good habits attract more good habits | gathering momentum for February 12, 2011

good habits attract more good habits | gathering momentum…

philosophers' notes
I am so grateful for 3 copies of A Philosopher's Notes! I am so grateful for other people's generosity! I'm so grateful I'd been wanting a new book to read and here it is! I'm so grateful Kelly and I woke up this morning and went to Body Pump even though we only got 3 hours of sleep and slept through our alarms! I'm so grateful the law of attraction replaces self discipline! I'm so grateful Kelly and I walked our miles today. I'm so grateful we spent the time talking about things we appreciate! I'm so grateful we spent so much time talking about how awesome our friends are!

I'm so grateful for fun Facebook conversations. I'm so grateful for people who like to talk about life. I'm so grateful for coffee and the electronica/IDM pandora station. I'm so grateful I have 3 open tabs of articles in progress. I'm so grateful for the spinach smoothie I just drank. I'm so grateful we get to go to Stephen's today. I'm so grateful we get to go to Joy's today. I'm so grateful we got to play Astrojax with our friends last night! It's so fun showing them to people!

I'm so grateful we listened to the Abe meditation CD as we fell asleep last night. I was asleep 5 minutes in! It helped me sleep SO SOUNDLY! I'm so grateful life is so trippy. I'm so grateful I know to meditate when I'm crabby. I'm so grateful we WOKE UP EARLY TODAY! I'm so grateful Saturday is the new Monday! I'm so grateful to be starting the week off right! I'm so grateful for my beautiful abundant life!

I'm so grateful we get to make another podcast about the Y on Monday! CAN'T WAIT!

Wouldn't it be nice if making the smoothies was really easy? Wouldn't it be nice if I was totally energized and able to write tonight? Wouldn't it be nice to meditate before heading out? Wouldn't it be nice to find more presents for our friends? Wouldn't it be nice to hang out with Sean and Ellen more? Wouldn't it be nice if they came with us to Body Pump on Wednesday? Wouldn't it be nice to go to zumba and RPM soon? Wouldn't it be nice to play AJs at Auditorium Shores today? Wouldn't it be nice to write three articles & publish the ebook & PDF worksheet thing by tomorrow? Wouldn't it be nice to go dancing? Wouldn't it be nice to feel flowing? Wouldn't it be nice to focus on positive aspects of being tired? Wouldn't it be nice to try more raw recipes this week? Wouldn't it be nice to order some raw pine nuts from Amazon? Wouldn't it be nice to have the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE?

What I want to feel today

  • Energy. I want to feel refreshed, calm, centered and bursting with excitement and focus.
  • Flow. I want positive, uplifting, inspiring words, thoughts and actions to flow from me today.

Today I intend to meditate. Today I intend to remember what I know. Today I intend to focus. Today I intend to channel source into inspiration into creative works. Today I intend to ponder life. Today I intend to uplift and inspire!

I love BODY PUMP! I love Magen! I love that her class is packed! I love that we get to interview Brandon! I love finding ways to support the Y! I love podcasting! I love focusing my energy through writing! I love having three article post tabs open! I love electronic music! I love Astrojax! I love introducing people to AJ! I love that you can SEE their minds being blown when they play for the first time! I love that it's such a deep toy! I love toys! I love focusing on feeling good! I love that the people who work at the Y are so positive and cool and fun to be around! I love getting up early on Saturdays! I love that we had friends over last night and I didn't drink! I love that I directed the experience by focusing on feeling good and in the flow! I love Sean and Ellen! I love getting to know them better! I love that we're going to hang out more! I love that there is no moment but now! I love that I have so many amazing new habits this year! I love that my life will continue to get better! I love that I will just keep adding to the positive habits I have! I love having so many habits that are cumulative GOODS!

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. We've successfully started a shitload of new habits since January: Kickboxing, Body Pump, posting at night, Astrojax, looking for abundance, practicing the feeling, tipping hard, donating whenever it's the next logical step, eating more raw, and listening to the Abraham meditation CD.
  2. DIY vaporizer!
  3. Having a fully stocked fridge!
  4. Being home.
  5. Strengthening my core in Body Pump and Kickboxing. I feel like my core is motor and my legs a propeller!
  6. Kelly is opening an Etsy store! SO EXCITED!
  7. 3 articles, 1 ebook, & 1 pdf worksheet in progress! I LOVE FEELING CREATIVELY FULFILLED!
  8. Focusing on the positive aspects of our interactions with friends brings WAY more of them!
  9. Astrojax never gets old. Crazy.
  10. It's SO BEAUTIFUL OUT TODAY! 65ยบ!!
  11. To do lists. I love my to do list because it's all things I really want to do, and I write my to do list just because it feels good to remember all the fun things I want to do.

10 things I appreciate

About our podcast:

  1. We've been doing it since June 2008.
  2. It's an incredible record of our personal development.
  3. It's an incredible record of our relationship.
  4. It encourages us to take risks and look at ourselves honestly.
  5. It has introduced us to our best friends.
  6. It attracts like minded people.
  7. It's so fun to watch.
  8. It's so fun to make.
  9. It makes money!
  10. It has taught us so much about the Internet, media and life.

About Sean & Ellen:

  1. They are interested in meditation!
  2. We got to do yoga with Ellen and it was so fun
  3. We met through Dawn and Drew!
  4. We got to go on a party barge with them on the lake!
  5. They love to have fun.
  6. They invited us to come party with them soon!
  7. They are super smart, both working with computers.
  8. They are both hot.
  9. It's been so fun to get to know them over time.
  10. They get the Internet! And Astrojax!

Message from Clair

Clair, how can I appreciate being tired or at least not get annoyed when I'm tired?
Find things to be excited about being tired. Life is thrilling and it's often so good you don't want to sleep, but remember all the positive aspects of sleep. You get to practice lucid dreaming. You get to connect with source. You get to communicate with people in your dreams. You get to listen to a meditation CD as you fall asleep. You get to hold your girlfriend. You get to give your cells a chance to allow well being without your interference. Look at sleep as a chance to level up each night. Look at it as a fun game. See how much you can learn from sleep. You'll be surprised how much you'll find out.

Telling my future

Today feels like a weekend in undergrad. Today feels like endless possibilities and just enough time for all of them. Today feels like comfort and pleasure and relaxation. Today feels like law of attraction is pulling me towards all the best rendezvous. Today is creatively fulfilling and full of fun.

Interview with myself

What is your life philosophy?
Life does make sense. It feels good to feel good. It's fun to have fun. Following one's inspiration leads to more inspiration. Love attracts more love. What you think about, you bring about. Focusing on the good in life creates a good life. Using a website/lifestream to focus one's energy is the best catalyst for rapidly moving up the emotional scale, enjoying the journey that is life, and passing the meme onto others so that they may choose to feel good too.

Today's affirmations

  • I feel so good I'm in the flow.
  • I allow my energetic thoughts to attract energetic feelings.
  • I am impeccable in my thoughts, words and actions.

Links I love

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