Happy birthday Betty! | gathering momentum for 2-11-2011

betty's personal power symbol

Happy birthday Betty! | gathering momentum for 2-11-2011

betty's personal power symbol
personal power symbol for Betty!

Hello! I am so grateful today is Betty's birthday! I'm so grateful for our friendship. I'm so grateful we started hanging out this summer. I'm so grateful my sister Joy introduced us. I'm so grateful for all the time we've gotten to spend together cooking! I'm so grateful for Betty's generosity. I'm so grateful my sister Kerri got to stay at her house for 6 weeks. I'm so grateful Betty is friends with all the Mullen siblings! I'm so grateful Betty went camping with us and we had such a beautiful time. I'm so grateful Betty is 21 now and we can go to the club! I'm so grateful Betty is such a kind soul. I'm so grateful she is so intelligent and loves to think about life! I'm so grateful she inspired me to read more. I'm so grateful she plays poker with us. I'm so grateful she taught me so much about cooking!

I'm so grateful for Betty's presence in my life. I'm so grateful to have such a good friend. I'm so grateful for the time we get to spend together. I'm so grateful for her positive attitude and open mind. I'm so grateful she is my friend!

I'm so grateful it's FRIDAY! I'm so grateful we get to go home today! I'm so grateful my parents will be home soon! I'm so grateful their trip was so smooth! I'm so grateful we cooked ALLLLLLL NIGHT! I'm so grateful we have friends who order our food! I'm so grateful the sun is shining and it's 55ยบ!! I'm so grateful I got to sleep during the day! I'm so grateful I sleep when I want to, not when I think I'm should! I'm so grateful for Astrojax and getting to play with them for an hour yesterday! I'm so grateful for DONATIONS!!! WEE!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you my heart is exploding with love! Thank you for supporting me!

tarot reading
I'm so grateful Kelly gave us this badass reading last night. Essentially it means that we reached a tipping point, we presently understand the balance and abundance in our lives now, and some ABUNDANT inspired action is in our future!

Wouldn't it be nice if cleaning up and packing was super easy? Wouldn't it be nice if the drive home was really fun? Wouldn't it be nice if we got those smoothies made as soon as we got back and dropped off that food order right away? Wouldn't it be nice to go to bed early so I can be rested for PUMP tomorrow? Wouldn't it be nice to write the article I finally have an idea for? Wouldn't it be nice to spend all day tomorrow working on the ebook and the article? Wouldn't it be nice if my parents were in a really good mood when they got home? Wouldn't it be nice to have a yummy spinach smoothie for breakfast? Wouldn't it be nice if Kelly got up soon and we had the best day of our lives again? Wouldn't it be nice to focus on feeling abundance all day again? Wouldn't it be nice to get rid of this cough? Wouldn't it be nice to relax in the bed with our kitties? Wouldn't it be nice to find evidence of abundance all around me? Wouldn't it be nice to play AJs today? Wouldn't it be nice to find that package? Wouldn't it be nice to meditate before leaving the country? Wouldn't it be nice to HAVE THE BEST DAY EVER?!

What I want to feel today

This REALLY works. Yesterday I wanted to feel ease, flow, abundance and creative fulfillment. ALL feelings came x100! I felt ease when allowing myself to nap (twice!), and while cooking for 5 hours straight. I felt flow when playing Astrojax for a whole hour. I felt abundance while making food and having way more ingredients than I expected! And I felt creative fulfillment when the perfect article idea came to me at 4:30am. Practicing feelings is THE KEY TO GETTING WHAT I WANT!

  • Abundance. I want to feel this every single day. Evidence is everywhere, from synchronous times to overflowing food in the fridge to donations in my inbox to new creative ideas to material objects I already own. My life is abundant in every way.
  • Relief. I want to feel the relief of coming home after working hard. I want to feel the relief of letting my mind rest. I want to feel the relief of being in my own bed. I want to feel the relief of chilling with my chippies. I want to feel the relief of spending time with friends under zero pressure.
  • Inspired action. I want to feel source flow through as I lovingly create articles and books and images.

Today I intend to practice the feelings I want to feel. I intend to direct my energy all day. I intend to act upon inspiration. I intend to follow my bliss. I intend to feel love and joy. I intend to create wonderful things. I intend to smile and laugh and influence with the power of my vibration.

I love Betty! I love writing! I love focusing! I love that we get to go to Austin today! I love that we cooked for 6 hours! I love that we only have to cook once a week! I love that it warmed up! I love that I have NEW IDEAS!!! I love seeing the laws of the universe illustrate themselves in my life all day every day. I love directing my thoughts. I love directing my thoughts via writing. I love flowing. I love the feeling of flow. I love that success means to be happy. I love that I choose to live from happiness, not for it. I love that I think about life a lot. I love that I spent 10-12 years thinking about the meaning of life and then found it when I was 28 and it was GOOD! I love that I can say I understand the meaning of life! I love that life makes sense to me! I love that one of the greatest joys in life is helping other people make sense of life too!

