Astrojax obsession deepens, becomes way of life | gathering momentum for January 25, 2011

Astrojax obsession deepens, becomes way of life | gathering…

AJin at the Y
Good MORNING! I am so grateful that I got to talk to Larry Shaw, the inventor of Astrojax yesterday. I am so grateful he was so welcoming and warm and kind. I am so grateful that immediately afterward, we went to the Y where we ran 3 miles and I got to AJ before BODY PUMP! I am so grateful for Body Pump. I am so grateful to be getting so much stronger. I am so grateful to have upped my weights again and to feel sore again. I am so grateful life is so freaking interesting!

AJ parts from Active People
I am so grateful for Active People, the company who makes and sells Astrojax. I am so grateful that the people who own and run the company are SO AWESOME! I am so grateful they sent Kelly and me this box of Astrojax parts and accessories yesterday!! How cool is that?!

Kel n parts
I am so grateful that my girlfriend and I are both into Astrojax, because otherwise my obsession might be a little intense! I am so grateful that Kel and I are both so into Body Pump class too! Those two things have changed my life SIGNIFICANTLY in just the past two weeks! Time is so crazy.

I am so grateful for this warm kitty on my lap. I am so grateful I have fresh food in the fridge and movies to watch and articles to write and AJs to play with. I am so grateful to find a forum to hang out in (I'd been wanting one for like a year!). I am so grateful I wrote Astrojax and the meaning of life because even if no one gets it yet, they will! I am so grateful the weather is beautiful. I am so grateful for my friends. I am so grateful for all the new connections I've made online recently. I'm so grateful to be sharing consciousness with y'all. I'm so grateful I've let go of my northern prejudice and started saying y'all ;D

Wouldn't it be nice to return my emails this afternoon? Wouldn't it be nice to run our 5 miles today as well as we did the 3 yesterday? Wouldn't it be nice to learn a new AJ trick today? Wouldn't it be nice to watch that spirit molecule movie with Stephen? Wouldn't it be nice to repair our Saturns? Wouldn't it be nice to spend some time drawing today? Wouldn't it be nice to publish the other two articles I have almost ready? Wouldn't it be nice to do an AJ photoshoot outside? Wouldn't it be nice to find more things I love as much as Astrojax and Body Pump class? Wouldn't it be nice to get new tattoos? Wouldn't it be nice to find a new piercing to get? Wouldn't it be nice to get some tech implant thing? Hmmm maybe not haha. Wouldn't it be nice to spend some time cooking and cleaning today to reorganize my mind? Wouldn't it be nice to hop on the next wave?

Today I intend to keep on surfing. I'm swimming back out for something new. Today I intend to breathe. Today I intend to catalog and organize. Today I intend to find more things to put into place.

I love that I am finally warm. I love Linty sleeping in my lap. I love being obsessed with playing with a toy and writing about it in a somewhat serious manner. I love hanging out in the AJ forum. I love being part of a community. I love being super into fitness. I love eating vegan food. I love that winter is almost over. I love that it's still beautiful in Austin in the winter. I love that Kerri is moving to Austin! I love that my brother is coming home soon! I love that Kelly is waking up! I love that I feel so inspired! I love feeling the need to clean and reorganize after a major consciousness upgrade. I love that that's what I talk about. I love that I feel so enlightened at age 28. I love that I will be 28 forever. I love having confidence and certainty. I love knowing where I come from. I love understanding enough about the meaning of life to enjoy it. I love that there is always more to learn, and that there are things I cannot even comprehend in human form. I love the mystery of it all. And I love unlocking pieces of the puzzle.

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. ASTROJAX PARTS IN THE MAIL. I love being an AJ repairwoman.
  2. Swimming at the Y! Oh yes, we went for the first time yesterday!
  3. INTERVIEW WITH LARRY SHAW. I really loved talking to him. What a cool guy.
  4. Upping my weights at Body Pump! Two mediums on my squats! (Which Kelly informed me is the same as one big... lol)
  5. Lots of people are getting new websites like my friend Erin! Can't wait to link em up!
  6. Running 5 today. Yesterday's 3 was super easy, so I'm excited to see how fast we can go today! Body Pump is MASSIVELY improving our running.
  7. I feel like I just surfed onto the beach. Writing that AJ article was sort of a crest - I was so excited about everything AJ and now that I've organized all my thoughts about them, I'm ready for something new to be obsessed with thinking about. Now I finally know that it's at this time I should be most excited - because I have NO IDEA what amazing things are in store for me next.
  8. Even though I'm ready to move onto the next, I am still so into playing AJs! We've started practicing at the Y at every available opportunity.
  9. It's NEW MOLESKINE DAY! How fitting.
  10. I am so eager to talk to Stephen about some of this AJ stuff!
  11. And... one last thing about AJs. I ordered Kel and me two new sets, the Pluses!

Message from Clair

Here you are again, swimming out to sea to catch the next wave. It's easier this time, isn't it? Your muscles are stronger. You finally know how to stay "in the vortex" for long periods of time. Drugs and alcohol used to "keep you in the vortex" for longer than you could do it on your own, which is why they were so appealing. But now your mental muscles are so strong that it's much easier to stay in WITHOUT the drugs and alcohol. Beautiful to finally be here, isn't it?

Telling my future

Today I intend to rest and allow the fresh inspiration to flow through me. I intend to feel the wave building. I intend to remember what I know - that this ride is going to be even better than the last.

I will run my miles effortlessly, knowing the endurance I gain from running gives me endurance for all other areas of my life.
I will meditate effortlessly, knowing the stillness I gain from meditation gives me peace in the rest of my life.
I will devour my food with passion, knowing it will strengthen my growing muscles and give me energy to play and create.
I will play with my entire body and soul, knowing that life is supposed to be fun and I'm doing everything right.

Interview with myself

How do Astrojax fit in with the teachings of Abraham?
Astrojax help you feel the beat of life. The divine pulse. They get your body moving. They make you feel good, because they make you play, create, and move. They give you confidence in your ideas. All of this feels so good. They are a toy for instant vortex access. Abraham should totes hop on them and market them as some sort of vortex toy.

Today's affirmations

  • I am open to the flow of well being.
  • I am exactly where I want to be.

Links I love

  • Peep Kel's new illustration!
  • I'm getting really excited to try hooping soon! This girl Ciara is amazing!
  • I also want to try poi!
  • Gala's got a radical self love workshop coming up! Sounds like sooo much fun ^_^
  • I subscribed to Danielle Laporte's mailing list on White Hot Truth, and it's proving to be a good time investment ^_^
  • Here are my Astrojax photos on Flickr!
  • Theferrell from the AJ forum posted this Astrojax trick book he created, I hope to learn lots from it.
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