Astrojax and the meaning of life


Astrojax and the meaning of life

Astrojax is a tool for the mind that teaches the laws of the universe. Astrojax began as a toy, described as a combination between lasso, yo-yo and juggling.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with the inventor of Astrojax, Larry Shaw, who says Astrojax is similar to hooping and poi. We discussed how Astrojax is a breakthrough technology for play and creativity. From Larry's profile on the Astrojax forum:

Astrojax is extraordinary in its "free dimensionality." AJ can be played like an instrument, danced with like a tune, used as a wand for creation of motion.

And with an instrument of creativity, joy, and self-expression comes acceptance of self and acceptance of others. The Astrojax philosophy, as I see it, is the extension of such positives (creativity, play, acceptance, etc.) to the world at large.

It's really, really fun to play with Astrojax. Remember what play feels like? I hadn't even realized I forgot. Play feels really good. And y'all know how important feeling good is ;)

My favorite thing about Astrojax is that it is a tool for positive thinkers. It's a thought illustrator; it makes you aware of your thoughts. Tie yourself up in negative thoughts while playing and you tie your string in knots. Banish the negative thoughts? The string unknots itself. It's a simple way to prove to yourself that your thoughts are affecting physical reality.

Astrojax is a tool for creative people. In our post-industrial economy, ideas have the most value. Astrojax helps ideas flow and builds confidence in one's uniqueness. I wrote this article playing with some. They keep my mind running like a well-oiled, one-of-a-kind engine.

Astrojax is a tool for activists and spiritualists. It teaches you how to not care about what others think. It teaches you an active state of meditation. Inner peace. Consciousness. Awareness. Mindfulness.

Astrojax is a tool for body. It develops hand-eye coordination and sensitivity to rhythm. Practice horizontal orbits and improve your dancing. Practice vertical orbits and experience the rhythm of gravity.

Astrojax helps you allow your body do what it knows how to do, without interference of negative thought, just like gymnastics, surfing, or playing an instrument. Astrojax is unique because it has an extremely low barrier to entry and a good learning curve. The challenge increases equally with your skill.

Astrojax helps you get better at letting go. And letting go is how to jump in the flow of well-being that is natural to all of us.

Astrojax is a tool for everyone. As we were saying goodbye, Larry said "welcome". Now I'm happy to say the same to you. Welcome to the evolution of human consciousness. The power of your thoughts is real. Astrojax is proof.

Kelly says everything is an indicator of the evolution of human consciousness. Astrojax just happens to be a really bright one, flashing LED lights before our eyes.

Let's play!

If you'd like to try Astrojax yourself, check out my toy store. The Aquas are my favorite, the Blue Diamonds are beautiful at night, and I'm hoping to try out a set of Pluses soon!

The Astrojax forum is really active and full of creative geniuses who can answer any Astrojax question you might have.

Here is a video about how to start playing.

And this is someone who has been playing for 8 years.

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Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Myc Wyse

    I have been involved with AJ over the years and I have always, shared a similar belief to yours…
    there is NO wrong way to play.
    and it is a Centering tool used to expand ONE’s understanding of Self and the universe around which you exist.

    Above is the most recent video, I filmed today…

  • jessica mullen

    Hi Myc! Thanks for the reply! I just watched that video, I love the filter you used. I can’t believe you don’t get any knots. It’s so beautiful. I subscribed to your youtube channel – you seem like an awesome person. Looking forward to learning more from you!

  • Mason Wallis

    Wow, that’s really deep! and thanks so much for using my 2c video! let me throw a little AJ concept your way: try taking off one of your aqua balls, leaving just two on the string (there are only two balls in this video) play around with this, and find new concepts, and it opens many doors for play and intellectual understanding. you seem like the kind of person who would like a challenge, especially when the benefit is large (if Attached Juggling is a passion)
    from what i’ve heard from you so far, you’re really going to love AJ (:

    oh and myc, i’ve started a tumblr about my foray into all sorts of object manipulation. so far there are only posts about AJ (and one bad CJ video) but there is an essay on play styles and what AJ is to me, i figured you would be interested, as well as a post pertaining to (HT)MSS and how i see it benefiting the community.

    oh and jessica, just wait until you start understanding the concepts and geometry (planes, spirals, antispin, stalls, isolations) then it REALLY makes you think. poi also helps facilitate this process, whilst also being as expressive as AJ.

    i look forward to reading more posts about AJ and Life Design (:


  • jessica mullen

    Just took a ball off my Aquas! I can’t do much of anything yet but THANK YOU for suggesting it! Yes AJ, is a passion and I’m so excited for the new challenge! Thank you for pointing out that your video only has 2, I didn’t even know, haha.

    So what’s the tumblr about object manipulation? I’m so curious! I peeped the (HT)MSS site from Myc’s facebook, what does it all mean? I would love to hear about it if either of you care to enlighten me :]

    Thanks so much for the comment Mason, you are making me even more excited about AJ when I didn’t know that was possible…

  • jessica mullen

    Ah nevermind, found the tumblr link. YES.

  • E-TARD The LifeCaster

    I can do that :D
    as well as many other raver things
    try doing the big glow sick strings that shit hurts if you fuck up.

  • jessica mullen

    cool e, would love to see you play!

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