Happy Valentine’s Day! | gathering momentum for February 14, 2011

te amo!

Happy Valentine’s Day! | gathering momentum for February 14,…

te amo!
Happy Valentine's Day! I am so grateful I took these beautiful photos at HEB the other day so I could use them in this post! I'm so grateful for the awesome camera on my iphone! I'm so grateful our science experiment is going so well! I'm so grateful it's 71º and I'm about to bust open the window!

I'm so grateful for a full night of sleep. I'm so grateful the kitties wake up with me. I'm so grateful I posted last night. I'm so grateful for so many new mailing list subscribers! I'm so grateful it's Monday and I'm ready for this amazing week ahead! I'm so grateful for inspiration. I'm so grateful I know what I'm doing. I'm so grateful I woke up this morning, thought to myself "what's that one thing I have to worry about today" and couldn't find a SINGLE THING. There is not a single thing I dread doing in my life. There is not a single thing I don't want. There is not a single thing to feel bad about. I am so grateful for that!

I am so grateful for the abundance in my life. I am so grateful we always have the rent paid, the bills paid, and food in the fridge. I am so grateful for our internet connection so I can do my work. I am so grateful I could do my work at the pool if I had to. I'm so grateful I could do it at the Y if I had to. I'm so grateful there are always options, even if you think there aren't. I'm so grateful for Astrojax, I really want to go play at Auditorium Shores soon!! I'm so grateful we get to go grocery shopping tonight. I've been really into it lately. I love buying pine nuts and vegetables. I love trying new vegetables and raw recipes. I love interacting with random people at the store. I love looking at people with love. I'm so grateful for the abundant life I lead!

thanks grandma!
I'm so grateful for this card from my Grandma. She is so awesome. I'm so grateful for love. I'm so grateful to be made out of love. I'm so grateful I choose to direct my thoughts in the morning. I'm so grateful I have a list of thoughts to read when I'm bored. I'm so grateful I always know what I want to be thinking. I'm so grateful I take responsibility for my thoughts. I'm so grateful I take responsibility for my life experience. I'm so grateful I know what I know. I'm so grateful for all the people who read this site and who know the same things as me. I'm so grateful for the community. I'm so grateful to focus on the positive aspects of life. I'm so grateful my life is nothing but positive aspects.

I'm so grateful I can let myself chill out at night when I know the time is right. I'm so grateful I know to slow down. I'm so grateful I am getting better and better at life. I'm so grateful I'm a philosopher. I'm so grateful I don't care what other people think. I'm so grateful for my creativity and abundance. I'm so grateful for my wife. I'm so grateful for productive, relaxing weekends. I'm so grateful I get to eat an apple soon. I'm so grateful we have some green bananas. I'm so grateful Linty sits in my lap!

99 balloons
Wouldn't it be nice to finish working on Michael's tattoo? Wouldn't it be nice to order new moleskines soon? Wouldn't it be nice to have this TPP interview/YMCA episode go so smoothly and fun-ly today? Wouldn't it be nice to make the best podcast episode yet about the Y? Wouldn't it be nice to interview our BP & KB instructors? Wouldn't it be nice to know the perfect questions to ask? Like "what's your favorite part about the Y?" Wouldn't it be nice to get that ebook done today? Wouldn't it be nice to at least make progress on it? Wouldn't it be nice to spend some time outside playing AJ? Wouldn't it be nice to find more article inspiration today? Wouldn't it be nice to stay focused and clear minded and driven? Wouldn't it be nice to have kale salad for dinner? Wouldn't it be nice to clean our apartment? Wouldn't it be nice to get rid of a bunch of shit? Wouldn't it be nice to play with a rodent? Wouldn't it be nice to release negative thoughts? Wouldn't it be nice to get my haircut this week? Wouldn't it be nice to focus on feeling good all day? Wouldn't it be nice to up my weights in BP and do really well in KB? Wouldn't it be nice to run 3 miles really fast & easy? Wouldn't it be nice to be writing this by the pool? Wouldn't it be nice to see some panels at SXSW? Wouldn't it be nice to return my emails? Wouldn't it be nice to have zero obligations to other people? Wouldn't it be nice if Pavlina wrote more articles? Wouldn't it be nice to find another inspiring blog to read? Wouldn't it be nice to spend all of today releasing negative thoughts, dropping them from my mind like stones into a lake?

What I want to feel today

  • Abundance. Abundant money, abundant health, abundant love, abundant communication, abundant food, abundant curiosity, abundant fun, abundant surprises from the universe!
  • Surprise. Surprise at how things work out perfectly when you let go. Surprise at the perfect solution. Surprise at something that produces massive relief. Surprise at the wondrous ways the universe assembles the perfect experience for me.

mmmm roses
Today I intend to focus on doing things that make me feel good. I intend to project love onto everyone I see. I intend to let go of negative thoughts. I intend to meditate and create. I intend to have the perfect, abundant, surprising day.

