today I got married | gathering momentum for February 1, 2011

today I got married | gathering momentum for February…

kel me
Good morning! I am so grateful to be awake and alive on this beautiful February Tuesday! I am so grateful we have plenty of money to pay the rent! I am so grateful I have been learning more and more every single day! I am so grateful I don't have to be in school to learn as much as I want. I am so grateful for my kitties who sleep on my head! I am so grateful for kitty alarm clocks. I am so grateful that Kel and I came up with 5 articles yesterday while we cooked for 5 hours. Time well spent! I am so grateful we get to make food for our friends.

kel's pretty eyes
I am so grateful for my beautiful girlfriend with her beautiful hazel eyes. I am so grateful we are such a perfect balance to each other. I am so grateful I just changed my facebook status to MARRIED OMG. Hahahahaha loves it.

human vending machine
I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS VENDING MACHINE AT THE Y. Because it was just a WEEK ago that Kel and I were talking about how much the Y needs a healthy vending machine and NOW IT IS MANIFESTED! They have popchips and Luna bars and Gatorade!

dough hooks!
I AM SO GRATEFUL for our new hand mixer from CSN stores! It works so well! AND IT HAS DOUGH HOOKS. I didn't even know those existed!

speedy delivery
I AM SO GRATEFUL we cooked up a huge order for S & B last night! I love feeding my friends! I'm so grateful they patronize our business! I'm so grateful cooking was so meditative and we came up with SO MANY IDEAS!!

oh hi
I'm so grateful to be beginning this glorious day. Every day gets better and better and better and better. Every day is a chance to correct your course! Today I am spot on!

I am so grateful Kelly is awake! I am so grateful I already wrote an article! I am so grateful I have so many new ideas! I am so grateful for my girlfriend! I am so grateful my new pink dye came in the mail! EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

Wouldn't it be nice to easily run 5 miles and then go SWIMMING? Wouldn't it be nice to sell more underwater video clips? Wouldn't it be nice to work on the personal power symbols article today? Wouldn't it be nice to watch Gala's workshop? Wouldn't it be nice to make a gorgeous test print for the symbols? Wouldn't it be nice to clean up? Wouldn't it be nice to stay on course today? Wouldn't it be nice to play with AJs a lot? Wouldn't it be nice to read some of my book? Wouldn't it be nice to make muffs, salsa, magick pellets, and mock tuna today? Wouldn't it be nice to have a chef? Wouldn't it be nice to find 10 new crushes? Wouldn't it be nice to smother Kelly with love? Wouldn't it be nice to have the best day of my life? Wouldn't it be nice to work on that PDF? Wouldn't it be nice if women in the blogosphere stopped writing about losing weight? Wouldn't it be nice if that was vibrated out of our cultural reality? Wouldn't it be nice if people just ate what they wanted and were happy about it? Wouldn't it be nice if food wasn't such a big deal? Wouldn't it be nice if someone big wrote a post that was like "I feel good and I look perfect and I don't have to change a thing and it's not because I'm fat positive or thin positive, I'm just me and that's GOOD." Wouldn't it be nice to help shift the cultural consciousness about body image and size? Wouldn't it be nice to be an inspirational figure with meat on her bones? Wouldn't it be nice to get super muscular because it FEELS SO GOOD to be able to move in any way I desire? Wouldn't it be nice if women were INTERESTED in their bodies instead of HATEFUL?!

Today I intend to be the leader. Today I intend to breathe. Today I intend to be impeccable in my thoughts, words and actions. Today I intend to let go. Today I intend to have the most fun I've ever had. Today I intend to play and swim and eat and create and laugh and cook and fuck and love and bask.

I love writing these posts! I cannot say it enough! By the time I get to this part I FEEL AMAZING! Highly recommend :] I love that Kelly's awake. I love Astrojax. I love comments from Allison and Katja and Katja. I love Internet friends. I love hanging out on other people's sites. I love that going to someone else's site is like visiting their bedroom. I LOVE THAT SO MUCH. I love feeling inspired. I love feeling healthy and recovered and fresh like a baby leaf. I love spinach. I love cooking. I love that my attitude about cooking is SO DIFFERENT just from yesterday! I love that cooking is so meditative! I love that so many grand ideas came to Kelly and me while we cooked! I Love feeding my friends! I love that we have friends who love our food enough to buy it! I love coming up with new things for them to try! I love new ideas. I love feeling so good. I love that every day is perfect in every way. I love that I am totally flowing as I write this. I love that I can tell by the way my body moves. I love how typing is just as much a dance as dancing. I LOVE MY LIFE.

