a blissitation | gathering momentum for February 5, 2011


a blissitation | gathering momentum for February 5, 2011

I am so grateful to be awake and alive on this beautiful day! I am so grateful it's warm out! I'm so grateful I'm about to wake Kelly up so we can go be outside! I'm so grateful we slept in instead of going to Body Pump! Because now I am officially RECOVERED FROM ILLNESS!!!!!!!! WOOOO I AM SO GRATEFUL TO BE HEALTHY AGAIN!!!!!!

I am so grateful I published that article, I am so grateful I wrote Stephen, I'm so grateful I made magick pellets and tuna last night, I'm so grateful it's WARM OUT OMFG, I'm so grateful to be in such a good mood, I'm so grateful I feel CLARITY. I'm so grateful Charity and I are going to be PENPALS!!! Charity is my ex-bf's kid, who I adore!

I'm so grateful Kelly has been getting into painting and drawing so much! I'm so grateful I get to watch as her artist comes out and plays. I'm so grateful she is making such beautiful things! I'm so grateful for my wonderful wife. I'm so grateful for her beautiful hazel eyes. I'm so grateful she is SO easygoing. I'm so grateful she takes care of me. I'm so grateful she is my balance macro.

Wouldn't it be nice to go on a walk to HEB? Wouldn't it be nice to implement an income stream today? Wouldn't it be nice to record a rampage of Kelly's? Wouldn't it be nice to record a podcast? Wouldn't it be nice to AJ it outside? Wouldn't it be nice to focus on feeling good all day? Wouldn't it be nice to feel limitless energy and have limitless creative output? Wouldn't it be nice to remember that I'm an entrepreneur and all I need is time? Wouldn't it be nice to make $10,000 this month? Wouldn't it be nice to find more ways to monetize? Wouldn't it be nice to work on the book tonight? I think I have a new way to think about it that is delicious! Wouldn't it be nice to have the best day of my life?!

Today I intend to focus. Today I intend to create. Today I intend to love and have limitless energy and feel in the flow and play with AJ and learn more about AJ and create create create! Today I intend to merge what I've learned from this video with what I want to create!!!

I love feeling good. I love choosing to feel good. I love ignoring anything that doesn't feel good. I love letting things go. I love being a teacher. I love learning the laws of the universe and then talking about them. I love finding a million examples in my life that illustrate the laws of the universe that I can then share on my site! I love my site! I love working on my site! It's my number one passion of all time! It's been an obsession since I was 15! I love the Internet! I love websites! I love computers! I love technology! I love my dad for getting me into computers! I love my parents for letting me have a computer in my room instead of a later curfew! I love that I had a 10pm curfew! Wouldn't change a thing! I love the way I was raised! I love my parents, they did such a perfect job raising me! I love my grandparents, they did a perfect job of raising my parents! I love focusing on love! I love that something as simple as HAVING MY HEALTH is all I need to feel SO INCREDIBLY GOOD!

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. Practice is everything! EVERYTHING!
  2. I am obsessed with the idea that I teach the laws of universe by sharing examples from my own life that illustrate the laws.
  3. Sigils and thoughtforms!
  4. OMG it's 65 out. I have to finish this post! I must get outside! Ahh1!!!!
  5. I am so enamored of the AJ community! Mason and Myc and Joebro and Theferrell and Claudia, I LOVE YOU! I can't wait to hang out on the forum later!
  6. Mason encouraged me to take one ball off my Aquas to see what I can learn, SO EXCITED!
  7. I am almost done returning my emails, I can't believe it!
  8. Really, I can't tell you how happy I am that Heidi sent a link to that Abraham vid. It is changing my life.
  9. The weather the weather the weather
  10. Must wake Kelly up NOW!!!
  11. Must go outside now!!!!

10 things I appreciate

About Sheima

  1. Sheima loves everyone!
  2. She hosts poker!
  3. She is so inviting and makes everyone feel at home
  4. She is so generous with her time and things
  5. She taught me how to put fake eyelashes on!
  6. We've been friends since we moved to Austin and it's been so fun to get to know her better
  7. She's very business minded
  8. She does what makes her happy
  9. She is a beautiful artist
  10. She has lots of fun toys in her apartment

Message from Clair

Go get some fresh air! Now!

Telling my future

Today will be BLISS!

Interview with myself

When you rush through these posts, do they still work as well?
When I'm rushing because I'm SO EXCITED TO GO OUTSIDE, YES! Because I already feel so amazing! I'll write more later, I promise!

Today's affirmations


Links I love

  • The Locker Project sounds like a RAD lifestreaming enhancement!
  • We had Chinese from Sanjuwu last night & it was the BEST VEGAN CHINESE OF MY LIFE. Good fried tofu, fresh veggies, extra sauce, crisp spring rolls, cute packaging, and you can ORDER ONLINE FLAWLESSLY!
  • Anyone every try musicshake? It's so neat!
  • Brian Johnson has another gem in addition to Philosophers Notes: Blissitations
  • Abraham's take on how to make money as an artist, BEAUTIFUL!!
  • Have y'all seen contact juggling before?? I heard about it on Mason's tumblr (who you should check out, he's all about object manipulation and it is beautiful!)
Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Alli

    Yes it would be wonderful to walk to HEB to pick up some chocolate Hob Nobs and some kinda-unhealthy-don’t-let-the-name-fool-you veggie chips. Damn, I miss Texas. At least I can live vicariously through you, and for that I’m thankful! Enjoy your day!

    Kisses & Chaos,

  • jessica mullen

    Hahahahaha those veggie chips are bomb! It was a lovely walk, thanks for the note :]

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