I love focusing. I love problems so that I may find the solution. I love thinking about emotions I want to feel, then practicing them. I love feeling good. I love pwny and linty. I love valentine's day. I love the people who read this site, and I love reading their sites. I love that I make a living through my website. I love that my website is my true love. I love that I have been making websites since I was 15 or so. I love remembering my first site. I love good memories. I love waking up feeling good and realizing there is not a single thing I have to worry about. I love that Kelly is the project manager for the podcast now. I love project management. I love that today I will level up. I love the concept of leveling up. I love that I sped through lots of levels in the past 8 months and now I'm in this sort of... heaven level. I'm in no rush to leave. It's fun here. There is so much to do and be and have. It's like I beat a section of the game and I'm chillin in my victory waiting for the next section to load. Or maybe I'm waiting for the game to arrive from Netflix or something. Anyway, I can't fathom what's above this level but I know it is beautiful and perfect and breathtaking and amazing. And speaking of, I'm going to start reading some Castaneda again. I want to read more about "stopping the world". I love reading. I love that Castaneda is who prompted me to investigate the intersection of design and spirituality. I love that that's exactly what I do now. I love my beautiful abundant fascinating life.

bbs breath

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. Alli Woods Frederick is inspiring one of my next income streams! I want to make some downloadable cards too ^_^
  2. I want to get more into fashion I think! Lookbook.nu is so inspiring.
  4. Interviewing B at the Y!
  6. Working on the ebook!
  7. Kale salad!
  8. Making some time to play AJ
  9. Making some time to read Castaneda & A Philosopher's Notes
  10. Releasing more negative thoughts and allowing huge inspiration to flow!

10 things I appreciate

About my design education:

  1. It taught me that every decision can be intentional
  2. I met incredible people who inspire me to this day
  3. I learned how to use Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator
  4. I learned how to use CSS
  5. I learned how to think like a designer
  6. I received a foundation to build my life design theories on
  7. I learned the difference between form & function, art & design
  8. I learned how to trust my intuition
  9. I learned I could create for a living
  10. I got to have fun drinking with my colleagues constantly!

About SXSW

  1. Everyone visits!
  2. So much to do! So much to see!
  3. So much free shit that you don't need a badge for!
  4. So many cute nerds!
  5. So many smelly bands!
  6. So many creative people in one tiny city!
  7. It's during my birthday!
  8. Celebrities abound!
  9. An excuse to drink continuously for a week if you choose!
  10. Austin's version of spring break! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

beautiful roses!

Advice from Clair

Let it unfold. You don't have to force anything. Let go. Release more. Create more whitespace. Let go. Let more negative thoughts go.

Clair, how can I release more negative thoughts and let go?
It's so simple. Anytime you have a negative thought, recognize it and drop it like a stone in a lake. Write about it, make an image about it, do anything to cement that in your mind. Google it. Find how other people let go. Release possessions. Release habits. Release judgements. Release limiting beliefs. Release trained responses. Strive for a beginner's mind in each moment. You can physically FEEL the resistance of negative thoughts. It makes you feel tight and wound up and like you're clenching your fists. Unknot yourself. Let go. Go with the flow. Life is as easy as growing like a blade of grass. You don't have to write everything down. You don't have to make everything so deep. You can release your need to show proof of your development. Release your need for schedules and goals. Let go of anything that makes you feel bad. Choose the positive fork in every moment. Every moment has a million positive forks and the same number of negative ones. It's a maze, and your emotions tell you how to navigate through it.

Let go. Let go. Let go. Let go. Your life is perfect, and everything is in its place. Let go. Inspiration will guide you towards the manifestations you desire. Let go. Don't worry. Let go.

Telling my future

Today is a premonition of SXSW. Today I let go. Today I learn a new method for letting go. Today I calm myself with my own positive thoughts. Today I release resistance. Today I stop thinking about anything that bothers me. Today I rejoice in simple pleasures. Today I let go of more.

Interview with myself

What are your methods for letting go?
I first must intend to let go. If I do not have the intention, I don't think about doing it.
I have to remember why I need to let go. It's because the universe can't bring me anything that I'm vibrating a vibration of lack about. I have to completely drop the thought so the universe can fulfill my wishes.
I have to be completely aware of my thoughts. Or really, my emotions. If I don't feel good, I am thinking thoughts I need to let go.
In every moment I can ask myself, how do you feel? And if the answer is less than good, I can choose to stop thinking altogether, or I can visualize dropping the negative thoughts like stones in a lake.
Repeat. Get better. Repeat. Practice is all it takes.

Today's affirmations

  • Let go.
  • My life is abundant in every way.

Links I love

  • Here is the portfolio site for graphic designer Anastasia Tumanova. One of my former students from UIUC, Anastasia has a unique view on design and a pretty sweet Tumblr based site.
  • Emily at Daily Garnish wrote about starting a one sentence a day 5 year journal which I think is a beautiful idea!
  • Mark Krynsky at lifestreamblog.com wrote such a cool article about me! I was so surprised! LOVE IT!
  • I finally figured out how to share my articles on Facebook & have the proper image show up! This helped.
  • I am so into Tavi again!
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