I love that immediately after typing that last sentence, I got back in bed and took an hour nap with Kelly and crossed some things off my "I intend" list ^_^ We called it our honeymoon.

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. The only thing keeping time is your thoughts
  2. The idea of "correct & move on". A pilot spends most of her time off course, but she just corrects her direction and moves on. Same thing when driving - most of the time you're not headed STRAIGHT towards your destination. You just keep turning towards where you want to go. That's how life is. As long as you know where you want to go, and you keep correcting your path, you'll get there! Bamboo takes 7 years to grow above ground, you know.
  3. NEW VISION BOARD PANEL! Our refreshed business model:
    chill monetize
  4. My friend Adam sent me the niiiicest tweet: "Forgot how ridiculous your imagemaking/design skills are... #nextlevel"
  5. Facebook is the new Vegas for getting married! Um, have I mentioned I'm married?
  6. I didn't have a single drink in all of January! And I didn't even have to try, or make a commitment!
  7. My thought pattern of "I feel so good, I'm in the flow" that I practice when running, dancing and AJing is totes overflowing into the rest of my life! I find myself thinking it all the time! It RULES!!!
  8. The raddest people are not the ones with the most perfect lives, they're the ones who know how to roll with the punches.
  10. Kelly & I like to talk about how we are part of a magickal order. Kelly is the white power ranger & her super power is mastering physical reality by moving slowly. I'm the pink power ranger & my super power is execution and moving fast. And our friend is the green power ranger and his super power is TIMELESSNESS. And all things green.
  11. Kel and I are going to make our graph paper coloring book a little more awesome by adding more pages & a lovely front cover, yay.

10 things I appreciate

About S

  1. He always keeps his word
  2. He is exceptionally polite
  3. He is a shaman!
  4. We always interact at the perfect times
  5. We have super deep conversations
  6. He took us to his hometown to stay with his parents!
  7. He is infinitely good-hearted
  8. He is wise
  9. He has great style!
  10. He longboards, VJs, bmxs, and does MMA!

About Betty:

  1. She has a website that I get to know her better through now!
  2. She is an amazing cook
  3. She let my sister stay with her for a month and gets along with the whole Mullen family really well!
  4. She's so pretty
  5. She reads A LOT
  6. She's super intelligent and likes to think.
  7. She is so mature for her age
  8. She sends us sweet notes and texts
  9. She is so generous
  10. She isn't afraid to speak her mind!

Message from Clair

Clair, how can I avoid feeling irritable?
Meditate. Accept responsibility.

Telling my future

Today will be smooth sailing. Today is poetry. Today is a field of flowers on the inside of an old book. Today is looking out the window on a hot summer day, reading a book and feeling peace. Today is making jewelry on your bedroom floor. Today is a rollerskating party in 6th grade, with treats and cute boys and girls. Today there is no rush. Today everything happens at the right time. Today solutions flow to you in real time.

Interview with myself

How do you explain yesterday's feeling of "living in a real time stream of inspiration"?
Yesterday after coming home from the gym, Kelly and I cooked for 5 hours. From the moment we got in the car, ideas started pouring into my head, and Kel's too. Every 30 minutes or so, I would have some brilliant insight. Everything was explaining itself. I got miraculously better at rolling tacos (with Kelly's help). The laws of the universe were illustrating themselves right in front of my eyes, and in my mind. Idea after idea after idea. It was all I wanted! I was frantically taking notes. It was a flowing stream of inspiration that I couldn't turn off.

What is so amazing is that today the flow is still there, but in a trickle, and it's because I want it to only be a trickle. Because now I have all these ideas to execute and I need some time to do that!

Today's affirmations

  • I am impeccable in my thoughts, words and actions.
  • Let go.
  • I feel so good, I'm in the flow.

Links I love

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
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