you can always turn the boat around | gathering momentum for February 9, 2011

you can always turn the boat around | gathering…

Good morning! I am so grateful for the spinach smoothie I just drank! I'm so grateful taking care of all the animals this morning went flawlessly! I'm so grateful we get to go to Austin today! I'm so grateful we get to go to KBP3M! I'm so grateful housesitting is going so smoothly! I'm so grateful MICHAEL IS HOME!!! I'm so grateful my parents made it safely!

I'm so grateful to be focusing my energy. I'm so grateful I got to take a nap. I'm so grateful I worked on the ebook this morning. I'm so grateful it's coming together so nicely. I'm so grateful our gym clothes are washed. I'm so grateful it's going to get warm tomorrow! I'm so grateful we get to warm up at the Y. I'm so grateful for all the abundance in my life! I'm so grateful my life is so fun! I'm so grateful I choose to feel good!

I'm so grateful for heaters and hot water and cozy houses. I'm so grateful for hot food and bagels. I'm so grateful for raw recipes and 24 hour grocery stores. I'm so grateful to my brother for serving his country. I'm so grateful Kelly did the dishes. I'm so grateful for warm clothes and space heaters for the water tank thing. I'm so grateful for Jacuzzis and sunshine.

Wouldn't it be nice if the dogs were perfectly fine while we're gone? Wouldn't it be nice if our trip to Austin was super fun and smooth? Wouldn't it be nice if we got everything we needed at the store and at home? Wouldn't it be nice to see our kitties? Wouldn't it be nice to return my emails? Wouldn't it be nice to do my best yet at Body Pump & KB? Wouldn't it be nice to run a super easy 3 miles? Wouldn't it be nice to be perfectly fueled? Wouldn't it be nice to laugh and smile and make jokes? Wouldn't it be nice to learn something new? Wouldn't it be nice if it warmed up today? Wouldn't it be nice to not worry about a thing? Wouldn't it be nice to release more negative thoughts? Wouldn't it be nice if it only took 50 minutes to get to Austin? Wouldn't it be nice if the roads were dry and not slippery at all? Wouldn't it be nice to listen to the jams? Wouldn't it be nice if Kelly read me that chapter in that Abe book? Wouldn't it be nice to eat a salad? Wouldn't it be nice to make those recipes tonight?

Wouldn't it be nice if it was suddenly 70ยบ? Wouldn't it be nice if we could teleport? Wouldn't it be nice if we could time travel? Wouldn't it be nice to read some Castaneda books again? Wouldn't it be nice to feel weightless? Wouldn't it be nice to feel super strong and fit and lean?

Today I intend to focus on feeling good! I intend to direct my energy! I intend to be worry-free! I intend to have fun! I intend to focus on abundance! I intend to focus on love! I intend to let everything go my way!

I love that Michael is home! I love spinach! I love kale! I love white bagels! I love eating mostly raw! I love that we didn't eat much yesterday because we weren't hungry! I love that we get to go to Austin! I love that the sun is shining! I love that it stopped snowing! I love that my parents had a safe trip! I love that their friend Ione called to check on Michael! I love that I worked on the ebook! I love choosing to feel good! I love directing my thoughts! I love how important these posts are! I love how much I learn about myself and my thoughts every time I visit my parents' house. I love that they have another computer for Kelly to use! I love that it's a super old PC! I love that it still works! I love that it's warming up! I love focusing on feeling good! I love how I can feel the course of my entire day changing because I wrote this post! I love knowing how powerful my thoughts are! I love choosing good feeling thoughts!

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. Yes it's that time again! Body Pump!
  2. And Kickboxing, my new favorite activity!
  3. And running 3 miles, our warmup!
  4. Ebook progress wooo!
  6. We've been selling mad clipz!
  7. I have lots of new cool FB friends!
  8. It's sunny!
  9. We get to go to Austin and have a beautiful drive and long talk!
  10. JACUZZI!
  11. Getting to stop at home and see my kitties!!!! I miss them!!!!

10 things I appreciate

About Pwny

  1. She sleeps on our heads
  2. She is very curious and nosey
  3. She has the cutest meow in the world
  4. She's tiny
  5. She likes to be held like a machine gun
  6. She always finds the cutest places to sleep
  7. She is very brave
  8. She loves to play with rubber noses and worms
  9. She is REALLY into catnip
  10. She is my alarm clock!

About Linty

  1. She sits on my lap
  2. She's from Juarez
  3. She's really silky and soft
  4. She always comes when called
  5. She loves to be pet
  6. She hides under the covers when we clean
  7. She survived the great move of 2010! (She was accidentally transported in a suitcase)
  8. She's super strong and lean
  9. She's a beautiful model!
  10. She survived a rough childhood

Message from Clair

When you find your thoughts being taken over by worry, remember that you can let those thoughts go too! Everything will go your way if you can let go.

Telling my future

Today is so fun! Today is like a vacation! Today is like time travel and teleportation! Today is a dream come true! Today is warm and cozy and safe and funny! Today is nourishing and healthy and energizing! Today is the best day of my life! Today is SO ABUNDANT!

Interview with myself

What is your order from the universe for Sunday February 13?
By Saturday, I would like the following: to have 3 new income stream ideas, to be done with the ebook, to be 100% cured of any and all illness, to have made $3,123.61, to have started a new book, to have 4 new article ideas, to have played with AJ for at least 2 hours.

Today's affirmations

  • I'm allowing well being.
  • I feel so good, I'm in the flow.
  • I let go of all negative thoughts.

Links I love

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Betty Verbeke

    Bahaha, I had no idea that Linty was moved in a suit case!

    Are we possibly still on for Barcelona Sunday night?! If not, that is totes cool too. Just wondering!

    I miss & love you both!

  • jessica mullen

    Hi Betty!!! Are you in Vegas?!?!?!!? HAVE FUN MISS!!! I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever!

    Barcelona sounds perfect still, just let us know on Sunday if you’re still feeling up for it! We can all drive together. Woo I love going there!

    We miss and love you too! WIN BIG!!!

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