Everything is perfect and in its place | gathering momentum for January 23, 2011

Everything is perfect and in its place | gathering…

I am so grateful for the YMCA! Yesterday after Body Pump Kel and I went back to the Y for their grand re-opening party. They had a sled/slide/snow situation, a video game truck, tons of class demos, free food, swimming, and an empty room for Kel and I to play with ASTROJAX!

I am so grateful we are working on a podcast episode about the Y! When we were playing with our AJs in this empty room, all these people started watching from the door. This family came in and all three kids with them started playing with our AJs and they were so into it! I'm so grateful I got some great video of the experience and this ep is going to RULE!

Also I am so grateful that when we got to the YMCA party yesterday (it was PACKED!! no parking!), our friend who works at the Y was directing traffic and led us to the ONE spot that was open in the parking lot so we didn't have to walk a mile to get to the event! He said "for you, anything!" What a sweetheart! It felt so good to be treated like that! And it happened because I had no resistance to parking there, I had already accepted that we would have to park far away.

I am so grateful to be slowly easing back into more raw food in my diet. We had our salad last night, holy cow they are so good. Here is what goes in them if you're curious: kale, roma tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pepitas, nutritional yeast, garlic salt, cayenne-dill-tahini dressing (recipe here!) and avocado with salt and black pepper.

I am so grateful for yesterday's meditation. We had taken two days off because we were so busy and I had a nightmare about missing it! In my dream my whole life started falling apart and became soaked in anger, all because we didn't meditate! I guess I am pretty dependent on it ^_^

Wouldn't it be nice to finish one of the 5 articles I am working on today? Wouldn't it be nice to finish ALL of them? Wouldn't it be nice to interview Larry Shaw tomorrow?! I am SO EXCITED to talk to him! Wouldn't it be nice to get organized for that interview today? Wouldn't it be nice to go dancing at Barcelona for dubstep night tonight?! Wouldn't it be nice if our Blue Diamond AJs had no problems lighting up and we gave a great show? Wouldn't it be nice to get better at AJs today? Wouldn't it be nice to eat all raw today? Wouldn't it be nice to build huge amounts of muscle this week? Wouldn't it be nice to find another fitness class to take? Wouldn't it be nice to find time to work on the life design book? Wouldn't it be nice apply all these new ideas I have to what I've already done on the book? Wouldn't it be nice to have the best day of my life, again!?

Today I intend to allow inspiration to flow through me in a steady, unstoppable stream. Today I intend to experience synchronicities all around me. Today I intend to notice all the quiet divine winks the universe is giving me! (Just as I typed that, this film that I have been DYING to watch finished downloading - THANK YOU ALLISON!) Today I intend to live with love. Today I intend to appreciate the flowing nature of life in this reality. Today I intend to play in my free time!

I love realizing how important PLAY is. I love that it is being studied in universities now. I love that I get to teach without being a prof at a university. I love torrents. I love the Internet. I love understanding how the Internet works. I love being one of the oldest members of the Millennial generation. I love that in Australia, "It is generally accepted, however, that the first "Gen Y" members were born in 1982." I love thinking about visiting Australia some day soon! I love thinking of future travels. I love that when I am ready to travel, the opportunity will present itself. I love that I have already gotten to travel so much in my life. I love all the new ideas that come with traveling. I love road trips. I love hanging out in gas stations. I love that driving for long durations inspires a delicious meditative state. I love meditating in so many different ways. I love that any activity can be meditative if you let it.

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. The concept of living in real time. Living in real time is when you think a positive thought, and it instantly manifests. When I am feeling my very best this happens frequently. My goal is to always live in real time.
  2. Last night we watched A State of Mind, a film about gymnastics for the Mass Games in North Korea. First of all, I had no idea the Mass Games even existed, and I had also never learned much about North Korea. Their government and belief system is FASCINATING. They make communism look so intriguing - they really know how increase their citizens' feeling of "awareness of the whole". Beautiful.
  3. I linked to this article yesterday, but it deserves more discussion. Here are 5 Reasons You Won't Die. Here is why I am so riveted:

    A few years ago scientists showed they could retroactively change something that happened in the past. Particles had to "decide" how to behave when they passed a fork in an apparatus. Later on, the experimenter could flip a switch. The results showed that what the observer decided at that point determined how the particle behaved at the fork in the past.

