I like to think about life | a lullaby for February 11, 2011

I like to think about life | a lullaby…

Good evening. I'm so grateful for this day. I'm so grateful for the expansion I experienced. I'm so grateful we just got to hang out with Ellen and Sean and Jamie! They are such an awesome, intelligent group of people. I'm so grateful we played Astrojax! I'm so grateful we had a chance to chill finally. I'm so grateful to see our friends! I'm so grateful Kelly and I have been playing with Astrojax all night. It's so fun. I have a fun life.

floating on sunlight
I'm so grateful for all the ideas I had tonight. I'm so grateful letting go works every time. I'm so grateful Kelly asked me the question, "do you measure yourself in your output?"
No I don't measure my value as a human being in output, but it's a super fun to have creative goals. Having creative goals is fun because it's like always having a mental puzzle to play with. By saying I want to write 4 articles a week, I open myself up to a stream of ideas I wouldn't otherwise have. I decide what I want, let go, and receive. It's just practicing/learning the laws of the universe. When I get what I want, I know I'm releasing more and more negative thought and it RULES. If I didn't produce the 4 articles, I'd live, but it's so fun to have the challenge. When I have an idea for something to write about, it feels so good. And it's pretty much clockwork, I get 4 really good ideas 4 times a week. I could ask for more, but I'm pretty good with 4 for now. It's a challenge equal to my skill. When it becomes too easy I'll do something else. Like 5 posts, or an ebook every three weeks. It's what I'm trying right now. This ebook rules. Who wouldn't want to publish an ebook a month? It sounds so fun. What a fun design challenge. It's like being in design school. I LOVE DESIGN SCHOOL.

Building conscious creation muscles is just like weight lifting. Your muscles get bigger each time you work them out, and you get stronger and stronger and have better and better form. The results are visible. And building your creative inspiration is the same. As you learn tricks to get more, creating gets more and more fun. And creating is just like anything else. Want to make something, trust you'll find the means, then let source guide you towards your manifestation. It's so fun, it gives me goosebumps.

Tonight I intend to focus on feeling good and basking myself to sleep. Tonight I intend to love my life. Tonight I intend to feel good about the incredible day I've had. Tonight I intend to get excited for tomorrow! Tonight I intend to let source do it. Tonight I intend to be joyful.

Wouldn't it be nice to live forever? We do. Wouldn't it be nice to experience the singularity? We are. Wouldn't it be nice to play Astrojax with more people? Wouldn't it be nice to talk about life with more people? Wouldn't it be nice to listen to that meditation before bed?

I love focusing before bed. I love that we have our own cooked food in the fridge. I love Kelly's tarot readings. I love getting packages. I love learning to much from my interactions with other people. I love that we're home in Austin. I love that my parents are back, Michael is back, and all is well and beautiful and good and fun. I love that we are vibration. I love that so much.

Message from Clair

If you're asking questions about the meaning of life and getting freaked out about the answers, you can stop at any time. Stopped getting freaked out that is. You can never stop asking questions once you wake up and start thinking about how weird life is. But don't worry, because the answers are all good. You can choose to focus on the good things in your life, and LOVE, and you will receive nothing but the same in return. The world is a mirror. The answer to the most basic question you have - how to be/have/give love is easy, just choose to feel it. Choose to think loving thoughts.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • kelly

    wow, i love your answer to the question i posed. it makes me feel so good to think about it. opening yourself up to ideas you wouldn’t otherwise attract. a fun challenge. it makes so much sense.

    thank you.

    i also like what you said about how when it becomes easy that you will do more. i love the expectation that with practicing doing that, you will progress and be able to do more. your best always getting better.

    the message from clair is beautiful. favorite post ever. i love you. i love everything.

  • jessica mullen

    i love you! thank you for asking that question in the first place!

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