Why writing is the best way to get in a good mood

Why writing is the best way to get in…

gathering momentum worksheet #1
Even if you don't consider yourself a writer, you are. You write all the time; it's a huge part of why you have to go to school. Written language is a human technology designed to help us remember what we know so we can build on it and evolve. That's why writing is the single best way to get in a good mood: it reminds you what you already know.

What you know

These concepts are built into all of us. Sometimes society trains us to believe otherwise, but these are the core truths about your existence.

  • Feeling good feels good.
  • Life is supposed to be fun.
  • You are perfect just the way you are.
  • You are one with that which made you.

Why writing, and not drawing?

Writing is the easiest way to direct your thoughts. This is because although we think in words AND pictures, words are symbols of pictures or concepts, so they are a shortcut to describing the pictures in your mind. Kelly says writing is the easiest way to record and focus your thoughts as quickly as they come.

Writing takes the energy that is your thoughts and makes it physical. As you write down your thoughts, you release them. Since you have written them down, you don't have to worry about remembering them anymore. When you release thoughts by writing them down and then consciously look for ones that feel better than the last, you move up the emotional scale.

Drawing has its place too. When you doodle, sketch, or draw, you enter a meditative state where your natural creativity flows out of your pen. When you enter this meditative state, you stop your negative thoughts. When you stop negative thoughts, you release resistance and allow yourself to become one with the flow of well being.

Start your magickal record

When you use writing to direct your thoughts and therefore your life experience, you create a record you can look back on. Writing down your thoughts is one way to prove their power. The only way to prove to yourself that choosing to feel good works is to try it yourself, and keeping a record of your positive thoughts is like a lab notebook of your experiments. That's why my lifestream is my magickal record–the proof that thinking positive works is all there.

My gift for you

Sometimes directing your thoughts on a public website can be intimidating. And sometimes it's just more fun to use a pen instead of a keyboard. So I made you a fun worksheet! It's based on my gathering momentum posts, which have improved my life in unimaginable ways.

This worksheet is guaranteed to improve your mood. And the best part is that it has three areas for doodling, so as you direct your thoughts through writing, you can spend some time spacing out and releasing negative thoughts. This will help you get in that good feeling flow!

Why gathering momentum?

This PDF is called a "gathering momentum" worksheet because it is a way to literally gather good feeling thoughts, which give your mind positive thinking momentum. By choosing to direct your thoughts, you are choosing the fork in the road that leads towards feeling good. Plus, when you spend time creating positive thoughts, you make a bookmark or remembering place to return to throughout the day when you need to find something good to think about.

gathering momentum

Download your worksheet now

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Worksheet instructions

  1. List 10 things you're grateful for. Feeling gratitude brings more things to feel grateful about.
  2. Complete the sentence "wouldn't it be nice if" with something that would be really cool if would happen! It doesn't have to be realistic, just fun to ponder.
  3. Complete the sentence "today I intend to". Find the most important things you really want to accomplish today.
  4. List 5 things you love. When you think about what you love, you attract more things to love into your life.
  5. List 3 things you're excited about. Looking for things to be excited about brings more excitement!
  6. Quiet your mind and ask your higher self for advice. What would the negative-thought-free version of you say?
  7. Picture yourself being interviewed for a major success. What question would you want to be asked about it? This will help you create a pathway towards your goal.
  8. List thoughts you would like to make truth today. Practice thinking and believing them throughout your day.
  9. List 4 things that inspire you today. Looking for inspiration will bring more inspiration!

Now you can buy the Gathering Momentum Workbook! 8.5x11'', 100 worksheets, coil bound, $15!

School of Life Design Monthly Manifestation Manual

Jessica Mullen
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  • Allison Koberstein

    I LOVE WORKSHEETS! *print*

  • jessica mullen

    woot me too! I feel like I’m playing school, but for real! Life is fun ^_^

  • Bridie

    Oh Jessica, I love this. I am going to do some gentle prompting towards your mailing list for all the people who give me the ‘Bridie I like your lifestream, I like the idea, but I don’t want to be putting my shit all up on the internet’ talk. Thank you!

  • emily

    this makes me so excited!! thank you : )

  • katja lev

    Thank you Jessica! I realized I´m more of a pen and paper person (i write my morning pages every morning but can´t seem to manage to update my blog…), so this worksheet is just FABULOUS! :.))

  • Bethany Susan

    this is a fabulous gift! thank you!!!!

  • Jenna

    This is brilliant! Thank you Jessica!

  • Kati

    Thank you Jessica, this is great!
    I am as excited about the work sheet as I am about the upcoming e-mails from you!

