How to channel your higher self into visual art

Open Your Eyes

How to channel your higher self into visual art

Open Your Eyes
I've been creating these "personal power symbols" lately. It was something I used to do in the bathtub during the winter when I lived in Chicago. I would think of a person I held dear, then empty my mind and allow a symbol of them to appear in my "mind's eye".

Recently I drew one for myself, Kelly, and our friends Todd and Stephen. I showed them to Kelly and she "got" them. I knew they were "right".

Then I drew one for our Body Pump instructor for fun. It was perfect. And all I had to do was unfocus my eyes, empty my mind, and allow an image to come. I've been doing it for years. It's so easy. It happens within seconds of closing my eyes. I pose a question, like "what illustration should I use for this post", or "what's this person's personal power symbol"? And if I can space out just hard enough, I see it.

When I said that everyone has a higher self, like I have Clair, I only imagined speaking with the entity. But now I realize one can receive straight visual inspiration, instead of words. But of course, right? That's what art is.

Try it yourself!

It might take a bit of practice, but receiving visual inspiration is as easy as you allow it to be.

  1. Find a problem or question. A logo design? Sculpture? Illustration project? You need a problem to find a solution.
  2. Unfocus or close your eyes. Empty your mind of all thought. Space out.
  3. Allow the solution to come to you. You'll "see" it.

It's a perfect illustration of the law of attraction. Abraham teaches the steps of "living" the law of attraction as "ask, believe, receive". First you must ask for the solution, then believe it will come and let go of resistance, then allow the solution to come.


What's your personal power symbol?

A personal power symbol is a visual interpretation of one's higher self. I draw them by tapping into the furthest most expanded version of the person. Drawing one for yourself or for someone else is like doing a tarot reading, because you reach into the same energy, and the interpretation may change over time.

A personal power symbol is a visual trigger to practice the feeling of your higher self. It represents what you know you're becoming, because you've been wanting it for so long. If you drew yours today, what would it look like?

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • elizabeth

    this reminds me of making a sigil!

  • jessica mullen

    Yes! That’s exactly what it’s like! Thanks for pointing that out, I don’t remember when the last time I heard the word “sigil” was.

  • kelly

    awesome post!

  • Jessica Schiszler

    I love the idea of having flash animation sigils. They say that visualization is easier when the image is in motion. :) I dig.

  • jessica mullen

    Right on Jessica :] I hadn’t heard that about visualization being easier with moving images but it makes sense… easier to picture something -happening-.

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