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Clair is just me, minus the negative thoughts |…

good morning
I am so grateful to be awake and alive on this glorious spring day! I am so grateful it's going to be in the 70s all week! I am so grateful to be awake in the morning and ready to work on some awesome projects! I am so grateful I have so much going on! I am so grateful we get to go to dubstep night with Betty at Barcelona! I am so grateful I feel so inspired! I am so grateful for the heeeavy sleep I got last night, and for the incredible workout recovery feast we had.

I am so grateful to be awake, seriously. I am so grateful it is still morning while I write this. I'm so grateful I have time to work today, finally! I am so grateful I am almost done returning emails! I am so grateful that most of them have already been dealt with. I'm so grateful I have so much to work on! I'm so grateful for Austin, Texas. I'm so grateful for apples in my fridge. I'm so grateful to wake up still hungry. I'm so grateful for Linty chillin on my lap. I'm so grateful for FB interactions with old friends. I'm so grateful for this coffee in front of me. I'm so grateful for focus and clarity.

808 bump
Wouldn't it be nice to get everything done today that I want? Wouldn't it be nice to AJ at AS? Wouldn't it be nice to walk to HEB? Wouldn't it be nice to practice gymnastics? Wouldn't it be nice to go dancing tonight? Wouldn't it be nice to have as much time as I needed? Wouldn't it be nice if time stopped? Wouldn't it be nice to remember to post tonight? Wouldn't it be nice to post to TPP? Wouldn't it be nice to jump on a trampoline? Wouldn't it be nice to find another class to try? Wouldn't it be nice to find a non-fitness related class to take? Like one about physics or something? Wouldn't it be nice to take some time to read? Wouldn't it be nice to make more tacos? Wouldn't it be nice to eat all raw this week? Wouldn't it be nice to focus? Wouldn't it be nice to have a salad for dinner? Wouldn't it be nice to focus on what I want? Wouldn't it be nice to get to work and feel inspired?

What I want to feel today

  • Inspired.
  • Focused.

Today I intend to let source do it. Today I intend to let source flow through me. Today I intend to remember what I already know. Today I intend to meditate and be outside. Today I intend to love my life and my work. Today I intend to be stress free and relaxed and calm.

I love choosing the positive fork in the road in the morning. I love lining up my energy before getting to work. I love plowing through my inbox. I love being in Austin. I love that we'll be able to open the window today. I love that it's spring. I love that i have lifelines, not deadlines. I love that we get to go to Barcelona tonight! I love focusing. I love my family. I love my friends. I love inspiration. I love flowing. I love choosing to feel good. I love clarity. I love being asked questions and then turning them over in my head like a puzzle. I love drinking water and eating apples. I love my life!

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. Magick Food cookbook!
  2. Dubstep at Barcelona tonight!
  3. 72ยบ!
  4. Seeing Betty!
  5. Finally having a chance to work on my site!
  6. Planning my next haircut!
  7. Walking to HEB!
  8. Writing, writing, writing.
  9. Resting before a big workout day tomorrow
  10. Hanging out with my girlfriend!
  11. Eating delicious raw and/or cooked food. Like Hey Cupcake!

10 things I appreciate

About myself:

  1. I am always looking for solutions
  2. I am the happiest person I know
  3. I am the most time affluent person I know
  4. I am very patient
  5. I build muscle easily
  6. I have great relationships with my friends and family
  7. I am the most creative person I know
  8. I love being a Pisces
  9. I'm really into fitness
  10. I know how to direct my thoughts

About running:

  1. I went from not being able to run 3 blocks in Nov 09 to running a marathon in May 2010.
  2. It's really fun to improve
  3. It gives me great endurance for other exercises/sports
  4. It helps me breathe better
  5. It makes me want to expand my lung capacity
  6. It's a great flow activity
  7. I get to spend a lot of time with Kelly
  8. I've learned so much about fitness nutrition
  9. I've started wearing Vibrams because of it
  10. It gave me access to a blissful meditative state that led to incredible experiences

Message from Clair

If you feel a little off today, remember it's only your thoughts making you feel that way. You have the choice to turn your thoughts around at any moment. Choose what you want to be thinking, then think it. It's that easy.

Thoughts I want to think:

  • I am so excited and inspired to work on these articles I've been dying to work on all week.
  • I'm letting source do the work for me.
  • I feel so good I'm in the flow!
  • I have so much energy!
  • I am refreshed and eager for this day to unfold!
  • Everything in my life is perfect and in its place.
  • I feel so focused!
  • I know exactly what to do next.

