68 seconds is all you need | gathering momentum for February 16, 2011

68 seconds is all you need | gathering momentum…

spinach smoothie!
I am so grateful for this delicious spinach smoothie. I'm so grateful that the people at the Y watched our podcast and liked it! I'm so grateful we get to interview Iva today. I'm so grateful we have the Y to go to. I'm so grateful for super slow mornings doing research on letting go. I'm so grateful I made more progress on the ebook. I'm so grateful Kerri is almost ready for us to publish her ebook! I'm so grateful to be starting a digital publishing house!

I'm so grateful for browniecakes. I'm so grateful we get to rest today to prepare for Sunday's race. I'm so grateful the race isn't stressful and if we feel like walking it we will! I'm so grateful to be so laid back about everything. I'm so grateful to be writing about letting go because it's what I want to learn about. I'm so grateful for the Internet. I'm so grateful for the abundant information available to me at my fingertips. I'm so grateful for caffeine. I'm so grateful for polar pops. I'm so grateful I am getting better and better at letting go.

Wouldn't it be nice to get some great footage at the Y? Wouldn't it be nice to play Astrojax? Wouldn't it be nice to walk around for a couple miles? Wouldn't it be nice to bring our headphones? Wouldn't it be nice to feel 100% well? Wouldn't it be nice to get better and better at letting go today? Wouldn't it be nice to focus my energy all day? Wouldn't it be nice to practice feelings I want to feel? Wouldn't it be nice to practice them for 68 seconds at a time?


What I want to feel today

  • Eagerness and fun about money. (Playing in piles of money and pots of gold at the ends of rainbow. Giving it to bloggers and organizations I love. Finding the flow ABOUT MONEY.)
  • Creative inspiration. (Typing in the rhythm. Pulling images from flickr like magick. Allowing visual inspiration. Letting Clair write.)

Today I intend to remember how creative and awesome I am. Today I intend to remember that all it takes to feel good is FOCUS. Today I intend to create madly. Today I intend to let Clair create for me. Today I intend to find the flow in creation and money!

I love finding new ways to think about money that make me feel good! I love finding article inspiration from practicing feelings I want to feel! I love contrast because it's the catching up with my higher self that's the fun part of life! Contrast is AWESOME because the FUN part is CATCHING UP to the EXPANDED VERSION of myself!!!!!! I LOVE MY LIFE.

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. Leaving a blank gathering momentum worksheet on my desk and filling it out whenever I have a few minutes throughout the day. SO FUN!
  2. I found $8 on the sidewalk yesterday! Abundance is everywhere!
  3. Our digital publishing house empire is STARTED!
  4. If we hold a thought and the accompanying emotional energy for 68 seconds or more, according to Jerry and Esther Hicks, we begin manifesting accordingly.
  5. Doing my taxes and getting a return! Maybe I'll do them before April 15 this year!!!!
  6. Thinking of ways to make quick money like selling freecycled stuff ^_^
  7. Practicing gratitude when paying rent and bills
  8. Thinking about playing in pots of gold at the end of a rainbow! Thinking about donating money! When I think about what I would do when I have lots of money, all I can think about it giving it away! (After paying my rent for the year and buying a new computer and going to Europe or Australia with Kelly of course...)
  10. Finding the flow/feeling good just from writing this post!
  11. Waiting like 5 hours after waking up to write this post - it made me see how COMPLETELY NECESSARY FOCUSING IN THE MORNING IS TO CREATING A GOOD MOOD.

10 things I appreciate

About working on this Y episode for the podcast

  1. we get to interview people and get to know them better!
  2. we get an excuse to take video without feeling sneaky
  3. we are making a video to support an org I LOVE
  4. we are practicing making more professional vids - or at least more... pointed eps?
  5. we are helping!
  6. it gave us the idea to do some social media volunteering!
  7. it's forcing us to go out and do something
  8. it's helping us learn more about the inner workings of the Y
  9. excuse to spend more time there!
  10. excuse to talk to people!

Advice from Clair

You should really write these posts earlier in the day ;]

Spend more time practicing feelings! Do it when you get home! Do it before you fall asleep!

Telling my future

Today is so fun! Today is jumping in pots of gold at the end of a rainbow! Today is a DOUBLE RAINBOW! Today is full of funny memes! Today is effortless! Today is easier than ever! Today is the singularity!

Interview with myself

How did you manage to pull yourself out of debt in 6 months?
I created things that made me feel good while making them. Constantly. And then I sold them.
I practiced the feeling of fun and eagerness towards money. I practiced it all day every day. I practiced feeling relief at having the rent paid. I practiced the feeling of having the rent paid for the rest of the year. I practiced the feeling of gratitude while paying my bills. I donated as much as I could afford. I let go of all negative thoughts about my finances. I made it into a game. I started having fun with money. I found the flow of money! I started feeling eager when I looked at my accounts.
I chose to feel good about money before it came. And then it came.

Today's affirmations

  • I practice the feelings I want to feel.
  • I've let my negative thoughts go.

Links I love

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Bridie

    Come visit Australia and I will host you! Any excuse to do the Harbour Bridge climb and hold koalas, Oprah style…

  • jessica mullen

    That would be so rad! I had never heard of the bridge climb, SO FASCINATING!

    The universe is putting all the cooperative components into place as I type :D

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