Life is a stream of ecstasy that never gets dull | gathering momentum for February 3, 2011

Life is a stream of ecstasy that never gets…

I am so grateful I'm FEELING BETTER! I'm so grateful I woke up with energy! I'm so grateful we still get to have another day off exercise because today is our rest day! I'm so grateful we have food to eat and I'm going to cook today! I'm so grateful my body feels so good from all the running and Body Pump we've been doing lately! I'm so grateful I talked to my mom last night! I'm so grateful to be warm and cozy in my apartment while it's all freaky cold out! I'm so grateful we have enough groceries to make food so we don't have to leave! I'm so grateful for dreams about Astrojax! I'm so grateful to feel inspired and healthy and energized!

universal life church
I'm so grateful I woke my tumblr up! I'm so grateful I found my Universal Life Church ordination card on my tumblr! I'm so grateful to have a fun new Internet service to play with!


Wouldn't it be nice to allow inspiration to finish this article I'm working on? Wouldn't it be nice to get to know my Internet friends better? Wouldn't it be nice to meet them in real life? Wouldn't it be nice to have real, legit virtual reality? Wouldn't it be nice if you could just put on a headset (or even less equipment) and enter a virtual world where everything felt exactly the same as real life? But you could make anything like in Second Life and the interface would be super easy and everyone had access and it was free but you could pay for cool shit. Wouldn't it be nice if real virtual reality happened THIS YEAR? That's my prediction for 2011! It's coming! So excited!

Today I intend to drink SO MUCH WATER. Today I intend to feel mesmerized. Today I intend to appreciate my gorgeous life. Today I intend to remember that everyone is unique and comparison is pointless. Today I intend to allow well being to flow through me. Today I intend to remember life is a trip. Today I intend to feel good. Today I intend to create like never before! Today I intend to allow details to be taken care of by the universe, like cooking and cleaning. Today I intend to bask in the moment. Today I intend to feel energized and excited! I'm BACK!

I love getting better after being sick because I appreciate being healthy so much more! I love that I finally figured out how I got sick. It doesn't matter, but at least I know. I love seeing visual hallucinations. I love drinking a ton of water. I love realizing how important it is. I love that my mom told me to stay super hydrated and she was right! I love my mom so much! I love that focusing on positive aspects of people makes the negative not exist! I LOVE THAT! How could you not love that?! I love dubstep! I love playing with Astrojax first thing in the morning! I love understanding why kids want to play video games before school! I love that Astrojax is better than a video game! I love that I have energy today! I love that I have a huge inbox of comments and delicious treats to reply to! I love that I still get to rest today! I love that it's warming up tomorrow! I love that I live in the south! I love that this is the coldest it will get all year! I love that I'm going to write a post about my magick wand collection! I love that I HAVE a magick wand collection!

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. Writing about my magick wand collection
  2. Writing about imagemaking as a flow activity
  3. Drinking tons of water
  4. Not leaving the apartment
  5. Finally cooking up some magick pellets, muffs, and tuna!
  6. Playing with Astrojax, yay it finally sounds really fun again because I have energy to do it!
  7. Replying to all my delicious comments and emails and forum replies
  8. Playing with tumblr!
  9. Swapping in new goals in my goals frame :D
  10. Coloring, drawing, & animated gifing for no reason
  11. Making progress with personal power symbols

10 things I appreciate

About my health:

  1. I am healthy 99.9% of the time
  2. I feed my body the food it wants to stay healthy
  3. I exercise a lot because my body loves it and it keeps me healthy
  4. I learn more ways to maintain my health every day
  5. I've overcome ailments with thoughts in the past
  6. I have always been super healthy, rarely staying home sick from school or work
  7. I take action to preserve my health instead of ignore it
  8. I know that health is vibration and my vibration about my health is always high!
  9. I trust my body to take care of me & it does the same for me
  10. I know my cells are consciousness that know how to allow well being, so I do my best to stay out of their way

About my brother Michael

  1. He is getting out of the army soon so I can spend time with him! And he will probably live in San Antonio!!!
  2. He is as psychically connected to life as I am, because he's a pisces and was born the day after me.
  3. He protects his sisters.
  4. He is so loving and thoughtful.
  5. He does what he needs to do to direct his life the way he wants.
  6. He is SO GOOD at picking up girls.
  7. He loves to have fun and horse around.
  8. He is a beautiful artist and creator.
  9. He knows Spanish and Catalan.
  10. He just spent a year in Afghanistan serving his country, HE IS A HERO!

Message from Clair

Clair, how can I finish this post I want so bad to publish?
Let it go. Stop trying. Work on something else.

Telling my future

Today is so creative and inspiring and cozy and fun! Today is full of toys and art and music and love! Today is a snowy cabin on a ski trip after many days of skiing, taking a break and straight chillin! Today is warm and relaxing and full of letting go.

Interview with myself

Where do you want to be in 5 years?
Yay I love this question. is the #1 resource for life design in the new paradigm, bringing in more money than I can currently fathom. Positivity has long ago gone memetic and most people under the age of 34 lifestream to direct their energy. I spend my days playing, creating, exercising, meditating, and living in exotic locations. I can now take my cats with me everywhere I go because they've been digitized. Of course, poverty and hunger are eliminated, because we have matter compilers now. My teachings on life design are often about merging real life with virtual life. Kelly and I do the podcast every week, and it has a huge following and fan club. We've hired people to do all the admin and monetization and technical bits.

I am the #1 Astrojax gymnast in the world! I incorporate AJs with tumbling, the balance beam, the uneven bars and the trampoline!!

Life has genuinely become a group trip, where anything is possible and we all live in real time. Think something and it is created. I've mastered the art of translating source into... art. My works sell for millions of dollars.

The world "gets it". We live harmoniously, but not without contrast. This isn't a boring utopia. There are new challenges and exciting problems to solve. But we are solution minded and able to access our higher selves like a super power. We've managed to evolve into a species that can both survive physically and spiritually. The dimensions of life that we experience are beyond current comprehension. We are a society of love, and it's been INCREDIBLE to see what love creates! We exist as a single telepathic organism with individual nodes. We fuck anyone we want and no one is hurt or jealous, because everyone gets it that we're just one being anyway. We are a beautiful fractal expanding bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. Life is a stream of ecstasy that never gets dull.

(I think I need to ask myself this question every day.)

Today's affirmations

  • Life is a stream of ecstasy that never gets dull.
  • I am impeccable in my thoughts, words and actions.

Links I love

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.

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