practice is a beautiful word | gathering momentum for February 6, 2011

practice is a beautiful word | gathering momentum for…

good morning!
I am so grateful to be awake and alive on this beautiful day! I'm so grateful to wake up to sweet emails and donations and clips sold and comments! I'm so grateful so many people are participating in Gala's radical self love month! I'm so grateful the world is changing! I'm so grateful there is so much more well being than not! I'm so grateful Linty came to sit in my lap while I write! I'm so grateful I woke refreshed after 6 hours of sleep! I'm so grateful for my health! I'm so grateful I feel good and energized! I'm so grateful I ate almost 100% raw yesterday! I'm so grateful I have such clarity! I'm so grateful everything's been going my way!

I'm so grateful for my apartment complex and the people who work here. I'm so grateful the sun is shining and it's 64º out. I'm so grateful I know the keyboard shortcut for the degree symbol. I'm so grateful I understand computers. I'm so grateful I took 1.5 years of computer science. I'm so grateful I taught myself web dev. I'm so grateful to be working on a new project! The book is coming along so well, in a different form than I expected, but it is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm so grateful people are asking about purchasing personal power symbols! I'm allowing the perfect time to launch them :] I'm so grateful for my funny dream last night, where I was talking to my friend Meaghan from undergrad, thanking her for a compliment, and she says "well why does it matter if I compliment you when you're so confident anyway? Be confident!" And I replied, "Meaghan, every day I write to myself over and over and over "be confident! be confident! be confident!" and I still have to remind myself but it's getting easier.

I'm so grateful for new friendships. I'm so grateful there are always more people to get to know. I'm so grateful for the friendships I already have. I love my friends so much. I'm so grateful that the Internet allows us to stay in touch even when we don't see each other as much as we'd like. I'm so grateful our science experiment is progressing so nicely! I'm so grateful for secret codes.

I'm so grateful for my wife. I'm so grateful for time to think in the morning. I'm so grateful for hot showers and English muffins. I'm so grateful for skeleton shower curtains and "men's" body wash. I'm so grateful to live independently of many social norms. I'm so grateful I'm educated. I'm so grateful I went to grad school and studied so much about privacy and the Internet and copyright. I'm so grateful I live in the digital age. I'm so grateful I grew up at the same time as the Internet. I'm so grateful you can't turn the Internet off. I'm so grateful hackers are smarter than governments. I'm so grateful for this country I live in. I'm so grateful for this city and state. I'm so grateful the south is so friendly and warm. I'm so grateful for all the love I have in my heart.

oh hi

Wouldn't it be nice to spend today creating? I have so many things I'm working on! An ebook, an article & launching the PPS! Wouldn't it be nice to record another podcast? Wouldn't it be nice to practice the feelings I want? I want to feel accomplished, prolific and abundant.

Today I intend to continue practicing feelings I want. Omg, it works.


I love focus. I love clarity. I love Clair. I love new fish. I love Astrojax. I love practicing the feeling. I love being in control of my vibration. I love feeling healthy. I love feeling rich, because I have more time affluence than anyone I know. I love doing what I want, when I want. I love focusing on love. I love how easy it is now, to write these posts and focus in the morning and truly direct my day the way I want it. I love how I have so much inspiration I could burst!

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. Making lists of things I enjoy doing & things I would enjoy doing for money.
  2. Last night I enlisted Kelly's help on the life design book and she said "it feels too physical." It was the best advice I've ever received. It seemed to hard! It didn't seem fun to work on! So she's like, ask yourself what you WANT to work on and do that! So I did, and I am in the process of making something AWESOME!!
  3. Recording talking eps on the podcast again!
  4. 64º?!
  5. Ebook Ebook Ebook
  6. Launching personal power symbols soon!
  7. Practicing the feeling of abundance! It's so fun! Here's an income prediction for this week: $3,123.61
  8. Really, truly, genuinely being over the last of the sick.
  9. All the new friends I've been making on Twitter & Tumblr!
  10. Making SERIOUS financial progress!!
  11. Eating raw and loving it!!

10 things I appreciate

About my apartment

  1. It's so cute and little and everything has it's place.
  2. It's in a perfect little cave so it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  3. The kitties love playing in the cabinets and chilling in the window.
  4. The bathroom is huge and works perfectly.
  5. The kitchen has more counter space than our house did!
  6. The combined office and living room is so efficient.
  7. Even though it's tiny, we can still host parties.
  8. The living area has wood(ish) floors and the bedroom is carpeted, perfection.
  9. We get to interact with our neighbors a lot.
  10. The maintenance crew is AWESOME!

About Austin:

  1. 70º on February 6
  2. Everyone is laid back and chill.
  3. "Austin is one long Sunday afternoon" how perfect, it's Sunday.
  4. It's full of cool kids, hipsters, and vegans. Vegan food everywhere!
  5. Lots of the runners are all tatted up ^_^
  6. Live music anywhere any night!
  7. Little city, little traffic, TONS of stuff to do
  8. Something in the water makes people live healthier and happier
  9. Tech scene!
  10. UT is in the middle of it all and is a great school!

Message from Clair

Allow the waves of knowing to wash over you. Now you know that whenever you have the SLIGHTEST bit of contrast, all you have to do is close your eyes and practice what you want to feel. If you can choose to take the time to do this every single time you feel contrast, your life will begin unfolding in completely magickal, unprecedented ways. The waves of joy you are spreading are coming back to you at twice the speed, and they are made up of the most beautiful lines and colors.

Telling my future

Today I create madly. Today I make work so vivid you can touch it through your screen. Today I love completely and give my whole attention to those I choose. Today I practice the feelings I want to feel, over and over. Today I get things done because it feels so good to get things done. Today I eat raw and love it. Today I look at everyone with love. Today I change everyone's life I encounter for the better. Today I help people smile. Today I AM PURE LOVE.

Interview with myself

What's your favorite way to earn money?
My favorite way to earn money is to make it passively, in the form of advertising, affiliate programs and information products. But I also love using my design and teaching skills to help people directly, one on one. Helping people get set up with their first website is one of my greatest pleasures. Designing personal power symbols feels like a gift I am absolutely certain I possess, so it's fun and easy to make them for people.

Today's affirmations

  • I practice the feelings I want to feel.
  • I am impeccable in my thoughts, words and actions.

Links I love

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