Practicing “having my shit together” | gathering momentum for February 15, 2011

Practicing “having my shit together” | gathering momentum for…

I am so grateful for the incredible weather outside. I am so grateful we have to run 5 miles today but we can do it anywhere we want and IT WILL BE OUTSIDE. I am so grateful I live in this beautiful state. I'm so grateful I woke up refreshed and in zero pain. I'm so grateful I upped my body pump weights yesterday! I'm so grateful I'm finding more and more ways to feel good. I'm so grateful for my beautiful life. I'm so grateful that I started working on the ebook again this morning. It turns out it's a way bigger project than I anticipated! But I'm so grateful for that because it's going to be SO GOOD. Like, the best work of my life. It's so fun to work on - I'm so grateful I'm letting go of my "deadline" for the project and approaching it from a more fluid direction. I'm making it for fun, not for a client!

I'm so grateful I am my own client. I'm so grateful I do the work I want. I'm so grateful to be a designer. I'm so grateful it's spring. I'm so grateful it's almost my birthday! I'm so grateful to KELLY FOR CLEANING THE ENTIRE APARTMENT WHILE I NAPPED LAST NIGHT! What a treat for me! My mind was blown! She is the sweetest girl of all time and it was such a perfect, exquisite, delicious, unexpected Vday gift. I LOVE YOU KELLY.

I'm so grateful for my strength and my health and the inspiration that continuously flows into my experience. I'm so grateful for my friends and family. I'm so grateful for the Y and Auditorium Shores and science experiments. I'm so grateful for books to read and lamps to light my desk. I'm so grateful for my moleskine and comments from readers. I'm so grateful for donations and the feeling of abundance.

Wouldn't it be nice to practice the feeling of abundance today? Wouldn't it be nice to run our miles and get the grocery shopping done? Wouldn't it be nice to take a break? Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy the weather? Wouldn't it be nice to AJ outside? Wouldn't it be nice to RUN? Wouldn't it be nice to be strong enough to run 18 miles a week, do Body Pump 3 times a week & Kickboxing 2 times? Oh and bicycle as much as possible whenever I get that new bike ^_^ Wouldn't it be nice to eat all raw all the time too? Wouldn't it be nice if those things happened effortlessly? Wouldn't it be nice to look super cut? Wouldn't it be nice to have a blissful day with Kelly? Wouldn't it be nice to go for a long walk? Wouldn't it be nice to feel like I have my shit together? Wouldn't it be nice to work on the ebook a lot today? Wouldn't it be nice to be inspired to write another article? Wouldn't it be nice to feel inspired to implement that javascript banner? Wouldn't it be nice to check my analytics and see a 1000% increase in unique visitors? Wouldn't it be nice to feel unconditional love for myself today? Wouldn't it be nice to practice gymnastics in a park today? Wouldn't it be nice to get some new workout clothes really soon? Wouldn't it be nice to be sponsored by a workout clothes company? I think I'll write them today!

Wouldn't it be nice to be sponsored by a bicycle company? I'm going to write them too! Wouldn't it be nice to have all my financial needs taken care of? Wouldn't it be nice to have zero debt? HAHA maybe I'll write my student loan company and ask for a sponsorship. Hmm.... I love new ideas. Wouldn't it be nice to leave for our run soon? Wouldn't it be nice to actually RUN!!!? Wouldn't it be nice to feel perfect in my body today? Wouldn't it be nice to eat all raw today? We have all raw food in the house and we're going grocery shopping, I CAN DO IT! And then I can make more raw food for tomorrow! I'm going to let source eat for me today ^_^

Wouldn't it be nice to have this exact same bike back? With the baskets and everything? I LOVE BICYCLING!


What I want to feel today

  • SEXY.

Today I intend to go grocery shopping and run and meditate! Today I intend to do the things I know will make me feel good! Today I intend to practice feelings! Today I intend to listen to my internal guidance system!

I love Kelly. I love having a clean apartment. I love eating raw food. I love meditating. I love running. I love appreciating bicycling. I love warm weather!

11 things I'm excited about today

  2. Eating raw, yum num num
  3. Writing companies asking for sponsorships ^_^_^_^_^
  4. Feeling inspired to get some work done tonight!
  5. Skyping my brother tonight hopefully!
  6. Filling out a gathering momentum worksheet myself!
  8. My desk is clean too!
  9. Going grocery shopping so I can make lots of raw food for us this week
  10. Feeling like I have my shit together!
  11. Kelly is in such a good mood!

10 things I appreciate

About bicycling

  1. It's like riding a roller coaster
  2. You can go really far really easily
  3. You don't have to worry about parking
  4. You can carry lots of stuff with you in baskets
  5. They're easy to maintain
  6. Austin has a great biking community
  7. It's bonus exercise
  8. It's so fun to listen to music while riding (tho I don't do the headphones thing)
  9. You can go SO FAST
  10. It feels like FREEDOM!

About the workout clothes I already have:

  1. I have one pair of pants, 2 pairs of shorts and a bunch of tshirts that all work just fine
  2. The pants are actually really nice and comfortable and a perfect fit
  3. It's getting warm enough to wear my shorts again!
  4. My cut up tshirts look pretty hot with a sports bra
  5. My nike sports bra rules!
  6. I have toe socks I didn't bust out ONCE this winter, I should give them a shot lol
  7. My workout clothes are very flexible
  8. My mom said I looked great in my pants!
  9. I already have exactly what I need to work out comfortably
  10. I know what is comfortable and what is not when running or doing different forms of exercise. Oh also I have really hot swimsuits!

Advice from Clair

Focus. Choose to focus today. Choose to consciously direct your thoughts. Choose to not be a lazy thinker. Choose to take responsibility. Choose the positive fork in the road. Choose the other side of the wave. Choose to feel good in your body. Choose to appreciate your body. Choose to love yourself.

Telling my future

Today is the first day of summer and drinking at a softball game! Today is biking through Urbana with a 6 pack of Mike's Hard. Today is laughing with friends as they cook a pound of ground beef without breaking it into smaller pieces. Today is not giving a fuck! Today is having fun at all costs! Today is the best day of my life!

Interview with myself

What do you do when you've had a couple days out of focus and want to get back in?
Just start. That's all it takes. JUST START. Start right now - decide to focus on feeling good. It's an instant thing - because all you have is this moment. You can't say you'll start feeling good later. Because there is no later. There is only NOW.

NOW is all you have to work with. What can you do RIGHT NOW that feels good? What can you do RIGHT NOW to lift your mood? Lift your mood and have access to better feeling thoughts and all the inspiration you'll ever need.

Today is the singularity. Right now is the singularity. In this moment everything is perfect and in its place. You couldn't want what you want if you weren't in this place and time. Start feeling good RIGHT NOW.

Today's affirmations

  • I have my shit together!

Links I love

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  • Allison Koberstein

    Oh my god THINGIVERSE!! It begins…!

    Also, I like that plaid skirt! Tell me you still have it!

  • Justin Vallee

    thank you for the blurb its very cool love this page its very interesting.. best of luck 2square

  • jessica mullen

    Allison, yes I do still have the plaid skirt! It’s… awaiting its summer debut ^_^

    Justin, thanks for commenting! I spend a lot of time looking through your site & photos and was so intrigued. You are beautiful!

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