    <3, Kati

  • Erin

    I love this!!!
    My friend Kat and I are having some crafty-awesomeness time later and I’m going to surprise her with this. :D She’ll love it too!

    I’m constantly doing things like this alone for my solo “artist dates” (Artist’s Way ref.) and I’m stoked to have one created by you!

    Thanks & keep up the awesome work/play!
    Hope you two had a fantastic Valentine’s Day. :D

  • jessica mullen

    Yay thanks everyone! I’m so glad y’all are enjoying the worksheet! I’m having so much fun with it too!

    Erin, how I miss our craft time! Have fun!

  • Christina Callaway

    Hi Jessica! I love this idea of the Gathering Momentum worksheets. Do you have a certain time of the day that you fill out the worksheet or do you fill it out as your day progresses?

  • jessica mullen

    Hi Christina! I write my gathering momentum post in the morning, but then I leave a blank worksheet out on my desk all day and add to it as the day goes on. I like to finish them in the evening, so I can get away from my computer and space out with some markers :]

    I think it’s really important to focus in the morning – so if I didn’t write my posts I would definitely do a worksheet first thing!

    Thanks for the comment :]

  • Christina Callaway

    Thanks for the super quick response! I’m going to fill out my first worksheet first thing tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to the positive feelings and thought that will be generated after filling out the worksheet. :)

  • Liz

    I’m excited! Thank you!

  • jessica mullen

    Awesome Liz, just checked out your site and I really like it, especially the free wordpress theme post!

  • Erin

    Me too, Jessica — those were good times!! I think of Pwny every time Puddle tries to barge in and start playing with my supplies. :)

  • jessica mullen

    Awww remember how Pwny would sit in your lap when you were beading? I don’t think she’s EVER done that with anyone else!

  • Erin

    Haha yeah that was so cute! She just thought I was working on a toy for her… that I ended up wearing instead, lol. I was just telling Ryan Puddle got her name by being all melty in my lap like that. :)

    (AND that you almost ended up with Puddle, and me w/Pwny.. :O That’s so hard to imagine!!)

  • jessica mullen

    Erin I think about that all the time! I still remember the first day we met them… Pwny was all playing with a ball and all Pud wanted to do was sit in our laps! Man we were so cool for doing that, so young and silly but I never regretted it for a second! <3

  • Rachel

    This is totally awesome. I really want to use it, and I subscribed to the emails but for some reason I still haven’t gotten it. :(

    Am I missing something?

  • jessica mullen

    Hopefully you got my email Rachel!

  • Susanne

    What a wonderful idea. I love this worksheet as I am a constant doodler on graph paper. These small boxes are just right. Great idea.

  • jessica mullen

    Thanks Susanne :] I appreciate you saying so! <3

  • http://blumercpas.com/member/257407

    Vows begin when hope dies….

    The eye sees a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake….

  • Kat

    My brain just exploded! I had an idea to do something like this and yours is way more awesome than the one that I pictured in my head. *print print print*
    I’m slightly jealous, but as a worksheet-a-holic I can’t let that stand in my way: these look like they are fun to play with.

  • jessica mullen

    Yay Kat!!!! So glad you found your way here! I’d love to hear more of what you’d do on your own!

  • Thelma

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    have got right here on this post. I am returning to your website for more soon.

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    It was practical. Keep on posting!

  • Sylwia

    I think this is such a fantastic idea and I am so excited to try it. I have two questions, though: 1) during what time of day or mood should I be filling out these worksheets and 2) how many times a month or week should this be done? I use the word “should” loosely, as what I mean is: what do you think would be best?

  • jessica mullen

    Hi Sylwia!
    1) I like to fill out worksheets first thing in the morning. I haven’t done this one in a while but I do the Daily Planner every morning. (https://jessicamullen.com/2012/12/25/tuesday-tips-christmas-edition-daily-planner-worksheet-free-pdf-download/)

    I like doing them when I’m already feeling good (it makes them feel really powerful), but they definitely help when I’m in a bad mood too (though if I’m in a bad mood silent counting, sleeping, or crying often work faster!).

    2) I like doing a worksheet every day, and the Daily Planner I keep with me and return to throughout the day. I love having a new mantra every day, and a list of my “favorite thoughts” that feel good. Like, I write down in the notes section “I’m the star of this now.” and “Be like water.”

    My best advice is to make a habit out of thought direction, and if the worksheets help you find better-feeling thoughts, then do them as often as you can :]

    Thanks for the great questions!

  • Cameron

    Does your website have a contact page? I’m having problems locating it but, I’d like to
    shoot you an e-mail. I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it develop over time.

  • Kaylie

    I loved this! It’s nice finding someone who’s still positive!

  • jessica mullen

    Thanks Kaylie! I love your name!

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