What to do when you’re sick, injured, or heartbroken

What to do when you’re sick, injured, or heartbroken

When you're sick, injured, or heartbroken, it's all the same thing – a physical manifestation of your negative thoughts. You are blocking the flow of well-being that is natural to all life with your thoughts. Here's how to get yourself on the mend immediately.

1. Ask yourself, "what does it feel like?"

I went to bed last night with a sore throat, aching body and exhausted mind. As I was falling asleep, I asked myself "what does it feel like to have this sore throat?" The answer I came up with was, "it feels like I've been talking and doing too much, too fast." That feeling, or thought pattern, literally manifested in a sore throat.

If you can't figure out what thoughts created your discomfort, let it go. It doesn't matter if you know or not. What does matter is putting an end to your negative thought pattern.

2. Stop your negative thoughts

You have the power to choose thought and therefore how you feel. When you change how you feel, you change your "vibration". Your vibration is your point of attraction–it's how the universe decides what to bring you in physical reality. If your vibration is full of love and gratitude, the universe will bring you more to love and feel grateful for. But if your vibration is full of pain, you will only attract more.

Do whatever you possibly can to take your mind off of what hurts. Watch comedies or listen to stand up radio. Meditate. Sleep as long as you can. Last night I told myself that if I just slept long enough the sore throat would go away. Twelve hours later, I woke refreshed and feeling great.

When you sleep, you stop all thought, meaning you stop your point of attraction. You stop sending out your vibrational request for more pain. Your body's cells are consciousness, and they know how to allow the flow of well-being, as long as you stop screwing them over with negative thoughts.

3. Feel for the other side of the wave

The painful situation you are in is perfect. It is creating your unique experience. Without learning what we DON'T want, we would never know what we DO want. Whatever negative feeling you experience, ask yourself "how would the opposite of this feel?" That is the feeling you are craving.

Once you know the feeling you WANT that your negative experience helped you find, you can start practicing the feeling. And if you can practice the feeling, you can change your physical reality!

If you feel unloved, practice the feeling of love. Look at yourself in the mirror with love. Look at the world around with you with love. Look at the people in your life with love.

If you feel pain, practice the feeling of relief. What does relief feel like? What things give you that feeling? The more you focus on practicing the feelings you want, the more your physical reality will reflect those feelings back at you. You'll be back to perfect health and perfect love in no time.

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Jessica Mullen
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  • emily

    perfect to read as i am “battling” (wrong phrase, huh?!) a headache. thanks jess : )

  • Erin

    Beautiful! Thinking this way lets you feel such control and confidence because it allows you to change almost anything — now, and without needing anything external at all!

    Focusing on feelings of relief or doing things to distract from negativity have been life savers for me with my pain condition. I didn’t realize until the last few years that I was feeling the pain, AND the negativity of resisting that pain. This obviously just doubled the misery! It immediately became clear that *any* distraction at all would be better than to focus on the horrible feelings in my body, and I couldn’t see how I’d missed this before. Now, without fail, if I just listen to my body, stay calm and find a distraction while waiting it out, I feel so much healthier after.

    You’re doing a great thing by spreading these messages! I think a lot of people forget to relax because it feels like giving in, or giving the situation the control, or something… but really it’s the relaxing and giving yourself what you need that will keep you in control.

  • jessica mullen

    Glad it helped Emily!

    Erin, I’m so glad we’re on the same page, because I know you’ve been so much with pain and it’s so awesome to see you doing so well. I REALLY value your input :]

  • jessica mullen

    And Erin, I LOVE WHAT YOU WROTE “Thinking this way lets you feel such control and confidence because it allows you to change almost anything — now, and without needing anything external at all!”

    Such a great way to put it!

  • katja lev

    it´s all about perspective.
    your attitude towards things matters. you can always change your thoughts about things. so do it! PMA! :.)

    this article by maria mooney totally kicked by ass a couple of days ago http://crazysexylife.com/2009/overcoming-chronic-pain/

    and it always totally helps me reading the blog and tweets of bif naked. totally rad raw vegan singer/artist and breast cancer survivor.

  • jessica mullen

    Katja, thanks for the tip on Bif Naked! I had not heard of her and I am digging her style!

  • Bethany Susan

    I really needed this today! Thank you!

  • jessica mullen

    Thanks for reading Bethany, glad it helped :]

  • Not Impressed

    You’re a joke.

  • jessica mullen

    I love jokes.

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