Give what you want to get

Give what you want to get

no one has ever become poor by giving
thanks Vladimer Shioshvili!

All of my life I didn't understand charity. Why give away your hard earned money? Why encourage people to beg when they can get a job?

This past year I finally learned the point of generosity. Not only does it feel good to help others, but it helps you practice the feeling of abundance. When you practice a feeling, you attract more experiences that give you the same feeling. If you have enough money to give some away, you already have plenty and more is on the way.

Consider ways you can increase your own feelings of abundance. Donating time, money, or skills to organizations you support will boost your mood while investing in your own financial well being. Some organizations I love supporting are the Austin YMCA, MAPS and PBS, as well as my favorite bloggers and musicians.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.