How to feel good

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How to feel good

break through...
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A not-so-secret key to enjoying life is to avoid negative thought patterns while doing things that make you feel good. What results is the ability to see every problem as an interesting challenge. And all the things you desire start falling into your lap.

I received an email from a reader asking "How do you feel good?" The answer that I learned from Abraham is: that is your work.

What feel goods is different for everyone. There are a few things that feel good to almost everyone, like exercise or meditation. But what makes us unique as individuals is that, through life experience, we develop specific preferences about what feels good.

I use lifestreaming to figure out what feels good, and by documenting what feels good I attract more good experiences into my life. Here's how I do it:

Gather your energy first thing in the morning

Every day, I write a "gathering momentum" post, where I literally gather all the things that make me feel good to give me momentum throughout the day. I collect images, ideas, and links that I love and really focus on the feelings they give me.

I list what I'm grateful for so I attract more things to be grateful for. I list what I love because I want more to love. I list what I'm excited about because I love feeling excited. You get the idea.

By doing this first thing in the morning, I set myself down a path that's open to receiving more experiences that feel good. And since I do it every day, I'm always on the lookout for striking images or links or ideas. I attract exciting ideas like a magnet!

I don't have to do this publicly on a website, but it's FUN to do so. My extended family gets to keep up with my life. I get to have conversations about books and new ideas in the comments. And often, the things that make me feel good help other people feel good too. Posting this routine every morning is a way to say "Look, it's not that weird to spend a lot of time figuring out what feels good! Look at all these cool things I found! What cool things are in your life?"

Find what kind of movement you like

The human body is not a machine made up of moving parts that eventually wear out. If that was true, we would all stay young and beautiful by remaining motionless in bed. Humans need movement to feel good! Life is continuously unfolding to an ever-expanding rhythm, and when we move our bodies we can experience the beat of life (or divine pulse) firsthand.

I found what kind of movement I like by tracking my exercise with Runkeeper. This is called lifelogging, and it's another way to lifestream. Runkeeper gave me motivation to pick up running, because it was fun to see how far I could go and how long it took. That's the trick to getting into exercise–find whatever way you can to make it fun.

After I started bicycling, running and walking a lot, I began attracting new movement activities that I LOVED, like playing with Astrojax and going to Body Pump class. That's why I credit lifestreaming with getting me into fitness.

Find what you like to create

Creating is essential to my well-being. And it is probably essential to yours, even if you don't see yourself as "creative". Everyone is creative, because everyone is creating her own life experience. Creating is one of the most deeply fulfilling parts of life. If I am not creating work that I love, I don't feel good.

Right now, writing articles for this site is the work I love doing most. Since I am a "life designer", what I write on this site is considered "design writing". My creative work is my life, but what makes it fulfilling is to think about it and write about it and share it with other people in my lifestream.

The best part about lifestreaming is that you get to create with more than just words. You can make things with your hands and document them. You can use video, images, or sound. If you had to create a multimedia article for a newspaper today about the most exciting idea in your head right now, what would it look like? Make that the first article in your lifestream and you'll be amazed what you'll find to write about tomorrow!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
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    This is fantastic, thank you!
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  • jessica mullen

    Haha you are so right, thanks for the tip! I’ll hook that up asap ;}

  • Rubyyy Jones

    I love this article lover!
    I’m going to begin your worksheet tomorrow!
    Can’t waaait
    Thank you

  • jessica mullen

    Thank you Rubyyy! Hope you love the worksheet! Have a blissful day ^_^

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