I AM RAWSOME; yeah! | a lullaby for February 16, 2011


I AM RAWSOME; yeah! | a lullaby for February…

I am so grateful for new ideas. I am so grateful I come up with new ways to help myself feel good. Tonight I want to try listing positive aspects about myself, and possibly do it regularly. The idea is that by focusing on the positive aspects of someone, the negative fade out of existence. So if I choose to only focus on the positive aspects of myself, the negative aspects will disappear forever!

10 things I love about myself:

  1. I'm so creative!
  2. I have hot pink hair!
  3. I am passionate about design, personal development, spirituality, lifestreaming, chrippin, meditation, feeling good, the Internet, Astrojax, technology, and having fun!
  4. I am an excellent chef!
  5. I am super in shape!
  6. I co-host a popular podcast and run an awesome website!
  7. I'm really good at organizing ideas!
  8. I am really in touch with my intuition and can perceive subtle energy.
  9. I'm in a wonderful romantic relationship and have loving relationships with my friends and family.
  10. I care deeply about spreading joy and positivity!

Telling my story

Today Kel and I were asked, "do y'all have jobs?" and my answer was kind of shaky! This is what I meant to say:

Kelly and I run a lifestream monetization company called Joystorm. Our mission is to make a living doing what we love. Our motto is "make your life your living". We monetize our daily lives by creatively expressing them online in the form of uplifting journal entries, inspiring and informational articles, entertaining video podcasts, fetish videos, downloadable information products like ebooks and workbooks, and hand made art. We spend our days figuring out what brings us joy and then telling people all about it so that they may find new ways to feel joy too.

We focus on creating passive income streams through advertising revenue, affiliate programs, and digital information products. Our active income streams are derived from doing things we are truly passionate about, like enabling others to publish their own websites and information products.

We stream our life experience to many different websites, including thepopularpodcast.com, jessicamullen.com, kellycree.com, underwaterfetishvideos.com, and magickfood.com. Each site offers a unique perspective on life that intrigues, inspires and delights.

We offer limited services for clients, including website set-up, digital book publishing, and monetization consultations.

Woo woo! I love focusing at night. I love that Kelly and I decided to stay up all night working. I love that I wrote down all my projects-in-progress and I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. I love that we still get to eat dinner. I love that I feel so good. I love that I published an article today. I love that we recorded an audio episode today! I love that we spent so much time at the Y getting footage today! I love getting to know people at the Y better! I love surrounding myself with people into fitness and well being. I love practicing feelings. I love that Kelly and I spent 10 minutes after meditating PRACTICING FEELINGS. It's so fun! Highly recommend! We're going to record a podcast about it I believe... I LOVE PODCASTING I LOVE LIFESTREAMING I LOVE LIFE DESIGN I LOVE BEING VEGAN I LOVE RUNNING I LOVE LIFTING I LOVE KICKBOXING I LOVE THE Y I LOVE MY APARTMENT I LOVE MY KITTIES I LOVE MY WIFE I LOVE MY FAMILY I LOVE MY WEBSITE I LOVE MYSELF I LOVE MY LIFE!

I love that Kelly has been drawing so much. I love that I have so many ideas for income streams! I love that the ebook is at least halfway done! I love that it is my best work! I love that it makes so much sense! I love that you're going to love it! I love that it doesn't matter if you do! I love that all that matters is if I feel good while creating it! I love that I am creating a guide primarily for MYSELF! I love remembering what I know! I love filling out gathering momentum worksheets! I love having fun and walking to HEB and getting pine nuts and giving $5 to the cashier and finding pennies and talking to bums and loving every single person I see!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.