Telling my future

Today is the first time I do my homework days ahead of time. Today I let source talk for me. Today I let Clair do my homework. Today I understand how to access Clair in ways I've never done before. Today I am eager and excited and full of energy!

Interview with myself

How do you get in touch with Clair?
I asked this to answer the question on my "Who is Clair?" page

Clair is the name of my higher self. I like to think of her as the perfect version of me. The version of me that is completely in the flow and connected to source energy. The me that has zero negative thought. The me that gets "it". Clair is not a separate entity from me. She's just the furthest most expanded version of me. She is the me I'll return to when I die, and the me that I strive to become every day.

Since Clair really is me, minus the negative thoughts, it's very easy to get in touch with her. I just have to "know" she exists. Knowing is actually an emotion, and it's up there with joy and love. To "know" that Clair exists, I have to trust myself, my intuition, my internal guidance system.

I found Clair by having the thought that she must exist. I believe that there is a version of myself that is completely free of negative thought, a version who has everything she wants and understands all there is to know. I believe this because I come from source energy/god, and so I am not separate from god. I am god. In my human form, the only thing that prevents me from being god is negative thought. So to be god, I stop negative thought. Clair is just a name I use to describe the god version of me. I already am Clair, I already am god, they are not separate entities. But with negative thoughts, Clair feels like a separate being.

So to access Clair, I stop negative thought. When I stop negative thought, I become Clair and therefore can speak from her perspective. When I stop negative thought, I am god. I have access to all the answers to all the questions. I am perfect and have everything I want.

Clair/source/god knows everything because she IS everything, so when I stop negative thought and become one with god/source/Clair, I know everything. I can't just spew the answers to life the universe and everything though, because an answer can't exist until a question is asked. That is why to interact with Clair, I have to first stop all negative thought and then ask a question. If my mind is free of negative thought, the answer comes.

So when I write a "message from Clair", it's just me writing from a negative-thought-free perspective. It's the me that KNOWS the meaning of life writing. It's the me that gets "it". When I ask for visual inspiration for art, I just space out and stop thinking negative thought and then I SEE the answer to my question. Because every bit of knowledge, all answers already exist somewhere in the air. It is NEW QUESTIONS that create NEW ANSWERS and new expansion in the universe. So when I talk to Clair, I am actually expanding the universe, not just accessing what already exists. Clair knows/IS everything, so as soon as I ask the question, the answer is given. That's because every problem has a solution - it's the "other side of the wave". Everything is a vibration, or a wave, so you can't have one side of a wave (a question) without the other side (the answer).

Everything is just one thing - nothing. Our human perspective is what gives us the ability to ask questions and create universal expansion out of nothing.

Today's affirmations

  • I'm letting source do the work for me.
  • I feel so good I'm in the flow!
  • I have so much energy!
  • Everything in my life is perfect and in its place.
  • I feel so focused!
  • I know exactly what to do next.

Links I love

  • We have a recipes category and a "tidbits" (cool info about food) category on now!
  • Watching Dawn spin fire poi is FUN
  • Hey everyone, MAPS is visiting Texas to do some fundraising for MDMA/PTSD research! Here's the info if you're interested:

    MAPS will be visiting the state of Texas for the first time since 2007 to re-connect with local supporters, meet for dinner and discussion, and to celebrate our 25th anniversary year. MAPS Founder and Executive Director Rick Doblin, Ph.D. will be in attendance each evening to discuss the past and future of psychedelic psychotherapy research and education that MAPS has been at the forefront of for the last 25 years. Each evening will be comprised of an intimate gathering at the elegant home of a local MAPS supporter, and will feature fine food followed by brief presentations by MAPS staff and local colleagues. Following the presentations attendees will have plenty of time to relax and enjoy themselves in great company before we thank our hosts and retire for the evening by 11PM.

    MAPS will also be featuring a small selection of works by Martina Hoffman, A. Andrew Gonzalez, and several other artists compassionate to the MAPS mission.

    The minimum suggestion donation to attend one of these events is $100 ($25 of your donation will cover costs and is not tax-deductible). Donations and proceeds from art sales at these benefit events will support our MDMA/PTSD research fund, which is currently seeking an additional $100,000 to fund the remainder of costs related to our MDMA-assisted psychotherapy study in veterans with conflict-related posttraumatic stress disorder ($400,000 of the $500,000 total costs for this study have already been raised).

    If you would like to assist us in spreading the word about one of these events, please email Brian Wallace, MAPS Director of Development. You can also invite your friends and see who's going on Facebook. We are currently seeking caterers in each of these cities, and we appreciate any suggestions you might be able to offer.

    Wednesday, March 9th

    Thursday, March 10th

    Friday, March 11th

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