the best new habit is one you can start today | a lullaby for February 1, 2011

cute set of 3

the best new habit is one you can start…

cute set of 3
thanks *Seraphina* & Clair!
I am so grateful for this beautiful day. I am so grateful I made a choice to start a new habit tonight-writing these posts EVERY NIGHT. We were listening to some Philosophers Notes on Happiness & Brian posted the question, what is the 1 habit you know would improve your life if you started today? Then start it now. Kelly and I talked about it and the first thing that came was record a podcast every day, but there was some resistance to that, then she suggested writing these posts every night. Focusing on feeling good before bed. It's a life changing habit to adopt. Crazy eh? It's setting a lot in motion.

10 things I loved about today

  • We made a new friend, Jesse, at the Y today! We AJed it in the pump room ;]
  • Kelly and I listed lists of 10 things we appreciate about each of our parents (and Pwny) while walking some of our miles today. IT FELT SO GOOD.
  • We ate SO WELL TODAY. Spinach smoothie, spinach tortilla taco, kale salad. And it was enough.
  • We paid the rent & a bunch of other bills with business profits!
  • We took the trash out ON TOP OF THE TRUNK OF THE CAR. Meaning, we drove to the dumpster with a bag of trash on our trunk. This may be mysterious to you, but it brings me deep pleasure. Never again will we leave the campground with a trash bag hanging out the passenger side window.
  • We listened to Philosophers Notes. They are the shit. Buy. Now.
  • We sold underwater clipz today!
  • Saw a certain someone at the Y. Man, having a semi public crush is awkward. At least only a few of you know what I'm talking about ;] I wonder if it could be de-awkwardified. Yep, get over it! What, just because I write it doesn't mean I do it hahaha.
  • I invented new slang today. One of my passions is inventing new slang. I haven't been very confident in my abilities in the past, but I know I'm improving every day. Ok today's new slang IS: "cute set of three", meaning super-legit/cool/rad/boutique. Like, "she's a cute set of three." Tell me if you like it. Use it in a sentence today!
Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • kelly

    this is my favorite blog post i have ever read on the internet.

    and that image is god.

  • kelly

    oh yeah, and u forgot to mention we got married.

  • jessica mullen

    i already wrote about it this morning wife!
    but yeah, that’s on there too ^_^
    it’s like that time you didn’t confirm we were married for like 2 hours.
    <3 <3 <3

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