i walk the line | a lullaby for january 25, 2011

i walk the line | a lullaby for january…

I am so grateful this day was the best I've ever had. I'm so grateful law of attraction replaces self discipline, for real. I'm so grateful that even though I am totally drained physically and mentally, I am expecting incredible things to flow tomorrow. I am receptive and listening and flowing like never before! I'm so grateful that my job is to be an artist. I'm so grateful that I don't have to separate art and design to make a living. I'm so grateful I get to spend my time doing photoshoots and playing with AJs.

I'm so grateful Kelly inspired me to write this post. I'm so grateful that even though I'm exhausted I still take the time to keep my vibration high before sleep. I'm so grateful we got to play with AJs today. I'm so grateful I get better every day. I love the feeling of relief I feel every time I play. I'm so grateful I am able to walk the line between total weirdo and trend-spotting academic. I'm grateful I had years of therapy. I'm grateful for each step of my journey to where I am now. I'm grateful for pink hair and CARS and boxes of Astrojax supplies. I'm grateful for even more new friends at the Y. I'm grateful I'm learning to travel in my dreams.

I'm grateful we ran our miles today. The law of attraction really does replace self discipline! Kel and I were taking a nap, just about to oversleep past the time we could get our run done at the Y, when my dad called. We made it to the Y in time and finished running at 5 til 10... and stretched in the parking lot lol. I'm so grateful for the Y. I'm so grateful we worked on the podcast today! I'm so grateful we're almost done with 322. I love working on the podcast. I love that our episodes improve every time.

why yes

10 things I loved about today

  • I ran my 5 miles even though I was super sore from Body Pump
  • I published an article I loved
  • We meditated! It was blissful! Meditation really does bring peace! It keeps anger away like a magick potion
  • We made browniecakes, the newest technology in vegan dessert ^_^
  • I wear my pocketbelt as my purse to the Y now. It goes great with my "athletic trousers". They may be referred to as yoga pants, I am not sure. Anyway, I am totally overhauling my style to be gymnastics/wearable tech influenced. Tight black pants and tanks plus glowing accessories ^_^
  • I took a nap instead of drinking coffee, a major win!
  • I got a GREAT idea about the mailing list inspired by an email from a reader. Details to come.
  • We have two new friends at the Y, it's so fun to get to know everyone.
  • Kerri dropped off a book I had on hold at the library! I can't WAIT to read it - ADD MORE ing TO YOUR LIFE: A Hip Guide to Happiness
  • New idea: I'm going to start making Astrojax iron-on shirts. Yaaaaay.

of course

Message from Clair

Find more time to rest. Sleep when it feels delicious, you need it. Sleeping connects you to your source and recharges you, and you can never be charged enough. If you go through a period of sleeping a lot, embrace it-it is your self preparing for a change.

and so on

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.

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