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. The worst emotion we feel on the scale lately is contentment! Wow.
  2. I am a Jesus honey bee! I made tacos last night, and usually we have way more tortillas than ingredients to fill them. Miraculously there were MORE than enough ingredients to fill all the torts & it was seriously unbelievable! Abundance is everywhere!
  3. FINALLY made those raw recipes! They are delicious! Raw tomato pate & "rice" with pesto! Hit me up if you want recipes!
  4. My muscles are elevators! Body Pump is paying off SO MASSIVELY. My ass is a ROCK! And it's only been 4.5 weeks!
  5. WE COOKED SO MUCH! We have food to last us all week! We made a double batch of macaroons, bean burgers, 22 tacos (which include homemade spinach tortillas, cheezy potatoes, rice, beans and soyrizo!), a triple batch of english muffs, tomato pate, raw rice, raw pesto, and a smoothie.
  6. We get to go home!
  7. It's Betty's 21st omg!
  9. The ebook is coming along! I want to launch it Sunday!!!
  10. It's so nice out! It's not going to get cold in Austin again this year! WOOOO!
  11. Abundance is FLOWING!!!!!!!! We weren't kidding about that tipping point!

10 things I appreciate

About Joe and Sheeba, my parents' dogs:

  1. They stayed up late with us last night and had a slumber party.
  2. Sheeba is so loving and sits in my lap. Joe loves to be pet and will chill next to me all night.
  3. They protect the house!
  4. They keep the coondaddy's away.
  5. They are really friendly and loving and smiley.
  6. They act 5 years younger when we're here!
  7. They scratch at the door when they want to come in.
  8. They are very obedient.
  9. They are so cute when they roll in sun patches in the grass.
  10. They love playing with me!

About eating raw:

  1. I have so much energy!
  2. It tastes better than cooked food.
  3. I only want to eat it when I'm hungry.
  4. It feels like the best fuel for my body.
  5. It's a way to have a beginner's mind.
  6. Eating whole, uncooked plants feels like magick.
  7. Raw chocolate desserts are so good for you and delicious!
  8. Dates are the best sweetener in the world.
  9. I'm not so strict that I won't include tiny bits of cooked food, like tamari or vanilla extract.
  10. It's the most natural, healthy way I've found to eat.

Message from Clair

The abundance is flowing! Keep noticing it! Keep focusing on it! It's all around you! The more abundance you feel, the more access to better feeling ideas you will have. You are beginning to see things you couldn't see before! The path to financial abundance is unfolding before your eyes, so keep it up!

Telling my future

Today is relief. Today is productive and like the night before Christmas. Today is so fun. Today is smooth sailing, and everything is perfect and in its place. Today is the most abundant-feeling day of my life. Today is the best day of my life. Today I move in the flow and hear the divine pulse with every action. Today I trust my inspiration. Today I am refreshed, relaxed, and going with the flow. Today I LOVE MY LIFE SO MUCH.

Interview with myself

What are your next ideas for income streams?
After launching the ebook on Sunday (fingers crossed!), my next step might be inspired from this article: The Future of Blogs is Paid Access (thanks Gala!). I love the idea of a private forum! Would y'all be interested in a subscription forum where we get to hang out and talk about the meaning of life? I'd love to give more individual help with setting up websites/lifestreams and advice on feeling good... When Kel and I had premium content enabled (basically you got to log in and see way more videos) on the podcast, we were too focused on the making money part and not the content part, but I feel like we can revisit that model again.

Today's affirmations

  • Abundance is everywhere!
  • I follow my inspiration.

Links I love

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Adrienne O.

    I’d love to see the raw “rice” recipe! :)

  • jessica mullen

    o man you can’t make it without the pesto, it’s TOO GOOD TOGETHER. they are like the sexiest couple in my mouth ever. perfect blend of sweet and savory. ok:

    (very closely adapted from Kristen Suzanne’s EASY Raw Vegan Entrees: Delicious & Easy Raw Food Recipes for Hearty & Satisfying Entrees Like Lasagna, Burgers, Wraps, Pasta, … Cheeses, Breads, Crackers, Bars & Much More!)

    the pesto:
    2 cups spinach packed
    1/4 cup evoo
    1T lime juice
    2 cloves garlic (I use 5)
    1 1/2t salt
    1t curry powder
    1/4t cardamom
    1/3c pine nuts

    process everything but the pine nuts for a bit, then add in the pine nuts & process til it looks like pesto.

    1 head cauliflower florets
    1/4 pine nuts
    3T orange juice
    1T lemon juice
    1T agave
    1/2t cinnamon

    process cauliflower & pine nuts until they look like rice (mine looks more like quinoa). whisk the rest of the ingredients & toss with rest of mixture.

  • Adrienne O.

    Yay! :D Thanks so much, I’m glad to see there’s nothing I’m allergic to in these recipes… I can’t wait to try them!

  • jessica mullen

    I’m making it again this week! I love it that much!

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