How to put a donate button on your Tumblr, blog, or website

How to put a donate button on your Tumblr,…


thanks Ignacio Conejo & Javier Volcan!

No matter what kind of website you have, you should put a "donate" button on it! I find myself reading blogs every day that I wish had a simple way to donate to. You never know when you might write a post that really strikes a chord with someone, leaving them wanting to compensate you financially! Here's how to get the money flowing into your bank account.

Using PayPal is easy!

  1. Get a PayPal account and select the "Business" type.
  2. If you already have a PayPal account, convert your account to a business account.
  3. Go to Merchant Services and click "Donate" under Create Buttons.
  4. Fill out your organization (just use your name or your blog's name) and customize the button all you want. You can uncheck "Do you need your customer's shipping address?"
  5. Click "Create Button" and copy the provided code.

Paypal provides two bits of code: one to embed the button on your site, and one to link text like this (click the "Email" tab), so you can make a hyperlink instead of using their button. Here's what to do on your site:

On Tumblr

  1. Go to your site, then click "customize".
  2. Click "Theme" then "Use custom HTML". Copy and paste the code there into a plain text document in case you screw up when pasting in your code!
  3. Find a place to paste in your code, somewhere after the </body> tag. I put mine right after the </header> tag. You can also paste the hyperlink code into an individual post.

On self-hosted WordPress

  1. Go to your "Widgets", which adds things to your sidebar.
  2. Drag a new "text" widget into the widget area, then paste in your PayPal button code. Click save and you're done!


Sadly they won't let you paste in PayPal buttons! If you like WordPress and want donations, your best bet is to get self-hosted! ETA: I just realized you can use the donation button hyperlink (example here) provided under the "Email" tab, you could even make your own button and link it!


Blogger lets you do this easily! You can either embed the code in a post (HTML view) or go to "Design", then "Add Gadget", then add "HTML/Javascript" and paste it on in! Your button will show up in your sidebar (see my example here).

Don't forget to write a little something before or after your pasted in code to encourage donations! Something sweet and simple should do the trick, like "If you like this site, please consider a small donation!" Get creative and see what people respond to best!

If you'd like to know how to put a donate button on a different kind of website, just ask in the comments!

Pro tip!

To get the donations flowing, start "practicing the feeling" of receiving donations. What will it feel like when you check your email and find a donation from a loving reader? Visualize the moment and really feel the thrill. The more you practice, the more you will attract experiences that produce the same feeling, and the more abundance you will receive!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Allison Koberstein

    Added to my site…. took practically no time at all! Thanks for the prompt, Jessica!

  • jessica mullen

    YAY that is awesome! So glad it was easy!

  • Amanda

    After a while of wanting to do this, I finally did! It was incredibly easy too.

    Thanks Jessica!

  • jessica mullen

    Woo great news Amanda! So glad it was easy for you!

  • sian

    Thank you so much for this… are you able to tell me if it’s possible to do the same with a ‘Buy Now’ button on tumblr? I’d like to put one on a page not a post…. cheers, sian.

  • jessica mullen

    Hi Sian, yes you can just choose a “Buy now” button on the paypal options page instead of “Donate”. The process is exactly the same. Then you just paste the paypal code into your tumblr site template code.

  • Jessica Wagstrom

    I am super excited, I used some hacky skillz (not terribly hacky, more like stuff-I-learned-teaching-myself-HTML-in-1998 hacky, but still) to get a “donation button” on my free WordPress blog. :)

    Taking your cue that you can put a hyperlink up, I went ahead and set up a donation page on, since that site is paid for. Then I snatched the image of the recognizable Donate button and uploaded it to Flickr. Flickr must already know of this “hacK” because it wouldn’t give me the source code for the image, so I searched the page source until I found it, then hyperlinked the image to the donate page on my paid site.

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. :) I feel like a master of teh intarwebs!!!

  • jessica mullen

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

  • Claire Pace Meade

    This was VERY helpful, thank you!!

  • abbey

    How do you put a donation button on Posterous in the header and how do I do the same for my tumblr blog. So that when people scroll down the button remains in place.

  • Nighttime Bros

    Thanks for the tips!

    We created our own image for our PayPal donate button on our site at to seek donations to work on our projects. Fingers crossed people will help us out :P

  • mimi

    thanks – very easy to follow – also left you a small donation as a token of appreciation – all the very best :)

  • mimi

    and the donate button looks great too :)
    check it out:
    thanks once again!

  • jessica mullen

    Thank you so much mimi!! It looks GREAT! :D

  • Aref oldskoolracers

    thank you so much for the tips,they worked putting the donation button in my blogger,and you are such an inspiration cheers,if we can help each other in any way please contact me me :),from australia with love

  • Dinesh

    Thanks for the detailed explanations on how to add a ‘donate’ button to your website. Very useful and easy to follow. I have only one doubt: Do people really donate by clicking on such a button even if they find your website useful?

  • jessica mullen

    Dinesh, the short answer is yes. It’s whatever you want to believe :]

  • D

    Mine won’t work, I click on the donate button and it just makes my tumblr page go white, with only my music still remaining. Any suggestions?

