Breathe | gathering momentum for January 21, 2011

Breathe | gathering momentum for January 21, 2011

recipes to try
Good morning! I am so grateful for this beautiful day ahead of me! I am so grateful for this crisp gala apple I am eating! I am so grateful for the above treat wrappers because Kelly and I are going to make our own recipes from them! I am so grateful for all the kind messages I have been getting from people! I am so grateful for the donations!! I am so grateful I got to hang out with Kerri yesterday and help her awesome-ify her site!

I am so grateful for slow days of grocery shopping, cooking, and playing. I am so grateful for delicious chocolate bars shared with my love on barstools in the kitchen while listening to IDM.

I am so grateful for hot homemade tomato soup and fresh homemade english muffins. I am so grateful to be eating mostly raw today! I am so grateful it's warming up outside and raw foods will be more enjoyable.

I am so grateful for this cute scarf Kerri gave me for Christmas! Bustin it out with the jammies.

sharpie gel!
I am so grateful Kelly and I have been buying new pens lately! These sharpie gel highlighters are BIZARRE. They're made of some sort of wax, like a crayon. They are so smooooth. I love them!

aj kid
I'm so grateful to have had this weird/awesome experience yesterday: we were in line waiting to pay for our groceries, and Kel and I were playing with our AJs. The kid behind us got REALLY into them, so I let him try my set and it seemed like he "got it". I can't imagine what it must be like to play with AJs as a kid, it must be soooo trippy. So I let him hang on to the set and hopefully he will grow up to be a masterful genius guru superman! I want to always have sets with me to give away to kids, these babies are going to change the world!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a fruit salad tea party breakfast picnic? Wouldn't it be nice to remember to breathe deeply all day? Wouldn't it be nice to return all my emails, write a new article, finish all the cooking and shopping, and run 9 miles effortlessly? Wouldn't it be nice play some sort of make believe game? Wouldn't it be nice to read an inspiring book? Wouldn't it be nice to make progress on the life design book today? Wouldn't it be nice to have brunch with Jerry & Esther? Wouldn't it be nice to help more people set up websites? Wouldn't it be nice to talk to Pavlina in person? Wouldn't it be nice to get more tattoos and piercings? Wouldn't it be nice to get new clothes!? Wouldn't it be nice to feel the flow all day today?

Today I intend to breathe deeply and consciously. Today I intend to let law of attraction take the place of discipline. Today I intend to play like a child. Today I intend to love as a god.

I love the perfect segue. I love synchronicity, coincidence, luck, serendipity, and magick. I love creating my own magick. I love that drawing is a flow activity. I love surprise, wheat, and helping other people see drawing as a flow activity. I love the feeling of figuring out a puzzle. I'm addicted to that feeling. I love learning. I love that I am my own boss and that I give myself awesome projects to work on. I love that time is flexible and relative and unimportant. I love breathing deeply while writing. I love finding new ideas every day.

11 things I'm excited about today

  1. Learning more about BREATHING! Thank you Margo! Check out Margo's free ebook Getting Started: Reveal Your Natural Beauty.
  2. Raw + Abe?! There is a connection!
  3. I AM SO AWARE OF MY THOUGHT PATTERNS that for a moment last night I let myself think about something crappy (that was so silly) but it totally led me to other negative thoughts not related to the subject. Eff that!
  4. I want to be an office supplies reviewer!
  5. New favorite word: fun + hilarious = FULARIOUS
  6. Lifestreaming is memetic! Because it's proof feeling good feels good.
  7. I am about to create a new porn genre for Astrojax fetish!
  9. We get to run 9 miles today, WOO
  10. I have officially declared my blue aqua Astrojax to be my pet named Cet.
  11. I got an email from a very special girl, LAUREL!

Message from Clair

Clair, where do I go from here?
Stay in the flow. Feel the divine pulse. Keep dreaming bigger and better. There will always be more to want - you will never run out.

Telling my future

1pm: new article: WRITTEN! Check!
2pm: emails: returned! I am the communication master, I promise!
3pm: raw food. meditation. My soul is clean and healthy like my teeth.
5pm: running 9! Focused on my breathing. Best time yet!
8pm: groceries. The last of the cooking. Everything coming together in perfect timing.
10pm: perfect rendezvous, perfect Friday night. Chill, calm, magick, here, now, forever, timeless, eternal.

Interview with myself

How does lifestreaming fit in with the teachings of Abraham?
Abraham teaches that feeling good feels good. A common thread in religions (god is good, all you need is love, let go), feeling good strikes a chord with people because they just know it's true. Some people have some negative thought patterns that are hard to break through, but once they get a taste for feeling good, they already know too much. The search for enlightenment or happiness or fulfillment begins.

So feeling good feels good, and Abe teaches us how to do that, and why. But what Kelly and I struggled with this summer when we first learned about the law of attraction was that there weren't many people giving detailed, personal examples about how Abraham teachings have been directly applied to their lives.

Abraham says the only way to prove that feeling good works is to try it yourself. You have to find your own proof. But the beauty of a lifestream is that it IS the proof. My lifestream is a magickal record detailing my journey into the law of attraction and proving that it works. A lifestream is proof that feeling good feels good.

And since it is proof, and since people inherently KNOW that feeling good feels good, lifestreaming is the perfect meme for spreading the concept. Imagine more and more people catching wind of the idea that if they keep track of what makes them feel good with a website, their lives will improve. And they will help other people feel good. And it will keep cascading like that. People will be proving to each other all over the world that the law of attraction is real, and that feeling good results in REALLY GOOD THINGS. And we will experience the paradigm shift that I have been so craving since graduate school. The Internet has the power to SERIOUSLY change the world. And all I have to do to make it happen is feel good.

Today's affirmations

  • Breathe.

Links I love

  • Kerri suggested I check out, what looks like a pretty sweet site about making money online.
  • Kerri is making progress on her own site! Peep that!
  • Margo Jakobi has a really rad post up featuring the School of Life Design, yay!
  • Maybe I'm a little late to the game with this one, but this video was crazy! Lady Gaga - Telephone
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    Awwww, Such a great post….there is so much juicy wonderful information in your lifestream! Keeps a girl at her computer happy and taking notes :)

    Rock on!

  • jessica mullen

    Margo, thanks for the comment! I appreciate the feedback lots :]

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