    And so I extrapolate: what the observer decides NOW decides how particles behave NOW. :D

  4. I love reading about being a Pisces ^_^
  5. I had this weird experience yesterday. Kel and I were in the car coming from the Y where we had just been playing with our Astrojax for 30-40 minutes. Kel said something like "it's so cool, because in my mind I still feel like I'm playing with them." What she and I both felt was like an extension of the meditative state that AJs affords us. So then we got home and I started preparing our kale for our salad. After I chopped it and put it in the bowl to rinse it, I turned on the tap. The kale was in a strainer inside a salad bowl (two separate pieces - it's the bottom half of our salad spinner). As the bowl filled, I started spinning the strainer part and playing with the kale, like it was an instrument. And it suddenly became like the most fun thing in the world. I was playing with the kale in rhythm with the dubstep that was playing in the background, and it was like I was interacting with kale on a whole new level. It felt like the kale was this awesome toy that I could do weird things with, I almost felt like I was in a cartoon. Anyway, I credit the Astrojax with this experience - the "flow" that I felt from playing with the AJs extended into my salad preparation, making my experience with a normally mundane task (washing kale) into a really fun game.
  6. I am super excited to play with AJs at the club tonight!! I am finally feeling comfortable enough with them to do it in front of other people without injuring someone!
  7. 5 articles in progress. HELL. YES.
  8. Interview with Larry Shaw, the inventor of Astrojax tomorrow?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I am BEYOND GEEKED.
  9. I can't wait to put together the YMCA podcast episode!! We have some REALLY good video ^_^
  10. New book recommendation from Emily! ADD MORE ing TO YOUR LIFE: A Hip Guide to Happiness is now on hold for me at the library.
  11. I have been having an awesome time emailing with and talking to so many new readers that came across me from the Gala interview! I love you all so much!

Message from Clair

Ponder the idea that "the law of attraction replaces self discipline" (a concept of Abraham's). Think about the things in your life you wish you had the discipline to achieve. Then think to yourself, "I want to WANT to do those things." And then let go of those things you desire. Forget about them completely.

Before you know it, you will find yourself doing the very things you wished you had the discipline to do, but they will flow naturally into your life experience, almost as if by accident. Take note when this happens, because it probably happened when you were feeling really good and not thinking about those things you wished you had the discipline to do.

Telling my future

Today will be focused, and calm, and full of magick. My day will begin slowly and leisurely, and I will thoroughly enjoy the process of creation. I will bask in the intricate connections I find between experiences. Each moment will flow naturally into the next. I will feel love for those around me and share ideas with them. Together we will create brand new ideas that have never been thought before. As the day progresses, the raw foods I eat will provide me with more and more energy. I will feel invigorated and able to accomplish anything. I will experience fulfilling and tiring physical activities that will leave me yearning for sleep before starting a brand new week of adventure. I will remember to breathe deeply through my nose!

Interview with myself

What is your TED talk about?
Kelly and I discuss the memetic nature of feeling good (note: see Philosophers Notes on the book Flow), how the Internet enabled the mass spreading of the meme, and how lifestreaming provided the proof needed to make feeling good viral. Then human consciousness evolved.


Today's affirmations

  • Everything is perfect and in its place.
  • Everything around us is a gift from the universe.

Links I love

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Allison Koberstein

    I always smile when I see you mention me in a post. Love! <33

    "A State of Mind" is now on my to-watch list.

    Your TED talk sounds amazing. What does it feel like to be on TED?!

  • Roger Stryker

    My favorite part of your posts is “Links I Love” – always something interesting. Artist on drugs guy is pretty interesting (in, as you say, a whoa sort of way :-).

  • jessica mullen

    Allison, yes definitely peep A State of Mind! And thank you for the IDEA about TED!!

    Rog, thanks for the comment! Glad you enjoy the links section, it’s so fun to put together.

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