  • Willard

    Is it possible to change the text of the button to say something else?

  • Ariane

    I love that I googled ‘how to paypal button tumblr’ and was independently directed straight to your site anyway, it’s definitely first page google rankings for that search ^_^

  • jessica mullen

    Hahaha yay Ariane that rules!!

  • Gavalanche

    This was a huge help!

  • Fred

    Jessica, How can I add one to my posterous? Thanks!

  • Joan


    this is useful .. but I cannot find the donate option in the merchant services

  • Noemie

    Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for sharing this it’s in theory extremely useful :)

    I’ve followed your instructions but I’ve got the same problem as D on Tumblr:

    It doesn’t work, when I click on the button it looks like it’s trying to connect to Paypal but the page goes white and if I refresh it it just brings me back to my website…
    It does work when I’m logged in but it doesn’t when I’m logged out..

    I would really appreciate some help on this as I have been browsing the web for an answer and it kept me busy all night…

    Thanks :)


  • Noemie

    Hi there,

    Just to let you guys know, I’ve found a way around it, for Tumblr:

    Add the image of the button on your page and add the link of the email code in it :) (clicking on the link icon…)

    It works :)

    Have a great day everyone,


  • Jen

    Thank you for this tutorial! I got a button up on my page in minutes.

    You rock!

  • Jack

    When paypal prompts you for a type of “business” what to recommend if you’re soliciting donations for help, like for medical bills or rent or something? )8

  • Jesus Torres

    Was not sure what I was doing, but I knew I could use a donate button on my Tumblr. Your simple suggestions made it easy to just click and paste. Many thanks!

  • Zjonni

    Yahoo!! It worked! :D thanks Jessica Mullen! You rock!

  • Paula Young LMFT

    Hi Jessica (one of my favorite names—I almost named my daughter that-it was between Jessica and Adrienne). I am thanking you ahead of time because I haven’t tried your instructions yet. I have been considering this for a long time because I had previously tried Google Ads and Amazon—it was too commercial looking and sometimes ads would appear that were completely contrary to the message of my post!
    When I looked at Pay Pal, it said I had to be a non-profit organization (?). I also looked at the “gadget” in Google blogger and I had to have a merchant number which I was unable to get. So, next I will try your on instructions.
    On June 27, it will be my anniversary of 3 years of writing my blog. So, I wanted to put up a donate button as a part of celebrating!
    I really like your notes about attitude toward having a donate button and sense the generosity of spirit in your blog writing. Glad I found you, Paula

  • Giorgi

    I want to add Donate button to my blog, but we don’t have PayPal in my country :(
    is there any other way

  • Paula Young LMFT

    I got my Donate button up! yay! It isn’t decorated but I am decorating it in my mind with images of happy people dropping me a tip!
    Thanks for your help.

  • jessica mullen

    Awesome Paula!! I’m so happy for you! And congratulations on your 3 years, your site is amazing!

  • Kim

    Thanks for the info… I was even able to successfully install my own button, anxiety-attack free!!! WIN!

  • jessica mullen

    Yay Kim!! Like a boss!

  • bobby

    i can’t find the tumblr html code for the button, am i just being stupid or..?

  • Paula Young LMFT

    Hi Jessica. I have had my Donate Button from Pay Pal up for 3 months now (thanks to you<3). And I have gratefully received 3 donations so far.
    So for those of you who are taking Jessica's advice and putting one up on your blog, I hope to encourage you. It's something that can help, a little, to offset your costs for producing your site.

  • mikey

    but did you know that once you reach a certain limit you need to verify that you are accepting not for profit donations and if you CANT prove this your account remains frozen.

    Not as straight forward as you may think :)

    Always read the t&c’s.

  • Dann

    Its a very nice tutorial. Much appreciation

  • hussein

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  • Paula Young LMFT

    Hi Jessica. My little donate button is still there and, every so often I receive a donation. It IS a thrill, as you said, and, a nice surprise when it happens.
    On the practical side, I put SO much time into my blog; I work on it every day; so, I am actually donating my time !
    Thus, it becomes an gift exchange :)

  • jessica mullen

    Paula, I’m so glad to hear your donation button is working out for you! I love the idea of a gift exchange. Thanks for the update :]

  • Anne Drexler

    Your solution was the only one I could find that worked. Many others suggested turning of the encryption at the button creation phase (not even an option that I could find). Your solution was quick, elegant and secure!! Thanks!!

  • Cilla Pegg

    Hello Jessica

    I came across your comments whilst looking for info on donate buttons. I am the Secretary of a small charity and and currently building our website. The most important matter is cost. How much will a donate button cost? Is there a fee to pay to PayPal?

    Many thanks

  • jessica mullen

    The button is free to use, but Paypal takes a small percentage of every transaction as their fee.

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    this board and I to find It really useful & it helped me out a lot.
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  • dana

    It was so easy to but the donate button up and I tried it out it works, so hopefully i can make some money for school


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    I’ll be returning to your web site for more soon.

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