a workbook is SO IN THE WORKS and so are stickers, it’s making me so happy just thinking about it! thank you for the vote of confidence!

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