LIMITLESS possibilities | a lullaby for February 6, 2011

LIMITLESS possibilities | a lullaby for February 6, 2011

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I'm so grateful that last night when Kelly and I couldn't sleep at 2am, we got up and went grocery shopping and did a bunch of other stuff! I'm so grateful I returned my emails and hooked up my Blissitations (!) and cleaned off my desktop. I'm so grateful we bought mostly raw foods at the store! I'm so grateful that I am feeling SO INTO RAW right now! I'm so grateful for the raw vegan cookbooks Matthew sent us because I'm finally looking for new raw recipes and they all sound so good! I'm so grateful we get to try two new raw recipes this week! I'm so excited about it!

I'm so grateful we came home from shopping and made our kale salad at 7am. We sort of slept instead of having dinner last night. I'm so grateful that we are both so easygoing and that time doesn't have much bearing on what we do. I'm so grateful we get to housesit this week! I'm so grateful I feel so good and energized. I'm so grateful Connie wrote and I'm so grateful I'll get to see her again this year!

I'm so grateful Kel and I are planning a road trip in the spring. I'm so grateful I feel so abundant and creative and focused. I'm so grateful I feel so healthy and alive and free. I'm so grateful I feel so affluent and intelligent and full of love. I'm so grateful we get to run 3 miles later today, then do Body Pump and... KICKBOXING! WOOT!

I'm so grateful I set the goal of setting up one new income stream a week. It's the key to striking it rich in the Internet gold rush ^_^ Seriously, try it! Because if you only have a week to set up a stream, you have to get something done quickly, you don't have time to second guess yourself, and you don't get all attached to each stream because you have to create another one the next week. PLUS it's a great way to keep NEW ideas about new income streams flowing! If you're always looking for new income stream ideas, they will be there!

I'm so grateful my life is so awesome. I'm so grateful I consciously chose to create it this way. I'm so grateful I'm a conscious creator. I'm so grateful I started asking questions in high school. I'm so grateful I woke up when I was 15. I'm so grateful I remember the exact moment when I realized I could think for myself. I was holding my lunch tray, spacing out at the window, and it just hit me - the quest for enlightenment began.

I'm so grateful for the path I've taken. I'm so grateful I love myself now. I'm so grateful I'm financially secure now. I'm so grateful I never have to worry. I'm so grateful I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. I'm so grateful for all the amazing relationships I have in my life. I'm so grateful that there will always be more.

I'm so grateful to focus before bed. I'm so grateful I only have to take a nap before getting up again. I'm so grateful I've had SO MUCH energy from eating raw and being so inspired! I'm so grateful for inspiration. I'm so grateful I have so many ideas. I'm so grateful I focus on gratitude. I'm so grateful I line up my energy in the morning and at night. I'm so grateful night means 8am right now. I'm so grateful it doesn't matter when I sleep. I'm so grateful I have an endless list of things I want to create. I'm so grateful I feel so GOOD!!!!!!!

What do I want?

  • I want to feel even more financial security and freedom.
  • I want to visit Illinois and NYC and Australia.
  • I want to eat 95% raw
  • I want to create constantly
  • I want to have the most uplifting website in the world
  • I want to meet more and more people who like to think about life.
  • I want to strengthen and deepen my existing relationships.
  • I want to feel ecstasy on a daily basis
  • I want to be the #1 Astrojax gymnast in the world
  • I want to meet Wayne Dyer, Jerry and Esther Hicks, Gala Darling, and Steve Pavlina
  • I want a constant stream of new crushes
  • I want to deepen the complexity and intensity of my love for Kelly every single day
  • I want to grow closer to my family every day
  • I want to help other people be as happy as I am. I want to help other people see that life really does make sense.
  • I want a new wardrobe!
  • I want to be an expert lucid dreamer
  • I want a trampoline room
  • I want to remember to breathe deeply and consciously
  • I want to become more beautiful every day
  • I want to feel more love every day
  • I want to feel more focus every day

Entonces, feelings I want to practice:

  • The feeling of financial security and freedom.
  • The feeling of adventure to new places and the feeling of returning to old friends at home.
  • The feeling of having a perfectly fueled body.
  • The feeling of exhilarating creative inspiration.
  • The feeling of being an uplifter.
  • The feeling of knowing or recognizing someone on a similar journey to me.
  • The feeling of unconditional love.
  • The feeling of ecstasy.
  • The feeling of letting my body do what it knows how to do.
  • The feeling of connecting with a mentor and learning something new
  • The feeling of excitement from meeting someone with a vibration I want
  • The feeling of unconditional love for Kelly
  • The feeling of unconditional love for my family
  • The feeling of helping someone else get "it"
  • The feeling of looking well designed physically
  • The feeling of limitless possibilities
  • The feeling of weightlessness
  • The feeling of connection to source
  • The feeling of unconditional love for myself
  • The feeling of laser focus on what I want.
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