Finding shortcuts to feeling good

mirror maze

Finding shortcuts to feeling good

mirror maze
thanks Michael Ocampo!

A macro is a shortcut to a task you do repeatedly. In life design, macros are shortcuts to the stream of well-being that is your birthright. Once you figure out how to feel good in a specific area of life, it's time to put that business on autopilot!

The more macros you introduce in your life, the less time you have to spend thinking about basic functions of life. This frees up time to focus on higher level operations, like creating. What areas of your life would you rather not waste time thinking about anymore?

Macros aren't permanent solutions. They might only work for a few days or weeks before you choose to refine them. But that's another fun part of life design; you can't get it wrong and you'll never get it done.

Any area of life can be macro-ified.

  • In the domain of exercise, going for a 3 mile run or Body Pump class are my go-to activities for feeling good about my body.
  • With meditation, gazing at a candle flame or playing with Astrojax are my shortcuts to peace.
  • For creating, I know that writing and drawing and taking photos are ways to feel unique and focused.
  • A vegan diet high in raw foods is how I feel good about what I eat.
  • Lifestreaming is my shortcut to processing the world around me.
  • Even my relationship with Kelly is a macro–she provides balance in my life as well as physically doing lots of tasks I'd rather not!

After listening to a few of Brian Johnson's Philosophers Notes, I realized what Brian provides is a "new idea" macro. People thrive on new ideas, and Philosophers Notes is a shortcut to BIG new ideas. Most of us don't make time to read every philosophy book we'd like, but we're all in the process of developing our own life philosophies. Brian gives us a way to quickly sort through centuries of wisdom and find the new ideas we'd like to explore further.

I have been so impressed with the Notes that I had to tell you about them! They're high quality, well designed summaries (like CliffsNotes) of philosophy and personal development books, and they're SUPER accessible. Volume 1 comes with a PDF and audio file of each Note, and boy is Brian easy to listen too!

If you're looking for a shortcut to the greatest-feeling ideas ever thought, check out Philosophers Notes and keep your mind well fed! Each volume is usually $100 but if money is tight you can PICK YOUR PRICE, paying as little as $10 for the new ideas that are going to change your life.

My favorite part? I can now pronounce Csikszentmihalyi!

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