8 essential Wordpress plugins that make lifestreaming easy


8 essential WordPress plugins that make lifestreaming easy

Thanks Darwin Bell!

One of the most fun parts of setting up your own WordPress site is finding plugins that make your site do cool things. Plugins are bits of code that are easy to install and add major functionality to your website. To start experimenting with plugins, just click on the "Plugins" button on the left menu in your dashboard. You can install new plugins right there!

  • Akismet (download) is a plugin that comes with WordPress that prevents comment spam. It is absolutely essential that you activate it, or your inbox will overflow with penis enlargers! To get your WordPress API key (which you need to make the plugin work), visit here.
  • Facebook Like (download) puts the little Facebook Like button at the bottom of each post.
  • Login LockDown (download) was recommended to me to prevent site hacking. If someone tries to log in to your site too many times, Login LockDown will show his ass to the door.
  • Postie (download) is what I use to post to my site via email. It can do cool things like categorize!
  • RYO Category Visbility (download) is how I suppress all posts except articles from the home page.
  • Share and Follow (download) is how I add the "share" buttons to the bottom of each post, and also how I get that neat "follow" thing on the right side of the page.
  • Subscribe to comments (download) is so important! When people leave a comment, it gives them the option to receive an email when someone else comments. Otherwise they'll never know when you reply!
  • Twitter Tools (download) is what I use to update Twitter when I publish a new post - make sure you activate the Bit.ly URLs! Otherwise if your post title is too long, it won't go through.
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